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    Basch Fon Rosenburg | Final Fantasy XII

    [personal profile] ruinimpendent 2016-05-31 12:20 am (UTC)(link)
    Name: Kururu
    Personal Journal: [personal profile] kururu
    E-mail: firion2j [at] gmail [dot] com
    AIM/Plurk/Etc.: plurk @ nurse_nakayama_sama
    Timezone: +10, AEST.
    Current Characters in Route: None!

    Name: Basch Fon Ronsenburg
    Series: Final Fantasy XII
    Timeline: Post-timeskip, before being rescued. (Basically: Gabranth taunts him, leaves, Basch goes to Poke-world so that he never meets Balthier, Fran and Vaan.)
    Canon Resource Links: Wikia.


    Basch is a man of honour, no matter what is thrown at him. This is one of the first things you may notice about him, after getting past how he is a quiet, serious man, who usually observes more then speaking. He is a man who would easily come to your aid, even if you both were at risk - for he is a Captain.

    His words tend to sway many people quickly in their honesty. As a prime example, he managed to convince Vaan that he was no kingslayer rather quickly - even though Vaan still carried the words of his brother as truth deep down - along with managing to calm Ashe to his false deeds within a trip though the desert. He carries himself with pride, though his words may betray his expressions at points.

    His duty and code of honour is what he lives by, no matter where or when he is. He seeks to help restore Dalmasca after everything, even though he could never reclaim his own homeland of Landis. After all - his charge from the king was to protect, and so he will protect until the bloody end. Basch is a man who is defiant until the very end. Even during his imprisonment, even after years of being trapped and taunted by his own twin, he gave no information on what he may know of a Resistance. So, he has a lot of willpower and determination both. He also is a man who places trust in anybody he allies with - for what is an ally if you cannot trust them?

    Behind that willpower and kindness, however, is a man who tries to carry the world on his back. If he could protect one from the horrors of war, he would do anything - for he desires peace for those he cares for (and doesn't care for, honestly) more then his own personal freedom. When he asks for things himself, he tends to apologize before asking - for he is a Knight, and he should simply do his duty. He is also rather polite when he has been aided. The freedom to do whatever he desires without the weight of worrying for Ashe... he will not feel comfortable when first arriving in the world of Pokemon. (Well, he will enjoy not being in a cage.) His belief in truth - in not allowing darkness and lies to keep him imprisoned - is almost stubbornness. He knows his life must be kept, or the Empire has lost the ability to force Ondores' hand.

    His life is just as a threat to others - a pawn in the game of politics. But Basch is okay with this - for someday he shall be free to continue to protect those who need him. His heart is good, even if he has had to stain his blade and hands with blood as a warrior. If he could not defend those he cared for - or if he could not find ones to care for - that would be the lowest point of the life of Basch.

    Basch had duty to Dalmasca before his imprisonment, and to both King Ramias (the ruler) and his surviving daughter, Princess Ashelia B'nargin Dalmasca (known as Ashe). After he is freed, in future canon, he serves his role as guardian to the Princess Ashe as seriously as he would any other role. For she is not only hope, but still young. He tries to guide her hand, however, away from conflict and revenge on the Empire who killed her father - for war would twist the world to be even harsher, and he does not desire that. So, even when serving his charge, his own ideals shine though.
    However, in his future canon, Basch also meets with a former soldier who was also a Commander and Captain of the guard - Vossler. Vossler is an interesting mirror to Basch, in that he would sell out the Princess' wellbeing in exchange for Dalmascas' freedom (in name only). Even when Vossler turns on the party and fights them, however, Basch forgives him - or, at least, promises to protect the Princess more. (Vossler had been keeping her hidden from the Empire for two years, mind you.) This shows that Basch is one who really does believe in the best of all people - even former allies.
    In other words, Basch is a good man, even though you may have heard some form of lies. Don't believe them.


    • As a former Captain of the Guard, Basch is a man who is used to travel - and is quite equipped for it. If he were not weakened, that is. Due to his age and position, Basch is experienced at exploring and knows quite a bit on how to survive.
    • He also is quite good at observation - he joins your party with Libra, which allows people to see traps in the road. This is one of the ways he is quite good at both conversation (he is a people pleaser, as would be right for a Knight) and exploration. He is also well-versed in the land and lore of Ivalice.
    • His dedication to his charge is second-to-none - he would do anything for Ashelia. (And, of course, to Larsa post-canon. So his desires extend past simply his first charge.) I feel that he would feel this way towards at least one or two people after established CR - if he can defend younger people or nobles from harshness - or weirdness, in the case of the world of Pokemon - he'd gladly do it. (Basically, he's a dad.)
    • Basch is good moral support for most of the party - later, he grows to be one who helps Ashe move past her desires of simple revenge.
    • As a Captain, Basch was also used to commanding squads of people - even if he might be a little rusty. As such, he will be a natural at training Pokemon - though they mostly cannot speak back.

    It is neither a plus or minus, but Basch is selfless to the bone. He would give it all up to help somebody - which can be a positive or negative.

    • After two years of imprisonment, Basch has become weak - barely able to survive. So, he is not quite in the best shape for travelling at this time - and may never get back the strength he held before. After all, he's 36.
    • His own past falls over him like a dark shadow, and forever makes Basch both have issues showing his emotions and work as a Tank - since his stats are built for him to be a damage sponge, this could mean that he desires to protect others more then protect himself.
    • When he learns of the fate of Reks, he cannot stop apologizing - for he feels as if it is his fault if but one of his soldiers falls. Though he is unaware of this at this canon point, it is a weakness. He is also a man who is quiet when angry - and he tends to be quite cold during it. Which makes it a little hard to read.
    • Since Basch is from Ivalice - a world very different then the world of Pokemon, this world would be a large culture shock. What do you mean, they use electricity? And there's no Airships? He is also not that aware of how the world may differ with plant life and the whole culture of using creatures to fight for you - and would have quite a hard time adjusting. Surviving in one land is not the same as another.
    • Basch, in Ivalice, also lived in a desert (mostly, I guess it was next to wetlands - and let's be real, that also isn't very Pokemon-ish). The more temperate conditions of this world will mess with him more - for he has lived 18 years in the sands.

    Pokémon Information
    Affiliation: Trainer.
    Starter: Spinda.
    Password: Atomic Fireball.

    First Person Sample: [ There was a long pause before Basch began to write (a few dots appearing on screen beforehand) - as he looked from the 'gear to his hands. These letters were characters, yes - but there was an odd disconnect between his hands and the characters he brushed against.

    So he was not using the text application to write, after he had discovered the drawing application. His lettering firm, written with a stylus - it felt the closest to how he may write before. His handwriting was quite neat, however. ]

    Third week of travel across Johto - have seen more wild Pokemon, and many have tried to strike down both I and my monster Pokemon ally. None of them have stood out to me as fitting allies. The closest was the bat-esque Zubat, but they seemed to lack the ability to see - and they continue to bite, even after they have been knocked down. In the future, I will need a Pokemon who can learn Fly, and one who may learn other moves which work in the field - if it is fine, may I ask for advice on what to seek in a strong ally?

    Spinda has been growing at a steady rate. Feint Attack seems to be a reliable move - are there others like it? They have also learned Psybeam.

    There are no others with Spinda, from my previous inquiries. Thus, it is up to I to document what techniques this Normal-type has. The dizziness I worried for seems to be natural.

    - Basch fon Ronsenburg.

    P.S: Still seeking information on edible plants and meat along the path.
    Third Person Sample: Basch Fon Ronsenburg of Dalmasca had not felt fresh air for a long time. He had almost forgotten what it felt like - the slight wing blowing though his air made the smallest crack of a smile appear on his tired, dirty face. It quickly faded, however, as he looked behind him. His feet had moved too fast when he heard that lady - claiming to be his mother, claiming to be there to aid him on this adventure - and the door was already shut and locked. To be fair, however, he was old enough to simply accept his own haste. His own mother was most likely dead - with everybody else but Noah in Landis. And it may have just been having the weight of being held up which made him so quick...
    And quick to fall to his knees, feeling a different weight hit him. The weight of barely moving his legs for two years, and without say... a need to flee quickly, Basch simply slumped, letting out the weakest of sighs.
    He smelled awful. He looked awful, hair long and unkept running down his back. Scars digging into his shoulders and face, across his bare chest. The only clothes he wore were used to help imprison him, and his one keepsake of Landis. He wondered why Noah had let him keep his necklace, draped around his neck. A shaky hand went to hold it, though, and a slight, quiet sob finally came from the mans' throat.
    He was free. Sure, he was sitting in the middle of a path, and he looked a wreck, but he was free. But... he couldn't simply stay here. He had to move, didn't he? He had to find where he was, how he got free - and what that thing was. His eyes finally raised, he noticed the Spinda staring at him. (Spinda was not what he knew it was called, though. To him, it looked like some form of Moogle... Viera... thing, with strange eyes and stranger stance.) Managing to shift himself into a sitting stance, Basch looked it over - as it stood tall in front of him (stumbling a little, though) - and cleared his throat.
    "May you be lost?"
    ...There was no answer from the Spinda. Were it more willing to strike, Basch would see it as an enemy, and try and attack it. But, instead, it would only do good to try and speak with this creature. If it were a Moogle-Viera creature, then it would be able to reply. And if not? Perhaps it shall come and assist him. But he would mostly sit with the Spinda, as it stood in front of him wondering why its' trainer-friend was not moving.

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    [personal profile] ruinimpendent - 2016-06-07 21:59 (UTC) - Expand
    ducktailprim: (sing to me :))

    Primrose Everdeen | Hunger Games | Reserved

    [personal profile] ducktailprim 2016-06-01 04:18 am (UTC)(link)
    Name: Mei
    Personal Journal: [Unknown site tag][personal profile] nekomiao
    E-mail: PM if you want it
    AIM/Plurk/Etc.: [ profile] nekomiao
    Timezone: +8
    Current Characters in Route: Takatsukasa Mai [personal profile] dancermai

    Name: Primrose Everdeen
    Series: Hunger Games
    Timeline: Hunger Games just after reaping
    Canon Resource Links:

    Primrose is a young child who was fiercely protected by her sister. Since she's protected, she can be rather naive and is prone to fear and panic. This shows up at her first reaping in the movie where she has a panic attack just before signing in and Katniss has to calm her down. She tries the best she can to put on a brave face but she's not as brave as her big sister who has always been strong for her. She is very kind in nature and loves animals. She has nursed two animals back to health, Lady, her goat and Buttercup her ugly cat. Katniss has attempted to take her out hunting once and rather than be pleased with the hunted animal, Prim started crying and suggested that if they took it home and acted fast enough, they may still be able to save its life.

    Katniss has said in the book that people cared for her because of what she could provide but they cared for Prim because of her nature. This shows that she is generally liked by the people who meet her as she is kind and is a person that you would want to take care of. It shows in the book where people were visiting Katniss and advising her that they won't let Prim or her mother starve while she went to the games.

    She is very sensitive to other people's feelings and shows genuine care. When younger, Prim would cry when Katniss was upset even before she knew the reason she was upset. She is also shown to be very loyal as she would plait her mother's hair even though her mother was depressed and unresponsive. Prim would also continue to polish her father's mirror every night even after his death because her father disliked the dust that would form during the day.

    No matter what happens, Prim will try to stay positive and hope for the best outcome. Despite knowing the history of district 12, she asks Katniss to try her best in the games because she might still win. She has a strong and very loyal attachment to Katniss as she was raised by her from the age of 7 after her father passed away and her mother fell into a deep depression.

    As per her development into the later books, Prim also has the inherent traits to be intelligent, resourceful and she will be brave when required to be. She further develops her skills into the medical field and the core of her personality is to always reach out and help/heal when she can. Although, this is past her canon, it's important to note these traits as they are already within her but are just waiting to develop.


    - Easily scared : despite trying to put on a brave face going to her first reaping, she breaks down just before the check in tables
    - Cannot handle cruelty/death of animals: Even though she was out hunting with Katniss for food, when she sees the animal dying, her first instinct is to save it
    - Overly reliant on others/her sister: Since being protected by Katniss, she hasn't been able to blossom and develop herself as much as other independent 12 year olds
    - Cannot turn down food or handle rich foods: Since she grew up in abject poverty, she is unable to handle rich food as she isn't used to it but nor can she turn down the offer of food as she's gone hungry for so long
    - Physically weak : She's not a good hunter and isn't forced to rely on her physical capabilities. The lack of proper food also means she's smaller than what an average child her age would be.

