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[sticky entry] Sticky: MOD CONTACT

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If you have any questions or concerns for the mods, feel free to comment here. Whether it be about the game, player disputes, or even random questions (preferably regarding Victory Road or Pokémon as a whole). Screening is on! For faster responses, feel free to IM or PM us.

Mod Contact:
PP Kit!: or email her here!
PP Ieva!: or email her here!
PP Wolfy!: or email him here!
PP Elaine!: or email her here!

If you have a Plurk, please follow [ profile] victoryroad for announcements and AC reminders.

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A blast of cool lobby air greets you as the glass doors to Silph Co. slide open...

The first floor of the building is elegant and polished, a sprawling plane of shiny tile and tasteful decorative plants. Employees in sharp white uniforms bustle through occasionally, but it's clear that the company's main business takes place on the floors above, blocked off by stern-looking guards.

Fortunately, what you're looking for... pretty much finds you!

"Oh, hello there! Did you come to visit because of our broadcast? You must be looking for our Beta Tester program!"

A cheerful receptionist beckons you over. She's standing at a counter off to the side, with a sign that reads TYPE: NULL BETA TESTER SIGNUPS.

"Welcome! You came just in time-- I just got back with more signup forms!"

Beaming, she presents you with a small mountain of papers and a complimentary Silph Co. pen, helpfully answering any questions and pointing out the fine print where necessary. Meanwhile, another employee registers your Trainer ID number as you get to work. There's a lot of general red tape to go through, but the most important stuff stands out...

Thank you for participating in our Type: Null Beta Tester Programme!

Silph Co.'s legacy is carried on the same shoulders as the finest minds in the world, collaborating day and and day out to better our understanding of both the world around us, and the incredible creatures we share it with: Pokemon. Ever since introducing PORYGON, the first man-made Pokemon in history, Silph Co. has continued to make groundbreaking advancements in the world of genetic engineering. After many years of intensive research and testing, we are proud to finally unveil the project currently known as Type: Null.

Type: Null is the working title of our newest man-made species of Pokemon, a fierce, faithful, and fully-customizable companion for trainers from all walks of life.

We are now ready to move to the next stage of development: beta testing. Volunteer Trainers who have 6 or more Indigo League badges are eligible to receive their very own Type: Null prototype to raise, battle, and bond with.

Please fill out the following information for our records.

1. Trainer Name: ______
2. Trainer Age: __
3. Trainer Designation: (ie, Trainer or Breeder)
3. Badges Earned: (Minimum of 6 badges required)
4. Briefly, please describe your reasons for participating in this project.
5. Do you agree to report any unusual findings back to Silph Co. via the provided number so that we may continue to improve this Pokemon?
Yes / No
1. Type: Null's Name: _____
2. Desired Type: ie; Fire, Water, etc
3. What function do you predict Type: Null will serve on your team?
ie; primary battler, secondary battler, will not be using for battle, etc.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Only one Type: Null may be possessed by a single trainer at any given time. A Type: Null may not be given or traded to a trainer other than the one it is registered to for any reason. Should a trainer at any point become unable or unavailable to continue caring for their Type: Null, we reserve the right to repossess said Type: Null. By filling out this form and agreeing to the above, you testify that you will abide by these rules.

DISCLAIMER: Prototype Pokemon species are works in progress and may exhibit unexpected behaviors and actions. Questions and concerns regarding Type: Null should be directed to the official Troubleshooting Hotline. Silph Co. is not liable for injury or damages that may occur while participating in the Type: Null Beta Tester Programme.

I, (TRAINER NAME), certify the information provided is complete and correct to the best of my knowledge. I give my permission for any of this information to be verified.
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If you would like to apply to be a mod for Victory Road, please fill out the following form and reply to THIS POST.

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Rocket Missions

This is where missions will be allocated to Rocket members. Special and hard missions will only be given upon demand, as they may come with specific instructions. Individual missions (player-determined) can also be requested at any time. Regular and easy missions can be picked up anytime by any team members that meet the requirements, if there are any. Missions that are limited-enrollment will be marked.

your mission, should you choose to accept it: )
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This page showcases important dates, upcoming plots, and the weather forecast for the latest month. For all our past calendars, go here! You can also use this page to inform mods of your own upcoming, game-wide plots. There's more information on how you can do that at the bottom of the page.

All the things to do and see...! )
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What's a Pokemon journey without supply runs? Each town has its own unique variety of shops and stores, but every one has at least one 24-hour PokeMart available to trainers needing to restock their backpacks after a long trek. Or just grab some Dodritos (tm) on their way back to the hotel room, who knows.

Listed below are prices and availability for the many goods available to trainers, breeders, and Rockets alike!

Note: The world's currency is PokéMoney, designated by the symbol P. PokéMoney functions similarly to Japanese Yen. P1, P10. P25, and P50 come in coin form; the rest are all in bills. Characters can carry cash on them if they choose, or pay using an electronic balance on their PokeGear. (Ways to calculate: 100P = $1 USD / €.70 / ¥100.)
Need cash? Check out the jobs listings!


Can't Put a Price Tag on Happiness... )
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Check your inventory. What do you get to start with?


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