    + Healer : Taking after her mother, she has good healing abilities
    + Level Head: Katniss describes Prim as having a level head, she will stop and think things through and accept what she needs. This will more be the case after some canon development
    + Loyal : She is very loyal to the people she trusts by keeping up things she believes will make them happy even if they are unresponsive or have passed away.
    + Caring : She is very caring towards people and especially towards animals and will always do her best to save them
    + Resourceful : Even though she cannot hunt, she is able to make cheese from her goat to help with her family's survival

    Pokémon Information
    Affiliation: Breeder
    Starter: Skiddo
    Password: Atomic Fireball

    First Person Sample: [As the screen flickered on, it was obvious that this broadcast wasn't Prim's idea. The young girl was lying in a bed, under the blankets with a soft groan coming from under the covers. The video itself was also slightly tilted as it was being recorded from the gear in a skiddo's mouth. The video now appears to be zooming in on the girl but it was actually the skiddo walking the gear up and dropping it by her pillow. All that can be seen on the screen now is the white ceiling.

    After a moment, the video shows the skiddo's chin as it is moving over the gear to pull the blanket back, a worried "Skiiiii----" is all that's heard. Then another soft groan.]

    I'm okay, Lady...I just ate too much. I've never seen so much food before and ... she said I could eat as much as I wanted.

    [There was a twinge of guilt in her voice as she spoke. She had eaten so much food that night that it most likely could have fed her family for an entire week back at home and now she was paying the price for it. The image showed the skiddo's head a few more times as it was more insistent and nudging at the girl. This draws some half hearted laughter out of her as she shifts in the bed and then pulls the covers back over.

    The skiddo then gives up and pushes the gear onto the ground, his face staring down at the camera now. "Skiiiiii----" she appears to be requesting help to make this young child feel better. He doesn't know how to cure this.]

    Third Person Sample: It has been a few weeks since her arrival and although Primrose has already met quite a few warm and helpful people, she couldn't help but still feel an empty longing at times. The one important person wasn't nearby and she didn't have any clues as to how her sister was going since the Reaping. She sighed softly as she sat on the bed in the inn that she had decided to stay in for the night. The owners were very gracious and didn't charge her for very much which she was very grateful for. Primrose has always felt that people were nice to her and she would never let any of their offers be taken for granted.

    As she sat there, lost in her thoughts, a soft body nuzzled its way into her lap. Large brown eyes looked up at her. "Ski...." The voice was soft, and quite comforting. The young girl couldn't resist smiling towards Lady, her skiddo. The friend that was right beside her when she woke and hadn't left her side since. She lightly brushed her hand over Lady's forehead before resting it on one of Lady's horns. As Lady started to understand more of Prim's feelings through that touch, she made a bigger effort to shift close to her body, trying to comfort her with the closeness. It brought her hope. Hope that one day she will see her family again and hope that her journey in this new world was going to turn out okay after all.

    To accommodate the pokemon, Prim shifted slightly on the bed and opened up her legs so that Lady could cuddle up close into her arms. This gesture alone was enough to bring more of a smile to Prim and she spoke softly towards her. "You'd like Katniss. One day, for sure, I'll introduce you to her. She's very brave and the most wonderful sister anybody could have. When I'm scared, she'll sing a song to help me sleep and she always makes sure that we have enough food to keep going." There was a short pause in her story as she thought about home for the moment. "That's where you got your name from. For my birthday, Katniss brought home a goat and we named her Lady. She was one of the reasons we had food on the table but she was a really great friend to have." Just like you, she thought as she moved to hug the skiddo closer. Yes, just like you.

    colorofdeath: (Death isn't kind)

    Mei Miskai | Another | reserved

    [personal profile] colorofdeath 2016-06-01 09:40 pm (UTC)(link)
    Name: Levi
    Personal Journal: [personal profile] thecaffeinator
    AIM/Plurk/Etc.: [ profile] thecaffeinator AIM: lethalscribe
    Timezone: EST
    Current Characters in Route: N/A

    Name: Mei Misaki
    Series: Another
    Timeline: Post-Canon
    Canon Resource Links: Wiki

    Personality: Mei is usually fairly quiet, only speaking when spoken to, or if she feels it's necessary to speak. While long, drawn out conversations are really not her forte, she's a good listener. Someone could ramble on and on and she'd sit through it. However, she doesn't like being questioned, and will say as much without hesitation if someone attempts to pry into her business. If she wants to tell you something, she will. When speaking to others, she either says very little, or remains somewhat cryptic. However, she will withhold information from someone to spare them pain if necessary. While not very social, Mei doesn't mind the company of others, so long as they aren't loud and boisterous. Honestly, it's not all that difficult to get along with her normally, so long as you're not constantly questioning her or refuse to give her some space.

    She spends most of her time lost in thought, whether it be some recent happening, or dwelling on the past. Her sister's death being one of the first and foremost things in her mind. As such, she generally has this melancholic, serious mood going on. For someone so young, she has some pretty deep views on death, and other usually less than pleasant subjects. Seeing her smile is fairly rare. If you manage to get close enough to her though, she might make the occasional joke. She comes across as calm most of the time, as if nothing really reaches her, but there are breakthroughs, especially if she has friends with her.

    Mei's even shown to be a bit childish at times, pronouncing names syllable by syllable, or sort of freaking out when a small octopus latches onto her arm at the beach. Mostly little things, but they do pop up from time to time. She also has a somewhat bad habit of frightening people, although she doesn't mean it. She's just so quiet, you never know she's there until she speaks up or otherwise makes her appearance known.

    Mei's past is something she's not very fond of discussing. She and her twin sister Misaki were born to her mother, however, when her aunt miscarried and her own family was going through financial trouble, she was given to her aunt to raise as her own child. Even though she was raised by her aunt as if she was the woman's own child, the two remained practically strangers to each other. Mei was forbidden from seeing her real mother and sister, however, she started meeting her sister in secret. The two were great friends in the few years they had together, but the calamity of 3-3 took Misaki away from her, something she somewhat blames herself for, thinking there must have been something she could have done.

    Her thoughts on the calamity of class 3-3 really didn't amount to much until her sister died. Even then, she didn't want to believe it, but there was no other explanation. It wasn't until after she'd befriended Kouichi that she did her best to find a way to stop it, and she did what she had to do in order to bring an end to it. She would even take a life if it would mean stopping the cycle of gruesome deaths. In a way, she found finding a way to stop the calamity as a way to redeem herself for failing Misaki.

    + Sketching. Mei's a fairly talented young artist, and has an eye for detail.
    + The color of death. In canon, Mei is capable of seeing an otherwordly color, an aura surrounding the dead and dying through her glass eye. I'm assuming this will not work in Victory Road.
    + While a bit dark and dreary at times, Mei is relatively friendly when not preoccupied with everyone around her dying. She'll even crack the occasional joke!
    + She's seen enough death and frightening things that she's not easily frightened.
    +/- Mei is usually fairly quiet. This can be seen as both a strength and weakness. While she's friendly enough, she prefers to keep to herself and isn't very outspoken.
    - She's terrible at cooking. The extent of her cooking skills are limited to instant ramen and microwaved meals.
    - Due to her eyepatch and somewhat secretive demeanor, Mei can come across as a bit creepy.
    - She isn't exactly full of sunshine and rainbows. If you've seen what she has, you'd understand.
    - Lack of survival skills. Without a guiding hand, she's not likely to do well on her own in the wild.

    Pokémon Information
    Affiliation: Trainer
    Starter: Shuppet
    Password: Atomic Fireball

    First Person Sample:

    [The feed is turned on to reveal the face of a very pale looking girl with an eyepatch. She looks...a bit confused, but that's probably normal. She glances away from the device for a moment, as if making sure no one's following her before finally speaking.]

    ...that wasn't my mother. I'm not sure what this place is, but I'm hoping there's someone who does. [There does seem to be a network of sorts, so she's assuming she's not just talking to some useless machine.]

    ...I hate phones.

    [She grumbles quietly to herself for a moment.]

    There was some odd creature following me too. Like some sort of cartoonish ghost. [She holds up a very well-done sketch of what's clearly a Shuppet.]

    I would appreciate it if someone could fill me in. Thank you.

    Third Person Sample:

    After 'escaping' the house she'd arrived in with a completely strange woman claiming to be her mother, Mei was slightly relieved to be free, but incredibly confused and a bit frightened. Not to the point that she feared for her life, but how often did you wake up in an unfamiliar place with someone claiming to be your mother? She was pretty sure she hadn't been abducted. If she was, why would her captor let her outside?

    And there was that odd ghost-like creature that had been hovering over the bed she'd woken up in. It had frightened her half to death and had followed her around the room until she ran out and closed the door, but it hadn't followed her out of the house. Or so a look around her told her. There'd been some sort of commotion towards the center of town. Maybe it'd gone that way.

    While the image of her ghostly awakener was still fresh in her mind, Mei went to work on sketching the creature as she remembered it. About half an hour later, she finished and looked over her work, blowing off some dust from her eraser. She felt slightly calmer, propping the book up against the tree and opening the bag that'd been practically shoved into her arms on her way out the door. Maybe she'd find some answers in there. Or not. Anyway, it was better than sitting around and doing nothing.


    A slightly dumbstruck look crossed Mei's face as she began to rummage through the items in the bag. Clothes? Soap? Travel supplies? She was beginning to believe she was very much supposed to be outside. She'd thought getting out was too easy. After seeing the bottles labeled as potions and the odd looking balls, she closed the bag with a sigh, turning to the Pokégear. While it seemed too much like a phone for her comfort, Mei didn't see any other choice besides interacting with other people in this town. If one person was clearly insane, she thought there might be others equally as deluded. At least if she used this device, she had distance on her side. Only one way to find out if there was anyone who could help. She turned the 'gear on.

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    usedgravity: (Default)

    Ochako Uraraka | My Hero Academia | Reserved

    [personal profile] usedgravity 2016-06-03 03:09 am (UTC)(link)
    Name: Kobayashi
    Personal Journal: [personal profile] heartsandcrafts
    E-mail: PM this journal
    AIM/Plurk/Etc.: [ profile] PerfectSquare
    Timezone: EST
    Current Characters in Route: None

    Name: Ochako Uraraka
    Series: My Hero Academia
    Timeline: Chapter 72
    Canon Resource Links: here

    Personality: Ochako is a bright and bubbly girl who, as her name suggests, is quite the chatterbox and energetic presence. She’s friendly and upbeat, always looking on the bright side of things. She’s easily excited, getting really pumped up when her friends do cool things or congratulating them. She enjoys lively situations and being part of them - and hates to bring them down. She’s really not one to burden others with her problems, trying to usually keep her worries to herself. She does her best to hide her tears and worries, never complaining even when she’s frustrated or sad - which is pretty impressive, considering she’s usually very open with her emotions and easy to read, whether it’s embarrassment, competitiveness or relief.

    Despite her apparently soft and bubbly personality, she has a fierce determination to do her best so she can succeed and support others, especially her family. As events occur in the hero course and its impressed on her just how dangerous it can be and how much further she has to go, she really focuses on self-improvement and how she can use her own strength, not just relying on others. This really comes to the fore during the school festival, after seeing how Iida chose to compete against their mutual close friend Izuku because he looks up to him, rather than automatically team up with him - and she feels ashamed that she automatically teamed up with him for those exact reasons. In the one-on-one fights, she decides to rely on her own strategy rather than Izuku’s, wanting to try growing her own strength. After the festival, for the job trials she chooses a combat oriented hero to intern under, wanting to improve her strength so that she could protect herself in dangerous situations instead of having to rely on others, as well as increasing her options so she wasn’t just a support type with only one skill.

    All of it is really motivated by how much she cares about others - she wants to be a support and someone they can rely on, and not a burden who has to rely on them. Her dream is to become a hero so that she can make enough money to give her parents the comfortable lifestyle they’ve never had. Friendly and cooperative, she’s most comfortable getting along with others and conversely is very easy to get along with, having a bright smile and welcoming personality - even when she might be feeling nervous or worried on the inside. Even as carefree and airy a she might seem, she actually has a lot of dreams and goals for the future, and a realistic eye towards achieving them.

    Strengths/Weaknesses: Ochako is a fairly good student and she’s well trained physically as well, being part of the hero course and no slouch when it comes to athletics. She’s very upbeat and good at making the mood. She’s very determined and tactically minded. She can be a bit careless though, a little too free with her emotions in some situations where she should be more serious. She also tends to panic and worry when things really go bad, though not to the point she becomes useless. She also has a tendency to push herself a bit too hard and isn’t always aware of her own limits sometimes.

    Pokémon Information
    Affiliation: Trainer
    Starter: Swablu
    Password: Atomic Fireball

    First Person Sample:
    [The video opens to Ochako’s rather focused staring, eyebrows knit together - until she sees that it’s on and indeed recording, upon which she immediately brightens up]

    H, Hi everyone! Everyone? I guess anyone could see this… anyway, hi! Um, hopefully I’m not the only one that’s a little confused about what’s going on? But if you are, don’t worry - you’ll be in good company! [A big smile and a little laugh after. She feels a bit silly trying to comfort people who may or may not be listening, but if any of them are feeling the way she does… well, they probably need it.] I’m not sure about everything that’s going on, but at least everyone here has been really friendly - and, oh, oh! Look at this!

    [There’s a pop and a flash of light, and suddenly she’s joined by a blue bird with fluffy white wings that flutters about before landing on her head. Ochako is all smiles and the video feed jiggles as she dances excitedly on the spot, only fear of dislodging the adorable birb fro her head keeping her from doing some fist pumps.]

    Isn’t she adorable? I definitely have to think of a good name for her…

    [While she considers that though, there’s one last thing bothering her…]

    Also, does… anyone know what the deal with the music is? I mean, it’s pretty amazing, that’s it everywhere! But… it does seem like it might get a bit annoying after a while...

    Third Person Sample: There was something very surreal about travelling Johto, going on adventures with her pokemon, fighting side-by-side. For one thing, she was pretty sure she had more spending money than she had back home, and it was starting to freak her out a little. But that aside, it was more a feeling of - or no, perhaps that was part of it. Everything was so nice here. Well sure, not everything, there were still villains like Team Rocket and very real dangers out in the wild, but over all, this was a really nice world to live in, even with the weird, omnipresent music. She was actually pretty happy and having fun most of the time.

    But that was weird, wasn’t it? Ochako sighed as she thought about that while she was walking - unlike usual, she didn’t have any of her pokemon out while she walked, because she knew they’d just worry and fret over her if they saw her like this. It wasn’t their fault she was feeling down but… well, how could she not be homesick? Looking at it from the barest facts, she’d been spirited away from her friends and family, taken to a completely unknown world full of unknown creatures and told to fend for herself - without her Quirk even! It was kind of a nightmare scenario yet it felt more like a gentle, passing dream. It kind of worried her she was getting so used to it.

    “Well, I can’t be the only one,” she reasoned, deciding to set aside her frowns and think of it more positively, more proactively. “I’m sure other people are doing their best to look for a way home as well! If we all work together…” Nodding firmly, she clenched a fist, before pumping it in the air with a shout. “Plus Ultra!”

    Her rosy cheeks reddened a little more as she became self aware of how she was shouting things out loud like that in the middle of a forest by herself.

    “Right, anyway, well - let’s get to the next town! I hear they even have a gym we can challenge!” she said as she dug her pokeballs out of her bag, bringing out her pokemon for some companionship on the road. “You guys ready? Let’s go!”

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    Luna | Zero Escape | Reserved

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    Josuke Higashikata | JoJo's Bizarre Adventure | Reserved...? maybe?

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    Name: Awe
    Personal Journal: [personal profile] awestriker
    AIM/Plurk/Etc.: [ profile] awestriker
    Timezone: Mountain (GMT -7)
    Current Characters in Victory Road: None

    Name: Josuke Higashikata
    Series: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
    Timeline: End of Part 4 (Diamond is Unbreakable)
    Canon Resource Links:
    The JoJo fandom maintains its wiki extremely well... except the history beyond "Let's Go Out For Italian".

    Josuke and friends recover the Bow and Arrow formerly owned by the Nijimura family, but soon discover that a Stand-using serial killer is living in Morioh, and that his father is using another Bow and Arrow to produce more Stand users to eliminate Josuke and friends, who have become a threat to his son's quiet life. Eventually, both the serial killer and his father die, and Jotaro leaves Morioh confident that Josuke can continue to protect it.

    Josuke, at first glance, looks rough. The pompadour is often used in Japanese media to indicate that a character is delinquent, and he's also much taller than most of his peers - and how imposing this is is not ignored by either the manga or the anime; his friend Koichi, despite only being about a foot shorter than Josuke, is usually drawn at only half his size (although Koichi's lack of self-confidence early on also likely contributes to that). Despite all that, though, Josuke treats people relatively respectfully unless he already has a reason to suspect that something's amiss. He doesn't consider dating or romance a priority, and before he learned that his life could be in danger coming to Morioh he didn't have any strong feelings about his father Joseph, either; Josuke hadn't really thought about his father. When they're about to meet for the first time, he tells Koichi, "You're probably hoping for some kind of heartwarming family reunion, but this is a guy I've never even met before. We don't have 'family ties' or anything... it'll just be really awkward." However, to people Josuke cares about he is a dependable person - someone asserts that Josuke is thinking about cutting his losses during an encounter where Okuyasu and Koichi are in danger, and Koichi's unfalsifiable belief is that Josuke wouldn't abandon them.

    Josuke rarely hides his insecurities or weaknesses - you could say he wears a heart on his sleeve, if he didn't already wear it on his left shoulder. Koichi invites him to visit a mangaka living in Morioh, and he declines because he gets nervous around famous people. He breaks out into joy and laughter upon finding out a get-rich-quick scheme not only worked, but succeeded spectacularly. Strange phenomena get Josuke curious, which frequently lead to encounters with enemy Stands. Jotaro asks him for help and his respect for his older nephew causes a bit of self-doubt. He uses the English word "great" liberally, both sarcastically, but more often positively. But in a fight, or another serious affair, he can calmly assess the situation and plan accordingly, and in fact often swings back and forth between appearing rational and exuberant, partially because it's a good way to disguise your tactics. During battle is when he is most likely to hide that things look like they're going wrong - but if he bites his lip, it's a sure sign that that he's afraid.

    Josuke cares a lot about his appearance - he's known to wear shoes that cost ¥20000 and up and designer socks, to say nothing of the rest of his ensemble. This, of course, gets really expensive and he's not that good with money (his mother froze his bank account once so that he wouldn't splurge), so he frequently resorts to less-than-ethical means of getting cash quick. Furthermore, anyone that talks smack about his hair is about to see a side of him they're about to wish they hadn't. When this happens, Josuke becomes much more aggressive than usual and resort to physical or Stand violence if he hadn't done so already. Furthermore, the rage this brings about fills him with so much power that he is able to ignore some things entirely - "blind" is not inaccurate, since the primary example of something he ignored this way was a Stand power delivered by a visual medium, and there's a longstanding grudge between Josuke and the person that tried that. He's made a habit of carrying a comb just in case his hair needs a quick fix.

    A Stand and its abilities reveal much about the Stand user, though, and Crazy Diamond's core power of "restoration" speaks to Josuke's true inner kindness. He doesn't resort to violence without a reason. He wears his pompadour out of gratitude to a person that so far as he knows only exists in vague memories. When Koichi is pierced by the Arrow and thus in imminent, lethal danger, he decides he can't just leave him be and walks headfirst into what he can only assume is a trap. When one of his comrades nearly died in an important battle, he carried the body around until he woke up. When his grandfather died, he took it upon himself to protect Morioh in his stead. Why does Josuke have such a strong moral core? It could be his grandfather's influence, or Jotaro's, or the nameless man in his vaguest memories, but when Okuyasu asks why Josuke healed him, sustaining injuries in the process of getting him to safety, after they fought, Josuke himself puts it in a simpler way: "I don't have a reason. I just don't want anyone to die."

    + Easily reads people's general emotional states.
    + Very good at planning on the fly. Most of his battles in canon, violent or not, were won by this ability.
    + Makes friends easily, even if first meetings sometimes come to blows.
    - Mildly afraid of turtles, which could make handling some Pokémon difficult.
    - Absolutely cannot let it go if someone insults his hair until they are sufficiently beaten.
    - Bad at video games and handling money.

    Pokémon Information
    Affiliation: Trainer

    Starter: Pansage.
    Mostly this is becuase it evolves into Simisage, which... you've seen its hair, right???... but also because it starts with Play Nice; out of the JoJos, Josuke is the one that made the most friends out of enemies.

    Password: [Atomic Fireball]

    First Person Sample:
    [Josuke seems to have gotten a new Pokémon - a Smeargle, from the look of it, and it's furiously painting in the corner of the feed.]

    So, this Pokémon kinda reminds me of someone I know who's way into art. But he also kinda hates me for no reason, and it looks like they've got that in common. None of my others have been this way, not even the turtles, so does anyone have any tips for dealing with Pinkdark here? I mean, look at him over there just-

    [Josuke looks behind his shoulder and sees that Pinkdark has in fact walked up to him while he was saying all that. With one quick flick of its tail, it's covered the Pokégear camera in its dark pink paint. What happens next can only be heard, but it apparently involves a lot of attempted tackling, and Josuke didn't bother moving the 'gear.]

    Oi! Don't do that, you- Give back my comb! I need to keep that for- oooh, that's it you're not getting treats tonight-

    [The feed cuts here. Presumably one of his other Pokémon turned it off.]

    Third Person Sample:
    The orange glow didn't wake Josuke up quite as much as the smell did, burning in his nose like an explosion in slow motion. Most people wouldn't have called it pleasant, and neither would he. It told him that someone could die, and maybe they already had. He couldn't let that happen, even if he didn't have Crazy Diamond.

    Scrambling out of bed for his clothes, he didn't even think of calling 110 or 911 or whatever the emergency hotline was in this universe. The fire department wouldn't get here in time given the way things already looked, so it was gonna be up to him.

    "Okay, you're gonna have to cover me while I go in and get everyone out," he told his Squirtle. He'd named it Kowainai - fearless - shortly after he got it; it certainly hadn't been shy about wanting to fight everything from day one, even if Josuke himself had some trouble with its relatives back in the reality he was used to. Since then they'd bonded unexpectedly well; he had other water Pokémon but Josuke kinda doubted whether they'd be able to trust him going in alone. Kowainai nodded and immediately set its Water Gun on the growing fire.

    Meanwhile, Josuke charged into the house, not thinking or caring about what that'd do to him. He didn't hear any signs of a smoke detector going off - was it broken or did they just not have one? Despite how long it looked like the fire'd been going, the smoke was pretty thin. A quick glance around the room revealed that there was indeed a smoke detector in the room, but it wasn't going off. Had its battery run down that far? Was there a Pokémon that could do that kind of thing? Didn't matter now, he needed to get whoever lived here out of danger first. Or at least make enough noise to get them out of bed.

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    Mafuyu Kurosaki | Oresama Teacher | Reserved

    [personal profile] dashdash 2016-06-04 05:34 am (UTC)(link)
    Name: Aki
    Personal Journal: [personal profile] akrous
    E-mail: revolutionbegun at gmail
    AIM/Plurk/Etc.: [ profile] perimones
    Timezone: UTC -6
    Current Characters in Route: Hitoka Yachi (Haikyuu!!) [personal profile] donoteat

    Name: Mafuyu Kurosaki
    Series: Oresama Teacher
    Timeline: Chapter 111
    Canon Resource Links: character wiki

    From her spiral into delinquency to the various outward personae she creates, friendship is the driving force behind Mafuyu's motivations and fears. At first glance, she is loud and forceful, honest and good-natured, somewhat empty-headed, but quick to extend friendship to others whether reciprocated or not. But there's a desperation behind the way she latches on to people, stemming from her past-- friendless, and deeply lonely. In her elementary school days, her only friend was a middle school gang leader who forced her to watch bloody battles between rival gangs, and eventually take her as an errand runner and teaching her how to fight. Due to her relationship with him, and that she succeeded him as the school's gang leader, the rest of the student body avoided her in fear and surrounded her with silence. This isolation left a deep mark to the point that friendly good-mornings move her to tears, and she becomes determined to hide her delinquency in order to live normally and make friends.

    Mafuyu’s loyalty runs deep, sacrificing her own happiness and safety for the sake of friendship. Although she yearned for a normal life where she is able to fit in with her classmates in peace instead of fear, she ultimately gives up on that dream to fight alongside her club that has given her so much trouble, because these are the people that have always stood by her. To Mafuyu, as long as she has friends, she can endure anything and they become the source of her strength. Whether it’s extending her hand in friendship or forcing it upon others, she finds herself wanting to befriend most anybody she meets, but especially those encased in the same loneliness she knows too well. Even those who are supposed to be her enemies, she becomes interested in them personally and tries to solve why they might push others away or act in a certain way, believing them to be good people despite their differences in opinions. Although she lives simply, Mafuyu goes out of her way to help others who isolate themselves because she pushes her ideals of friendship on others and can't stand to see anybody being alone.

    Her fixation on friendship, however, is both a strength and a failing. She remembers the fear in people's eyes when she was a gang leader, and is unable to believe she'll be accepted for who she is. In striving to preserve friendship at all costs, she creates alternate identities to fight without giving herself away, but in return, she is filled with intense guilt in deceiving her friends. She is terrified that revealing her identities will be seen as deceit and betrayal, losing the trust of her friends, and being abandoned once again. Friendship can be used to manipulate her very easily, and revealing her secret has been used as blackmail against her several times throughout the series, but even that fear is discarded to save a person (friend or stranger) in a desperate situation.

    Although she was the head of her school's gang, Mafuyu didn't realize she held that title, believing herself to be the one her followers relied on because she acted like an older sister who took looked after people. As a leader, she had unparalleled strength and unwavering confidence, who led by bulldozing the path and never seeing failure. So heavily relied on, she had never given thought to the concept of defeat that when she loses for the first time, her world comes crashing down on her: her followers believe in her strength in absolute, and defeat means disappointing her friends and losing their trust in her. If it's an enemy she can fight, she faces it head on, but it’s when the enemy comes from within-- fears and doubts and desperation to preserve her relationships with others-- that she hesitates. But Mafuyu ultimately gets back on her feet and returns to confront her opponent, acknowledging that losing once does not mean she has failed forever. More than any fear, she refuses to stay down, she refuses to lose.

    While she gained many followers due to her strength, Mafuyu became a cherished leader and friend due to her open and frank nature. She grew up bold and carefree in an environment that ignored societal norms and prioritized freedom and having fun, so she is unafraid of approaching either strangers and enemies for friendship and is very childish, fixated on making friends and eating delicious food, quick to anger and quick to forgive. She is rarely serious or critical of others, harboring a nonjudgmental attitude and a stated support of love and peace, mostly because she doesn't think too deeply on things. In a fight, however, Mafuyu cultivates a certain sense of justice. She believes fights should be one-on-one, although she will jump in and take out a group on her own when they are ganging up on one person or if a weapon is brought out against somebody unarmed. Although she can't fight without risking a second expulsion as a student with a criminal record, she fights under the guise of two other people when encountering injustice to aid the disadvantaged or protect those who cannot fight back. Mafuyu claims not to fight out of enjoyment but rather necessity: to protect and to defend. (Pokemon battling's not real batting... she'll have fun with those)

    Due to her days of delinquency, Mafuyu is an efficient fighter with incredible physical strength, and harbors little to no fear of dangerous situations. She has an impressive short term memory for exams and long term memory for names, and knows morse code. As long as people don't know her background and have no reason to be scared of her, Mafuyu makes friends easily even with people who are supposed to be her enemies, since she is normally very laid-back and doesn't hold grudges.

    Her greatest weakness is her desperation for friendship, easily falling into despair when she is left out and is terrified of people leaving her out of fear or if they discover her lies. Her academics are terrible, she can't swim, she squanders money on snacks and can't cook anything more than instant noodles, and she gets extremely flustered around pretty girls. She's also a people-pleaser, so she's easy to manipulate and gets worked up when innocent people get involved in dangerous situations.

    Pokémon Information
    Affiliation: Trainer
    Starter: Snubbull
    Password: Atomic Fireball

    First Person Sample:
    [There are SO MANY NAMES. She's never had so many names in her phonebook-- heck, before transferring schools, all Mafuyu had listed was her home phone number-- so it takes great restraint not to dial all of them up at once. That is. Until she realizes she can dial all of them, at one time, with the same button.] Hello? Hey!! You guys can see me, right!? [If you can't see her, you can certainly hear her]

    I've got the best mom, who sent me out with food and a dog. She's cute, right? Super cute!! [The "dog" (actually a Snubbull) looks at the camera, smiling as much as her grouchy-set face can muster without looking like a fearsome grimace. Mafuyu more than makes up for it though, grinning from ear to ear. She punches her fist into her palm excitedly.]

    And there's no school or anything, so if you're in the area, come out and play with me!! Let's fight and have fun!

    [She's had it all explained to her, and this is a system she's very familiar with. Beat people up and take their money? Win against these Poke-things and they become your followers? It's just like how it was when she was in a gang, and she's going to collect ALL the friends.]

    Third Person Sample:
    Apparently you're not allowed to go punching Pokemon on your own, but your Pokemon can punch other Pokemon, so once Mafuyu gets her head wrapped around that concept, there are Pidgeys and Rattatas lying around everywhere as she commands her Snubbull to "tackle 'em!" and "bite their face off!!" Throw a ball at them and they become your friends, just like she was told! Making friends has never been so easy, that she's gotten carried away and filled up all six of her Pokeballs in one afternoon.

    "Yo, Burun," she calls Pokemon over, sitting down on the grass and spreading the other five balls out around her knees. "C'mere and let's meet all our new friends!" She can just imagine them now: of course they'll want to follow the strongest; she and Burun will protect them and they'll be able to play without worries and have lots of fun together!

    What she didn't expect was the Pokemon, the moment they were released from their Pokeballs, scrambling out of the way and trying to hide behind one another when faced with the little Snubbull and her trainer."


    Delinquents are simple people who hit each other to become friends, and when they lose, they get on their hands and knees in front of her and ask to become a lower comrade, isn't that how it always went? So why...? Are they scared of her Snubbull? Her cute little Snubbull who just wanted to make friends? Mafuyu recognizes that look of terror in their eyes. Just because her Snubbull's face is a little scary, and the way she plays is a little rough, doesn't mean she's a bad Pokemon. That's why she went through all of this, and that's why Mafuyu's going to fix it.

    "Wrong! You're wrong!" Mafuyu shouts, picking up the other Pokemon so they can't run away. Trapped, really. "I'm the one who gave the command, so at least to her...! At least be friends with Burun!!"

    Her words say 'please,' her voice and face say 'or else'... But she's going to make them understand, they'll see.
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    Rosa Joanna Farrell | Final Fantasy IV | RESERVED

    [personal profile] ai 2016-06-04 07:13 pm (UTC)(link)
    Name: Mei
    Personal Journal: [personal profile] ai.
    E-mail: lesbolgs @ gmail.
    AIM/Plurk/Etc.: [ profile] gudako.
    Timezone: CST.
    Current Characters in Route: N/A.

    Name: Rosa Joanna Farrell.
    Series: Final Fantasy IV.
    Timeline: After her rescue in the Tower of Zot.
    Canon Resource Links: Rosa @ FF Wiki | Final Fantasy IV @ FF Wiki
    ai: (pic#9929464)

    [personal profile] ai 2016-06-04 07:14 pm (UTC)(link)
    Personality: There are lovers, there are fighters, and then there are those individuals who are both. Rosa Joanna Farrell doesn't choose between love or fighting, choosing instead to compliment one with the other.

    While Rosa spends a fair amount of time removed from the party in-game (first from her illness, then when she is kidnapped later on), it doesn't reflect a status of being weak. Strong-willed, most of Rosa's actions stem from her determination to be at the side of her lover through thick and thin. Having been inspired by the love her parents shared on the battlefield with her mother tending to her father's wounds, Rosa pursued the path of a White Mage so that she could provide in the same manner. In addition to her ability to use white magic, Rosa is proficient with a bow and can dish out as much damage as the combatants in the party. Hailing from a nation with a strong military presence helped contribute to her strength in combat and leadership skills as she heads one of the eight corps that make up Baron's army. Knowledgeable of the land she hails from, she approaches things with a tactical mindset and can determine the path of both friend and foe. Whenever her childhood friends head out on a dangerous mission on order of the king, Rosa anticipates their arrival elsewhere and moves accordingly to greet them.

    This doesn't make her all-knowing however as she's been caught off-guard multiple times. In her eagerness to greet her companions and to ensure their good health, she fails to account for her own, falling ill to a desert fever. Then later on, when she has recovered and the party meets (the Big Bad) Golbez for the first time, she reveals herself as a target of weakness for Cecil which results in her capture.

    Speaking of her beloved, Rosa is very open about how she feels in regard to Cecil Harvey. Right from her introduction, she refers to him as the man she loves directly to his face. There is no hesitation in her words and no doubt in the sincerity of her words as she tries to reach out to him during a particularly dark time in his life. Having known him since they were young children, Rosa admired Cecil's honesty and often acted as a mediator between him and his brother figure who viewed him as a rival. She doesn't shy away from openly expressing her affection towards him even when there's an audience present. At the end of the game, she marries him and takes the throne at his side. In addition to all of that, she has the magical ability to teleport (an entire party) to his personal bedroom. Make of that what you will.

    Then there's the other childhood friend, Kain Highwind. Rosa acts as a morality pet for the Dragoon as he's seemingly incapable of harming her. Even when his mind is being manipulated by Golbez, he remains close in order to protect her. Kain, without a doubt, is in love with her. This unrequited love is made even more painful by the fact she is openly in love with their mutual friend having never once led him on to believe there could be something more. To Rosa, he is a dear friend who she would protect and forgive no matter his transgressions. One thing is for certain: when Rosa speaks, Kain listens.

    Fulfilling the role of the nurturer in party, Rosa spends a bit of time helping others overcome their inner turmoil and encouraging them to move forward. When Cecil is wracked with guilt over the things he has done, it is Rosa who he confides (partially) to. When the young Rydia is incapable of calling forth fire to melt ice that has blocked their path due to the memory of seeing her village burn down, it is Rosa who implores her gently for her aid. She has a way of inspiring others with the unyielding resolve that burns within her simply because she believes in the good that's present in every being. Despite being surrounded by people who praise her beauty and her generosity, Rosa remains modest and places everyone's well being before her own. She doesn't complain and keeps her burdens to herself.

    Certainly someone as amiable as Rosa would be easy to push around, right? Far from it actually. Whenever she's told she should just stay at home out of harm's way, she stands up for what wants to do even if that person is family. When Cecil demands that it's too dangerous for both Rydia and her to join them on their final mission, they defy him by sneaking aboard the ship and defend their right to be there by emphasizing the strengths they bring to the party. That is because Rosa Joanna Farrell is a woman who fights for love and if that love takes her to a suicide mission on the moon, she will justify remaining at the side of those she cares about until the very end.


    Compassion: Rosa is a benevolent woman who treats others fairly. Even when she's been wronged by her friends, she doesn't make excuses for their actions but forgives them all the same. Even though Kain mistreated her, she accepts his apology and encourages him to join them instead of outright abandoning him. Throughout their journey, Rosa helps other members of the party through their own inner trials and fills the role of nurturer.
    Passionate: Even though she's often described as quiet and submissive, there's a fire that burns brightly within her. Rosa isn't the type of person to give up easily on a concept or an individual, choosing to believe in them until the very end. She's also not a weak woman who will be left out of the battle. Whenever Cecil instructs for both Rydia and Rosa to stay behind as they head off to a dangerous battle, they both disobey him and stand up for themselves.
    Battle Readiness: Even though Rosa has trained as a White Mage, she uses a bow in order to fend for herself in combat. She's resilient, choosing to travel alongside Cecil as a personal choice rather than anything forced on her. Even though she uses white magic primarily, she can still defend herself in battle and won't be an easy target.
    First Aid: Having trained as a White Mage in a kingdom that prides itself on a strong military force, Rosa undoubtedly knows triage and other useful medical tips beyond magic.
    Traveler: Since Rosa has spent a fair bit of the game doing this, it can be said she's not afraid of the wilderness and is sturdy enough to endure most conditions. While she may not be as experienced as others while traveling alone, she can contribute in a traveling party and remain undisturbed by common plights one may face while out in the wilderness.
    ➕➖ Knowledge: Not only is she capable of studying White Magic (which is no easy feat), but she shares the responsibility of guiding the party at times. Whenever she recovers from the desert fever, she points out the direction their foe is most likely to take based on what she knows. She's no scholar, but she does know a fair bit of the world around her however this isn't her world. Rosa will struggle with technology at first, not quite understanding it and will no doubt have trouble when it comes to using creatures to fight her battles for her.
    Selflessness: Often placing others before herself is a significant weakness that's bound to catch up to her. Early on, she succumbs to illness due to pursuing others even though she's a White Mage... which means she likely didn't stop to consider her own health as she tried to catch up with her friends. Another example is whenever she's captured, she doesn't expand on what has happened to her in the tower, choosing to place their goals ahead of her own mental well-being.
    Ingenue: Rosa wants to believe in the best of those around her so while she's clever at times, she vastly underestimates the actions that people are willing to take. Someone can easily betray her and she wouldn't be able to anticipate it at all. At the same time, she's all too willing to forgive and forget, leaving her susceptible to falling victim to wrongdoing once more.
    Follower: Essentially she's an ideal person to bring along with a travel party but she much rather fight alongside her lover than engage her own path.

    Pokémon Information
    Affiliation: Trainer.
    Starter: Dratini. A blue dragon-like Pokemon to remind her of her childhood friend, Kain. A loner Pokemon that is rarely sighted and is shy would work well for Rosa to form a bond with due to her gentle demeanor. Compassionate, she would grow along with her Dratini as they traveled together, looking out for one another.

    Password: Atomic Fireball.

    First Person Sample: VIDEO
    [ While Rosa remains a stranger to technology, she's grown braver with operating her PokéGear over the past month. Using it to record images and to take snapshots of moments that were precious to her filled her heart with wonderment that wasn't overly present before. Not that she would ever forget a memory forged within her mind but through this she could share them with others.

    Each time she found something that reminded her of someone back home, out came the PokéGear and with it a short message from Rosa herself.

    Today she feels different however as she chooses to share the scene before her with everyone else. It's one she's certain the veterans of this realm have witnessed once before but perhaps they may enjoy being reminded of the beauty within.

    The day is young and beautiful. [ Someone's a bit more excited than usual as she pulls the PokéGear in even closer to her form. Splashes and cheers can be heard off-screen though they are easily drowned out by the charisma in Rosa's voice. ] Cerulean City not only lives up to its name but the water shows here have been a delight. There are times where they will ask the audience to participate and in others they use magic I have never witnessed before in my life.

    [ "Magic" is just a generalized term for her at this point. ] Oh, please watch this if you have a moment to spare.

    [ It takes her a moment to turn the device right around and even if it's angled slightly off, there's no shakiness to be found in her grip. Of course, what she's chosen to share with everyone is a mixture of a light and water show, with the abilities of water-type Pokémon thrown into the mix. For a newcomer, it's certainly impressive and for a long time veteran of this world, maybe it's respectful in its own right. ]

    Remarkable, is it not? [ Her voice is soft and distant, from behind the microphone of the device. ] It is a sight grander than most I have seen in my lifetime. If this is commonplace in this world, then I would strive to see more.

    Third Person Sample: One never knew how trapped they felt until they were given unprecedented freedom. Rosa could barely recall a time where she felt pressured to do one thing or another despite growing up in a militaristic society. Things that needed to be done simply were and matters that needed to be handled were swiftly dealt with. When a man headed out to triumph over wickedness, his healer traveled at his side in order to help him see through that goal. There had never been any strain to do this as it was simply something that had to be done.

    Now absolved of her prior commitments, Rosa felt unsure of what to do with her days. Laid out before her was an entirely new world fit for exploration and while it felt good to stretch her legs out some, the young woman always had a purpose when she traveled. To go without one simply for the sake of doing it seemed more foreign to her than the PokéGear stowed away in her pack. So here she was late at night wondering about what to do with her wandering.

    It had been explained to her before that people here traveled to learn more about Pokémon and the world itself. To expand one's knowledge was a noble pursuit but better suited to scholars who had an interest in such things.

    Another common goal seemed to be to strengthen their team and to collect the badges from each leader. Admittedly she felt a little uncomfortable with the concept of conquering gyms in order to gather trinkets though she would never confess it out loud.

    Then there had been those who admitted to settling down to pursue a life here. To build a business and expand on it, to share a little piece of their own world here with the rest from different realms. A noble concept but without white magic at her fingertips, what could Rosa offer?

    Her thoughts were interrupted by the companion she had since her first day, a Dratini with the keen ability to calm her mind. He didn't make much noise yet he always made his presence known by lingering around her. Resting his snout beside her face on the bed, he captivated her attention as she did his own.

    "Were my thoughts deafening enough to disturb you?" Reaching over to caress him behind one of his fins, "It wasn't my intention to treat you so ill, my friend."

    Dratini were once considered a mythical Pokémon due to being so rare, Rosa recalled from her first Pokédex entry. Perhaps that could be the start of her journey. Seeking out a colony of Dragon Pokémon might not be contrary to the rest of the other otherworlders, but it would be a reason she could believe in. "To reunite you with your brethren would be a kindness, would it not?"

    Then she could liberate her companion from being at her side. Give him the choice to be as free as she felt. It seemed right enough to her for the time being as her affectionate stroking slowed down as she fell asleep, at peace with the thought.

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    Maria Cadenzavna Eve | Symphogear

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    Name: Sarah
    Personal Journal: [personal profile] sachu
    E-mail: pm journal if you need it
    AIM/Plurk/Etc.: plurk : [ profile] dmails
    Timezone: CST
    Current Characters in Route: n/a

    Name: Maria Cadenzavna Eve
    Series: Senki Zesshō Symphogear
    Timeline: Post season 3 (GX)
    Canon Resource Links: Maria @ Symphogear wiki

    "Seilien coffin Airgetlam Tron”

    From an early age Maria lived within a compound that housed orphans that would be the reincarnation of “Fine”, the only person she had was her little sister Serena. She wanted to protect those who were weak like her by accepting them and providing the connection they truly needed. After seeing her sister die in order to save her life and the lives of those around her, Maria’s heart was conflicted over not only her ideals but what her sister truly wanted to do with her own power.

    Maria taking on the role of “Fine” in order to lessen the burden of those she cared for was also due to her conflicted heart and wanting to protect the weak from the strong. Because of this ideal Maria took in Shirabe and Kirika who were also held in a compound for orphans that could serve as the reincarnation of “Fine” and treats them like family.

    Even with her ideals of protecting the weak, Maria didn’t want to have blood on her hands; and couldn’t mentally take the idea of killing or physically hurting another human, nor want anyone else to have to dirty their hands with that action. Along with this, part of the reasoning for her to be a singer and idol was to help those with music be able to use it to better themselves and change the world. Though in her case, it was being able to use a Symphogear in order to fight and save the world.

    Because of this, she takes on the lie of being a double agent instead of the full blame for what happened due to her and FIS actions against mankind in order to allow those close to her maintain a normal life instead of being locked away. Which leaves her in a situation of being recorded all the time and not allowed out of sight from the government unless it’s for her job of being an idol. Another lie Maria willingly accepts because she doesn’t want anyone else to get hurt, even if she rather take the full blame for her actions and what she caused due to her own conflict.

    Due to her nature of not being able to physically hurt others, Maria ends up being taken advantaged of often. Which causes her to have even more mental conflicts and what truly is the right thing to do. As seen with Dr. Ver using her in order to destroy and kill more and more in order for him to see his goal go through in the name of “justice”. Taking it all on as a mission that must be completed, even if she is lacking the determination to complete it and just talking herself out of the resolution needed. This also comes into play with why she agreed to help with the plans to start everything, since she wanted to create a peaceful world off the ideals that her sister held and what everyone else wanted in order to save everyone.

    In less non emotional damage areas, Maria is extremely mother-like. Even stating that she feels like she’s being overly invested in making sure everyone is eating correctly and getting enough sleep. Along with taking food back from events that were brought in for her since she wants to make sure Shirabe and Kirika are eating enough veggies because they’re still growing. To having Shirabe and Kirika sleep next to her when it’s cold so they don’t get sick. Plus, covering up Tsubasa after her gear was damaged and her clothes vanished because she didn’t want her running around naked. Besides the motherly actions Maria ends up taking on, she also tends to talk big and then deeply regret it right after saying things. Her first meeting with Tsubasa ended up with her saying “try to keep up with me on stage” instead of just trying to introduce herself normally. Overall Maria is just a kind and sincere and cute girl who simply wants to help and protect everyone she holds dear.


    + Momcat mode, Maria tends to treat Shirabe, Kirika and every one of the gear users as her family even making sure people are eating right and people go to school.
    +/- Keep moving even if you’re afraid, Maria is scared while fighting and going against anything that she knows she can’t beat on her own strength. Though it doesn’t stop her from putting on a stance victory and trying to remain calm in the face of danger.
    + Plus Maria knows that her weakness is what allows her to improve and be human, so she doesn’t use it as a reason for her own failures.
    + Singing, of course a top pop idol has some impressive singing skills. Even though Maria wasn’t trained or even went to school for music she is the only one who can stand with Tsubasa.
    +/- Being on stage is one of the few times she allows herself to have fun and smile, noted by pretty much everyone, though she tries to be serious all the time.
    - Past image, Maria has a hard time forgiving the mistakes made in the past, along with the death of her sister. Even after becoming friends with Tsubasa and the others it’s still the image she saw when Carol’s defense system went active.
    - False idol. A title she took up in order to allow Shirabe and Kirika to have normal lives. It’s a lie to her and the world saying that she was really a double agent and not really the cause of what F.I.S did. Maria hates putting on another mask and having people control her actions. Since she had to live a lie already while pretending to be “Fine”.

    Pokémon Information
    Affiliation: Trainer
    Starter: Igglybuff
    Password: Atomic Fireball

    First Person Sample:

    [ Maria was slightly confused at being told to go on an adventure and given a pink blob of a pokemon called Igglybuff. ]

    This isn’t London or Tokyo… the staff for the venue are going to be angry if I’m late for the rehearsal time.

    [ She did have her idol persona and whatnot going on back home that was making the whole wake up in a new place quite troubling. ]

    This Igglybuff that they gave me, she’s quite cute I have to admit; almost like a squishy pink plushie you get for someone as a gift. As much as I want to take care of her though, I don’t think I can bring something like this home.

    [ The Igglybuff was hiding in-between where Maria was sitting and her long hair, a bit shy at meeting anyone. ]

    If any member of S.O.N.G sees this please make sure Kirika and Shirabe are at least being taken care of. Before I left for London I had left Chris in charge of them but if I can’t get a hold of people back home it’ll be a problem.

    [ Maria let out a small sigh, she was worried about her two adoptive siblings more so then her current state. ]

    Third Person Sample:
    Igglybuff was sitting on Maria’s shoulder trying to cover its face with the girl’s pink hair. Maria just smiled and moved a few strands of hair over to help, even if she was a bit shy it was cute. Even if she didn’t like admitting the fact she liked cute things out loud if someone saw this there would be no doubt someone would think that she wasn’t a nice person that wanted cute pokemon.

    “Serena if you keep hiding like that I won’t be able to see you.”

    Maria ended up naming the Igglybuff she was given as a “trainer” after her little sister. Maybe it was the smile the pokemon had or being a little shy or just giving off the vibe of something that needed to be protected. She instantly gave it that name and didn’t notice until she was out of the building with Igglybuff in her arms.

    Serena poked her head out from the mass of hair now moved to the shoulder she was sitting on and looked at Maria to try and get the message of “Don’t worry!” across.

    “I guess you’re just shy, that’s ok we just met so it’s natural”

    All Maria could do was give a gentle smile before offering a bit of pokefood to try and build a stronger bond. It was going to take some time to build up trust, something she knew all too well already given what had already happened in her own life. Thankfully Serena could tell that Maria only wanted to be friends and get to know each other and gladly ate the food offered before leaping down from the shoulder into Maria’s arms.

    “Did I do something wrong? Ahh where did I put the other food, you must still want food right?”

    Sadly, Maria ended up taking the good gesture as being a bad caretaker and couldn’t relax. Maybe being an idol was a far better job compared to taking care of a pokemon.


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    minako aino | sailor moon | reserved

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    Name: Nena
    Personal Journal: [personal profile] kuwata
    AIM/Plurk/Etc.: nenabearr (AIM); [ profile] nenabearr
    Timezone: CST
    Current Characters in Route: N/A

    Name: Minako Aino / Sailor Venus / Sailor V
    Series: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon (manga-verse)
    Timeline: post-Stars but pre-Usagi's wedding, so sometime after they're revived and living their daily lives on Earth again.
    Canon Resource Links: Minako Wiki Page | Sailor Venus Wiki Page | BSSM Manga Wiki Page | Codename: Sailor V Manga Wiki

    One would expect the reincarnation of the goddess of love and beauty, Venus, to be feminine, graceful and refined; however, Minako Aino certainly does not fit the description, and her stark contrast from these expectations can make it rather difficult for one to believe that she actually is a descendant of the goddess Venus.

    At first glance, Minako appears to be your average teenage girl, and she even describes herself as a "totally normal girly girl." While this is true in some aspects, it isn't the most accurate assessment of her. Minako has been described by her classmates as a "coarse girl," by her mother as unladylike, and her guardian tomcat, Artemis, states that she acts more like a guy than she does a girl...which is true. Minako doesn't behave even remotely similar to how her kindred goddess would, and Artemis goes so far to describe her as a "total beauty and the beast comparison." Why do people consider her as such, you ask?

    This is because Minako doesn't follow Japan's expected feminine behavior. Firstly, Minako is loud and talkative; she has no concept of what an indoor voice or a verbal filter is most of the time. She has a very casual way of speaking and uses swears and slang in her speech, saying things such as "I'll kick your ass!" or even calling the policemen bastards for laughing at her. She has an extremely short temper and can resort to violence when she's especially angry, causing her friends to have to restrain her and try to calm her down. But she has also been shown to beat up two boys with her bare hands after they made the mistake of setting her off. Minako isn't afraid to get her hands dirty...or the rest of her dirty, for that matter. She regularly hops over walls as a shortcut, and her only response to her mother telling her that she soiled her uniform when she came home is that she was going to take a bath. Minako is absolutely shameless and has no problem talking about things that would probably be considered gross by other people - she outright asks Rei if she farts and tells Chibiusa that cavities will cause her jaw to decay into mush.

    Minako's interests don't quite fall under these expectations either. She is an avid gamer, and prior to meeting the other inner senshi, she was the only girl at the arcade who actually played video games. And she's quite the formidable foe - she wins a toy from the crane machine on her first attempt and even beats the high score of the arcade's formerly reigning champion, Ootaku Takurou. The idea of a girl surpassing him at video games is so uncommon to Takurou that he actually suspects Minako is a man in disguise. Video games aren't Minako's only interests, however; she is actually heavily involved in athletics and is a member of her school's volleyball club. She was the only girl in her class capable of keeping up with the boys, and when she plays a round of volleyball against the girls at Rei's academy, she ends up spiking the ball so hard that it rebounds and actually shatters one of the academy's windows...and the Sister of the academy calls her none other than a "crude girl."

    Now, how does Minako respond to all of this criticism? She doesn't take it well, and her boyish behavior is one of her biggest insecurities. She is aware that she doesn't act like the standard Japanese girl or like the goddess Venus and becomes frustrated and upset whenever people mention it. She makes a comment about how she wishes she could be pretty because one of her crushes, Higashi, was attracted to feminine girls - why, her signature red ribbon she wears in her hair is because Higashi suggested she wear one, which shows how desperate Minako is to have someone accept her. She'll try and change herself to become more feminine, but she knows that despite her efforts, she is still the same within. Even after she begins wearing the ribbon and tries to confess to Higashi, she believes that Artemis' interference of her confession attempts is because he knew that Higashi liked another girl who was more feminine than she was (when, really, he was only trying to help her awaken as Sailor Venus) and goes so far as to say she doesn't blame Higashi, because "what man wouldn't want someone so beautiful and graceful?"

    Her femininity isn't the only insecurity that Minako has, however. Her duties as a soldier whose sole purpose is to protect Princess Serenity surfaces a lot of doubts as well. As Sailor Venus, Minako is the leader of the inner senshi, and this puts a lot of pressure on her as she knows that she is the one responsible for guiding their team. She often times feels that she is inadequate, and this is especially shown in the Dreams arc of the manga when she is the only member of her team who is incapable of transforming. Minako beats herself up over the lack of her powers and even comments on how she doesn't seem like the goddess, Venus, doubting herself: "Some leader. I'm really supposed to be everyone's leader, I guess. I don't know why." Her inhibitions about being the leader are so strong that she takes offense to when the other inner senshi are constantly speaking about the outer senshi - Haruka, Michiru, and Setsuna - telling them the only reason they were so reliant on them was because they didn't "depend on their leader" and runs away, calling herself "a total failure of a leader." Minako tries so hard to prove herself to her team that she goes off by herself to confront the enemy, even without her transformation powers, saying that it was her chance to prove her worth as leader to Ami, Makoto, and Rei. Even when she knows that she isn't able to defeat the Dead Moon Circus by herself, she refuses to call the others for backup because they would discover that she couldn't transform, and in her eyes, how can a team rely on their leader if their leader doesn't even have powers to fight? In her words, she'd "just become a giant burden to everyone."

    However, this is where we focus on Minako's relationship with her guardian, Artemis. Despite all of his dismay at her various flaws, Artemis is (and always has been) Minako's biggest supporter. Sure, he scolds her more often than not, but he has nothing but the utmost respect for her and is always encouraging her to do her best as a sailor soldier. He serves as Minako's confidant and is the only one that is aware of the insecurities she hides from everyone, and he never fails to try and lift up her spirits. Upon her first meeting with Artemis, after Minako seemed disheartened that she had, one - transformed into Sailor V, a magical soldier of justice, and two - just destroyed her crush, Higashi, who was truthfully an enemy, Artemis was quick to come to her rescue, giving her an affectionate lick on the face to lift her spirits. Minako is appreciative of Artemis, but she doesn't always show it in the best way and, more often than not, mistreats him, and she's made aware of that when Artemis comes through for her during her biggest crisis: losing her powers. He breaks her out of the spell that the Dark Moon Circus placed upon her and catches her when she falls down a trap door. It is at that moment that she realizes that she and Artemis share a bond - they give each other strength, and if one of them has doubts about their ability, it strongly impacts the other. Artemis acknowledges that it was his own lack of strength that made Minako doubt herself and prohibited her from being able to transform, and his newfound resolve inspires Minako, giving her the ability to transform again. It is because of Artemis that she remembers her strengths that outshine her shortcomings.

    Minako is actually a great leader, and she doesn't give herself the credit that she deserves. When she first meets the rest of the inner senshi, under the guise of the princess, Usagi comments that Minako is "courageous and awe-inspiring" and that it seemed as though she was protecting them instead of the other way around. Due to the fact that she was awakened longer than the others, Minako is more knowledgeable about being a sailor soldier, and therefore knows when to become serious, what action needs to be taken, and when it should be taken. She is the one who guides the sailor senshi into victory against their enemies - in the Dark Kingdom arc, she commands everyone to combine their powers and tells Sailor Moon to create a barrier to perform Sailor Planet Attack, and in the latter part of the arc, she tells the other inner senshi to sacrifice their transformation pens, which would ultimately kill them, to give Sailor Moon the power needed to defeat Queen Metallia.

    Aside from her strengths as Sailor Venus, Minako also has a lot of strengths as herself. She is cheerful, spirited, and outgoing, allowing her to make friends with ease. Her social confidence allows her to take the initiative and reach out to others without any hesitation, and she even states herself that "just sitting around waiting" isn't her style. Minako has a go-getting mindset, and once she has set her sights on something, she's not afraid to go out there and get it. Her tenacity can almost be considered stubbornness, depending on what exactly she has her mind set on, but it remains the same, regardless of her motives, that she doesn't believe in giving up. Even when others may be discouraged by something, Minako keeps pressing on until the end and can get upset at others who are willing to give up without putting up a fight. She snaps at one of her classmates, Otonaru, in Codename: Sailor V when he tells her that he no longer believed that his heart condition would improve, telling him: "You're not even trying to hold out hope. Why are you saying this kind of stuff? Being a human takes hard work and courage. 'Giving up' are the words that disgust me the most! I hate them!" And later on in the chapter, she tries to inspire him to stay determined and keep fighting, saying: "I have to show Otonaru the joys of being alive! I'll show him all the things there are to live for!" Minako always acts as a light of encouragement for everyone around her, as shown by the numerous times she's rekindled hope for her inner senshi. For example, when Usagi worries about Mamoru being captured by the Dark Kingdom, Minako is the first to reassure her that they would rescue him and tells her not to cry. She empathizes with others easily and does her best to help others obtain their happiness.

    Which is a little bittersweet, as Minako sacrifices her own happiness, in a way. She doesn't hold any resentment about it, but she knows that she has to push aside her own aspirations for the sake of her duty. There are two things that Minako dreams of - to become an idol and to find a boyfriend. Minako is a hopeless romantic and is always falling in love with a guy, even if she hasn't known him long; she literally believes in love at first sight. One of the running gags in her manga, Codename: Sailor V, is that she already has had five thousand "first loves," and the number is sure to increase. Minako is obsessed with boys - especially idols - and a huge flirt. Even if she knows that she will never truly find love, it doesn't stop her from checking out guys, going out on a few dates, or even sharing a few kisses, and she's still just as susceptible to a boy's wiles. A little too much so.

    Minako is a bit of an airhead, and she could give Usagi a run for her money, honestly. She is incredibly clumsy, as shown when she trips and drops the Holy Sword onto Ami's marble floor immediately after Usagi warns her not to. She cannot remember proverbs for her life and oftentimes butchers them into something completely incomprehensible. She can also be quite melodramatic, as seen in her introduction speeches as Sailor V, and comes off as overconfident. She can be lazy and whiny if she doesn't want to do something (studying), and she oversleeps a lot. She can also be a bit of a tease to her friends, such as when she teases Makoto about getting closer to Furuhata's sister in order to get him to like her, and as the self-proclaimed "goddess of love," she can especially be a bit too involved with her friends' love lives, such as when she drags the other inner senshi on an adventure to discover who this "Mercurius" sending Ami love letters was. She can sometimes be too impulsive and careless, such as when she fell for the Dead Moon Circus' idol audition scheme, causing trouble for herself and the others around her.

    Overall, Minako can be a bit of a handful and pretty much regularly makes her teammates exasperated at her, but she is an essential part of the team. What you see with Minako is what you get - it isn't a mask, even if it is how she presents herself to others who don't share her destined fate. It's purely authentic, because while she may be Sailor Venus, the guardian of love, she is also a teenage girl at her core who chooses to enjoy her life to the best of her ability but is also vulnerable to the everyday stress that humans face. And when the time comes when Sailor Venus is needed, she knows how to switch between her natures and do what is expected of her, because she is ultimately a sailor soldier whose purpose is to protect.

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    minako aino | sailor moon | reserved

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    ( + ) ATHLETIC. Minako is a member of her junior high's volleyball club and has a fondness for sports. In her own manga, Codename: Sailor V, she mentions that she had been waiting for fall due to the sports festival that takes place during the season. Minako also possesses remarkable stamina, agility, and physical strength, and is the only girl of her class that is able to run alongside the boys during marathon practice (and even places first in the actual marathon and all the other events). She has also been shown to jump over her school walls when she's running late and has her own signature moves when participating in sports.

    ( + ) DUTIFUL. Minako takes her role as Sailor Venus very seriously and is always at the ready to assume her duty as the leader of the inner senshi. She always keeps her mission of protecting the princess, Usagi, at the forefront of her mind and is willing to do absolutely anything - which includes risking and, at times, even losing her life - that is necessary in order to keep the other blonde safe. Her duty is so important to her that she willingly puts it before her own dreams and aspirations because the purpose of her existence is solely to protect Usagi. In Codename: Sailor V, her destined lover, Danburite, prophesies that she "will be hopeless when it comes to love for all eternity" so that she would never hesitate to put duty over love, and that her fate "is to keep fighting."

    ( + ) LOYAL. Minako is extremely devoted to her friends, cares for them immensely, and can be protective of them. She can become concerned when something has happened to them and will sometimes blame herself if something did happen to them, such as when she showed dismay at her arriving after Jupiter had been captured by the Black Moon Clan. She also gets suspicious whenever there is an unfamiliar person that gets close to Usagi and tries to keep them away from her before she has had the chance to investigate them.

    ( + ) OUTGOING. Minako is incredibly friendly and is always reaching out to others. She is also very amiable and easygoing, so she's easy to get along with...even if she's a lot more whimsical than most have bargained for. She even said that she was the most popular person in her class in Codename: Sailor V.

    ( + ) GAMER. Minako loves to play video games and frequents the arcade. The creator of the manga, Takeuchi, has mentioned in her notes that Minako is very good at pinball and shooter games, and she has been shown to enjoy fighter games as well. She could quite possibly be familiar with Pokémon, but due to her time period of the 1990s, she would only be familiar with the Red and Blue games - the Kanto region and the first 151 Pokémon. ( I don't think I'll go along with her being aware that she's inside of the Pokéverse, just to be on the safe side and also avoid fourth-walling, but you'd better believe she'll be spending most of her days at the Game Corner. )

    ( +/- ) STOIC. Truthfully, Minako suffers from a lot of insecurities; however, instead of actually talking about these insecurities with her friends, she chooses to bottle up her emotions and hide behind a brave face so that she doesn't worry them. Unfortunately, this doesn't always go as well as she wants it to, and she can sometimes let the act slip and snap out of anger.

    ( - ) LACKADAISICAL. Minako has been shown to have a carefree personality, especially when it comes down to academics. She often oversleeps and runs late for school; she detests studying, very much so that she becomes excited when her study sessions with the other senshi end; she makes terrible grades and is always having to retake her exams due to her low scores; she sometimes skips school in favor of playing video games at the arcade; and she would rather eat than do work during her cram school sessions. If it's not something that Minako wants to do, she won't put any effort into it.

    ( - ) OBSESSIVE. Idol-chasing is one of Minako's canonical hobbies, and boy-hunting should be right after it. Despite being foretold she would never have love, Minako still crushes on guys - especially idols - and actively flirts with them. She even tags along with Chibiusa and Usagi to the dentist in Chibiusa's Picture Diary because she wanted to "check out some hotties." And in Codename: Sailor V, she uses her compact to transform herself into a makeup artist so she can sneak into an idol concert.

    ( - ) IRRITABLE. Despite being a cheerful person, Minako is not immune to being angry, which happens a lot in the series. Most of the time, it's harmless - just her shouting and thrashing about, but she often says things without thinking that could possibly hurt someone's feelings. For example, she tells Rei that she hates her when she thought that she was laughing at her and yells at Otonaru for giving up too easily without even considering how he must feel suffering from a heart condition. She does always apologize, though.

    Pokémon Information
    Affiliation: Breeder
    Starter: Luvdisc
    Password: Atomic Fireball

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    Cloud Strife | Final Fantasy VII | Reserved

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    Name: Wolfeh
    Personal Journal: [personal profile] cwolfeh
    AIM/Plurk/Etc.: [ profile] AllintheBones
    Timezone: EST
    Current Characters in Route: N/A

    Name: Cloud Strife
    Series: Final Fantasy VII
    Timeline: End of Advent Children
    Canon Resource Links:
    Crisis Core Info
    Original Game Info
    Advent Children Complete Info
    Cloud's Background

    Once upon a time Cloud was a very quiet young man who had a dream of becoming a SOLIDER. But then the fire nation attacked.

    Not so much anymore.

    There are definitely still the remnants of that young man inside of Cloud because it shows through here and there. He cares about those he's close to and even some that he's not really close to--especially children. He's got a much bigger heart than most might realize upon first meeting him and will go out of his way to keep others safe even if it means putting himself in danger. (Because, honestly Cloud has a pretty shitty sense of self preservation most of the time and tends to take leaps before he thinks.) He wants nothing more than to do right by others and by the planet itself but he's also very much a realist and does understand, now more than ever, that some things will always be the way they're going to be. That doesn't stop Cloud from doing the best he can to make the lives of people around him better, though.

    It's very rare that Cloud will ever truly lose sight of the goals he's got in place for himself. Sure, sometimes they might be a bit obscured and he may end up taking the longest way around to complete them but they're always there nipping at the back of his mind. He's far too stubborn not to see things through until the end and it'll eat away at him if he takes too long to do something. More often than not he'll run off on his own to just sort of clear things up in his head but once he comes back, whatever it is that he was attempting to do will get accomplished. Cloud is also very stubborn, something else that has been apart of him since he was much younger. He doesn't take well to being told he can't do something and will work his ass off to prove that yes, he can do that. His past history of constantly getting overlooked and forgotten about still haunts him, in a way, so he tends to do things loud and flashy if he's really agitated about a certain situation. Most of the time he just aims to get things done so he can prove others wrong. This also applies to helping over people accomplish things. He's not going to go about helping everyone with everything but if there's a task that he can assist them with, he'll happily lend them aid.

    While he may not seem the type at first, Cloud is definitely a bit of a shit when he wants to be. There's a dry sense of humor hidden underneath his seemingly chill demeanor and a quicker wit than even he gives himself credit for. (Cloud doesn't give himself enough credit for anything he does, let's be real.) He also doesn't have the time to put up with anyone's bullshit and is very quick to tell them to get to the point or shut up entirely. (Kiss kiss, Rufus.) He's also kind of a huge dork, as cool and collected as he may seem because he wears leather and rides a motorcycle. He's the type of person that will say "Let's mosey" and mean it or something equally as 90s ridiculous as that. (Crispy critters? Really Cloud?) This more easy going and relaxed side of Cloud doesn't come out easily but once he gets comfortable around people his sense of humor comes out and his youthfulness does show through.

    Despite these lingering bits of the hopeful dreamer he use to be, Cloud has been put through the ringer and it's definitely altered a lot of who he was. (Altered parts of him that never got to develop naturally.) He's very quick to put the blame on himself for things that happen and tends to carry the weight of the world on his shoulders, refusing to allow anyone to help him bear it. His concern for others turns into him forgetting to look after himself as well and he'll work himself to death if given the chance. Once you snap him out of that state of mind he's good for's just a matter of getting him to that point. Working keeps him from dwelling too long on things, keeps memories from haunting him when he doesn't want them to, so he'll just throw himself into projects and pretend that everything's okay. Call it a coping mechanism of sorts.

    At his core, Cloud is also a very lost individual. He's still finding himself and putting together all the pieces that were shattered during his time as Hojo's captive, attempting to shape himself into his own person rather than pretending to be someone's he's not. Even after two years he's still working hard to figure out just who Cloud Strife is. (Though thanks to Tifa, Marlene and Vincent, especially, he's started to really embrace his own personal strengths and has started to really follow his own heart.) He's got a long way to go before he'll really be a 'whole' person again, which is why personal connections are ultimately so important to him, but he's found himself a good path now and wants to do right by his family.

    ☁Despite how he may come off at times, Cloud cares a lot about the well being of others. It's rare for him to ignore someone that's in need of help and he will gladly do what he can in order to aid them.
    ☁Cloud is something of a natural leader even if he doesn't always accept that role. People tend to look to him for guidance and for help making decisions whether it's on a personal scale or a much broader scale.
    ☁Having seen the best and worst of things at various times throughout his life, Cloud has a moral scale that is easily adjustable. Why is this is a positive? Because he's able to step back, look at a situation and judge it based on the facts of what's going on right then and there rather than basing it on a strict moral scale that may not take into consideration the changing world around them.

    ☁Cloud has been through a lot over the past several years and because of it he's a little messed up in the head, to put it lightly. At one point in time he was convinced that his life was Zack Fair's and he basically was living a lie until he finally remembered the truth of things. He's still pulling himself back together and filling in all the gaps, even now, so there are times when he can be just a little out of it when he gets lost in a memory.
    ☁If he ever ends up in a situation that is just too much for him to deal with, Cloud tends to just disappear. And by disappear I mean go off on his own and avoid people for as long as possible. It's not a good coping mechanism, by any means, but it's a habit he just can't break. (Though he is, at least, more prone to answering his phone now.)
    ☁He has a nasty habit of taking the blame for things even when they aren't his fault. Carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders is something that Cloud excels at.

    Pokémon Information
    Affiliation: Breeder
    Starter: Honedge
    Password: Atomic Fireball

    First Person Sample:
    [Cloud's frowning softly when he appears on the network, attempting to figure out this strange device he found on his person upon waking up. It's similar enough to the phones he's used for him to at least get it turned on's still strange enough that it has him unsettled.

    As does the strange sword...thing.]

    ...Tifa? Barrett? If either of you are seeing this, I would appreciate an explanation.

    [Because this had to be some sort of strange joke.

    The camera gets jarred around as Cloud suddenly side steps and when it does focus again anyone watching can now see a Honedge as well, one that the blonde is eyeing rather warily.]

    For where I am and what that is.

    [His first thought had been 'fiend!' but he had never seen anything that looked like this before. It was..a living sword. And that just...yeah. No.]

    I also want to know where my motorcycle is. I'd like to get back to Edge sometime today.

    Third Person Sample:
    While he still didn't understand everything about this place, it was peaceful. For the most part. Peaceful enough that Cloud found himself falling into the rhythm of things. He'd actually found himself enjoying the company of his new pokemon--since that's what the creatures in this place were called apparently--partner, the Honedge's rather calm demeanor a nice compliment to Cloud himself. It followed his commands readily and was extremely helpful in keeping away any wild pokemon or even some of those morons that thought they could steal from Cloud.

    He still wanted to get home but...things could be worse.

    The duo were taking a break, Cloud resting with his back against a tree while his Honedge--he really need to think of a name for it eventually--seemed oddly interested in the stream nearby. He kept an eye on the sword while absently reorganizing his pack, sorting through the pokeballs he'd manage to acquire and had yet to use specifically. It wasn't until he heard a splash and then a long squealing that he was on his feet as if prepared for a fight--

    Only to frown as he watched his Honedge held a Buizel upside down by one of it's back legs.

    Cloud let himself relax, a sigh escaping him as he lifted his arms to cross them over his chest.

    "Drop it," he commanded while eyeing the living sword. It made a strange sound of protest before doing as asked, visibly drooping a bit. The Buizel let out a string of angry noises as it rolled itself over and bristled before diving back into the water--purposefully splashing the Honedge in the process. Cloud couldn't help the way his lips twitched into a grin as his pokemon somehow managed to look extremely offended, drifting away from the stream's edge and back towards Cloud. "And what have we learned?" the blonde drawled, outright snorting in amusement as his Honedge rumbled at him and turned to grab the strap of his pack. "Alright, alright. Let's get going."

    Maybe it'd be best to avoid streams for awhile. Just in case the Buizel decided to round up it's friends.

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    Mettaton | Undertale | Reserved

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    Name: Kitten
    Personal Journal: [personal profile] kittenfais
    AIM/Plurk/Etc.: SilverCrusnik @ AIM ;; SextaEspadaGrimmjow @ Skype ;; [ profile] Grimmkitty @ Plurk
    Timezone: Eastern Standard Time
    Current Characters in Route: n/a

    Name: Mettaton
    Series: Undertale
    Timeline: Post True Pacifist. He’s been in the human world for an appreciable time.
    Canon Resource Links: Wiki Link
    mttbrandlegs: <user name=xamag-undertale> (31)

    Part 2

    [personal profile] mttbrandlegs 2016-06-11 06:52 am (UTC)(link)
    Personality: Mettaton is a giant robot showboat and everyone in the Underground loved him for it.

    But before he was that showboat, Mettaton was a ghost with dreams of stardom and corporeal form. His ambitions were clear even then, because despite his modest beginnings as a snail-farmer and his attachment to his cousin Napstablook, Mettaton had dreams of performing for an audience. In his old home, he had a poster of two humans dancing, which lends to the idea that he was inspired by human culture, even idolizes it. His mechanical body even appears more human than most monsters in the Underground.

    Mettaton’s ambition led him to become an excellent entertainer despite his (initially) limited form as a rectangular robotic unit. He’d always had a very flamboyant way of talking, and for his job as the sole celebrity in the Underground it was pretty entertaining. His speech patterns are also well-suited to being a tv show host, a news anchor, the lead of a play, and a cooking show host, all things which he has done at one point or another. Specifically, he speaks very emphatically, with constant enthusiasm. It’s just his nature to be very expressive. This also lends to his acting skill, which is also excellent. He hardly ever breaks character, and, for example, leads his human “guest star” through the motions very well, never showing that anything is amiss and that he is not actually a killer robot until several skits down, where he begins to tire of Dr. Alphys’ ploy.

    His eventual abandonment of his role as a killer robot outlines another important trait of his; narcissism. It’s clear why Mettaton is so obsessed with being a star has to do with how self-centered he is. While he does care about his family, he was willing to up and leave the snail farm just to achieve his goals, and despite being assisted by Dr. Alphys in this, he appears to regard her with some disdain and only plays his part because he knows that he owes her for his body. He’s not above inconveniencing her, or really anyone else in the Underground, going so far as to install a fountain which spouts water out of its own retention pool and put employees through rigorous and unfair work conditions. Not to mention he wanted to kill Frisk just because he thought that they weren’t strong enough to break the barrier, and that he would be better suited to simply taking their SOUL and freeing all monsterkind…so he could be a star aboveground as well. Talking himself up in this way comes second nature for this robot.

    That said, he really is important to the Underground in his own way, because Mettaton’s charisma endears him to the monsters enough for him to be loved and respected. His ease at lading the stage and generating dramatic narratives is particularly helpful to this, and his expressive nature doesn’t hurt. Most especially in his EX form, Mettaton tends to make flashy moves and pushes himself to the limit in the name of entertainment. What’s a few limbs lost to a star like him, when he has a whole crowd to entertain through the camera?!

    And that, truthfully, is where Mettaton has the redeeming quality of caring for others. He loves his fans and will maintain his showmanship for their sakes, not just the ratings. Were it only about the ratings, his call-in event would never have made him reconsider going to the surface to become a star, and he even admits that monsters only have one celebrity—him—and that maybe he ought to stay where he is to keep them happy. He also cares about his cousin Napstablook and remembers his voice and mannerisms enough to realize that the ghost was his first call-in. So yeah, Mettaton has his flaws and bad habits, but he isn’t a bad guy. He cares.

    + Charismatic – Mettaton is an elegant and loquacious speaker. This can be tarnished by his self-centered nature, but on the whole, he has a way of getting people interested in whatever he’s doing! If he didn’t, he’d make a poor TV show host and actor. Part of the reason why he’s so good at this is because Mettaton has a cooperative nature when it comes to entertainment, and will do his best to include anyone he happens to drag into his circle.

    + Optimistic – Mettaton has always been the more optimistic individual in his known family. It always helped him deal with his negative and self-deprecating cousin Napstablook, and his eventual friend Alphys. He’s very determined to get everyone on his same level of optimism, or at least try.

    + Smart – Mettaton may behave like a self-interested airhead who is only out for attention and ratings, but he’s actually a pretty shrewd guy. He wouldn’t know how to work his audience and make something out of himself if he wasn’t good at reading people. When it suits him, he can be tactful as well.

    +Accomodating/Adaptive – Sort of an addendum to his charisma and optimism, Mettaton has the habit of accommodating people in order to elevate them to a level he can work with. Because he can usually work with whatever kind of person he’s stuck with, it also makes him adaptable. This is not just when concerning people, either. Because he’s so optimistic, Mettaton would rather just push through and get used to something fresh and new than lollygag and feel bad for himself.

    + Good actor – Mettaton is a TV star. The only TV star, and it means he has to be a jack of all trades in that particular field. He really is great at many things, whether it has to do with theater acting, television acting, method acting, leading the stage and audience, speech giving and of course everything in between (singing, cooking, gameshow hosting, you name it he does it).

    - Narcissist – Mettaton is an extremely self-centered person. He often forgoes the wishes of others to further his own needs and even reveals the fabrications put in place by people he knows, turning on them to get what he wants. Because he’s full of himself, it’s easy to distract him by getting him to talk about himself, and it isn’t too terribly hard to net him into something that would gain him popularity. He’s open to all ideas. That may not be a great thing.

    - Turncoat – If things don’t go Mettaton’s way, this bot is not above abandoning a scheme he said he’d go along with. He will even contradict himself if it will suit him for the moment, such as when he promised his cousin he would remain at their side forever, after which point he abandoned them to be a big star. He also betrayed Alphys and attempted to kill a human child on his own.

    - Violent tendencies – As he’s said himself, bloodshed can be a part of showbusiness as long as it suits his motives. Mettaton, as previously stated, is not above attempted murder if he is fully convinced that it is the only way he will get his time in the spotlight. Of course, he’s only ever attempted it once. This still doesn’t absolve him of the attempt, of course. Violence is just a means to gain ratings to him, and he's fond of summoning bombs and using lasers and electricity to suit his purposes. When in his EX form, Mettaton appeared to be a passable physical fighter (most of his attacks in the game consisted of arm and leg obstacles/attacks, in combination with bombs and familiar summons).

    - Holds Grudges – Mettaton is the kind of guy who will hold a grudge against you, especially if you wrong him personally, in public or private. He can be nice to people he cares about, but also vindictive and catty to the unfamiliar or disliked, even going so far as to embarrass someone publicly or shame them for their actions. All the while, he’ll do this with a smile on his face and the air of someone who knows exactly what they're doing. He’s proud of it.

    - Dismissive – Whatever Mettaton doesn’t believe is important, he dismisses entirely, that much is clear. But another habit he has is dismissing things that are important and ignoring them to keep himself in a positive state of being. He will literally cover everything in glitter and confetti to hide the darkness beneath, just as he does in a particular neutral ending of Undertale where he becomes king and turns the Underground into a dystopian land where his shows brainwash the population.

    - Unable To Handle Negative Emotions – If Mettaton absolutely must deal with something unhappy, it’s not a nice thing. Occasionally, he will express regret if it’s something he’s done, and from that point he will attempt to correct it. But if he is uncomfortable with the subject, he will become visibly aggravated, even angry. Basically he can’t deal with bad things face-to-face. If he does, he responds with fear, anger, and quite possibly violence.

    Pokémon Information
    Affiliation: Trainer
    Starter: Goomy
    Password: Atomic Fireball

    First Person Sample:
    [Ever since he'd been so unceremoniously dropped in New Bark Town, Mettaton had asked all the questions, worked out all the things he could and could not do with his new human body, and honestly...the only thing he hasn't done thus far is use PokéConnect to address just about everyone he can through the free networking he got through this new PokéGear.

    Man! They sure do like using "Poké" as a prefix to everything around here! He can jive with it, especially since no product he spoke about back home would ever be bereft of an MTT-Brand plug. That's just good business, baby! Still, he had better things to think about than the lack of his brand here.

    ...Such as the lack of his actual popularity. First he had to get big here, then he could work on branding. Step one! Address everyone! They'll love him!!

    On goes the feed.]

    Good afternoon, beauties and gentlebeauties!! Most of you don't know me, but my name is Mettaton, and I am positively enthused to be here and meet all of you!! Before I came here, I was two things; a robot and a popular entertainer!! Now I'm no longer a robot, or popular, but there's no point lameting that, because the one third of me that still matters is that I am an entertainer to my core!!

    [With how expressive he is, that's not surprising. Even the way he speaks carries charisma and experience with addressing an audience. Though this isn't so much an audience as, well. A bunch of people who probably feel awkward that he's so enthusiastic.]

    Anyway, I would love to carry on being an entertainer while I work towards the ultimate goal of raising my new partner, Silky!! I also aspire to gather him up a bunch of new friends!! That being said, what is it that you all would find interesting and worth watching? I would love to put on shows for you all the same way I've done for my darling fans back home!

    Don't be shy, now! My Gear is always open to you, darlings!! Toodles!

    Third Person Sample: ((Mind, this sample is sorta actually set BEFORE the first-person one. It just turned out that way, haha.))

    OKAY, ALRIGHT!! Mettaton had been advised on how being a normal person worked by this point, and he had also been taught about Pokémon battles. From what he had come to understand, it wasn’t a bad thing to battle against wild Pokémon with your own. Nothing died, and it was good for progression, especially when it came to being friends with your little buddy!

    And Mettaton really did love his little Goomy! It reminded him of home in a satisfying way! How long had it been since he had found himself in the presence of such a cute little gastropod?! Understandably, the nickname was easy to pick for his Pokémon companion. Said companion was usually offered a privileged position in the former automaton's arms, as he is now, and that was a commonplace occurrence from day to day. He had to let his buddy have fresh air! Mettaton wasn’t sure how he felt about Pokéballs at the moment anyway. He wouldn’t want to make his travel companion uncomfortable.

    The Goomy didn’t seem to mind, unsurprisingly.

    "I admit, Silky! It was a bit of a trial learning the odds and ends of humanity!" he said his dribbly Pokémon. "But I do believe I've got it down, so all that's left now is to properly train you, hmm~? You've done so well at protecting me, so I should become a better trainer for you!"

    The gooey Pokemon seemed excited at the prospect and its big mouth opened up into a smile while its antennae wiggled. "GooOOoO," It burbled. Mettaton looked pleased at the enthusiasm and hugged the Pokémon close. They had hardly known each other and he was already so happy to have made such a lovely friend.

    It was a good thing that he was used to snails and their slimy nature, or else Mettaton would be way more grossed out by hugging a slimeball.

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    Maurice Hutch | OC

    [personal profile] toothaches 2016-06-11 07:39 am (UTC)(link)
    Name: Wolfy
    Preferred Contact: Plurk: wolfyttwisted
    Timezone: Central
    Current Characters in Victory Road: Henry Townshend, Wreck-It Ralph, Edward Scissorhands, Jack Skellington

    Name: Maurice Hutch
    Series: OC
    Timeline: Book 2, Chapter 1
    Canon Resource Links: n/a

    Original Character Background: STRAP IN IT'S LONG

    World Information:
    Maurice is from your run-of-the-mill modern day Earth with a masquerade (hidden paranormal things that have a bad habit of bumping into main characters.) The range of otherworldly creatures comes in classes of: undead, faeries/spirits, and undiscovered monsters. Werewolves don't really fall into any of those slots since they're just people under a curse. Maurice falls into the undead category obviously. Magic also exists in this world (curses etc), but it is not a widely used thing even among the 'in the know' crowd who have seen behind the curtain. It is incredibly unstable and dangerous--think of it as reality warping HTML. Know how to alter that code and you can change the world. Leave out one single " or > ? You have teeth growing out of your eyeballs and somebody over in China finds your liver in their living room sofa cushions. It's risky business.

    There are also multiple other dimensions overlapping an hidden in the creases of the world but those aren't relevant to Maurice's adventure. He's largley ignorant of all these things. He just knows there are in fact ghosts, werewolves, vampires, and MAYBE Santa Claus.

    The scope of the story takes place in Maurice's hometown, Dogtrot. It plays host to a tiny family of vampires + one werewolf, and maybe a few lingering ghosts. There are no other unusual properties to the little Texas town, no hidden graves or century-long curses. It's a dumpy little nowhere place that's trying very hard to revive itself and become a 'real' town--not just somewhere you pass through for gas and snacks on your way to a better town with a Walmart. Maurice is from November, 2008, just a day after his birthday. The world has no significant timeline differences from our own.

    toothaches: by Zyden@DA (Default)


    [personal profile] toothaches 2016-06-11 07:41 am (UTC)(link)

    Born in Two Rock, Texas, Maurice was raised with his two older brothers and older sister. While not outright antisocial, being the youngest of four tends to make a body shy. The littlest goes last. He didn't have many friends outside of recess in elementary school and the age gap between him and his siblings was wide enough to make him into a 'tag along' rather than a playmate. He spent most of his time watching his mother in the kitchen when he wasn't playing outside. They were incredibly close--something his sister would grow to be very jealous of.

    His mother was a jovial, rough and tumble trucker (a mothertrucker if you will) who retired around the time Maurice entered high school and she instilled an interest in mechanics in Maurice. His father did as well, still having many of the farm machines left around the property from his life of cotton farming and keeping cattle. Maurice took to it well and this being the early 1980's, there were plenty of robots on TV that might've had something to do with it too. He disassembled many remote controls, a VCR, and one blender.

    He received his first guitar when he was nine and hardly big enough to hold it the right way. His dad was happy to teach him, also being a shy person. They bonded the most through this and for a short time, Maurice played acoustic at church with a few of the other kids. Music turned into a huge outlet for him and he became skilled at both reading and writing sheet music.

    And then GLAM ROCK happened. It utterly captivated Maurice. Bright colors, big hair, plastic jackets and smoke! A love for theatrical concerts led him towards theater in general. He loved the idea of loud, showy, impressive songs that told stories. Jem and the Holograms, Sailor Moon, David Bowie, Queen, all these things put stars in young Maurice's eyes. He was thrilled when his parents let him join the middle school drama club. Maurice made a little pack of drama buddies which was a whole new experience for him. It was a special kind of nerdery and he was among his people.

    Unfortunately, this was not to last.

    When his sister became pregnant at the age of 17, their mother flew into a drunken religious rage that she would not surface from for many years. Suddenly the family did not match the perfect down-home southern christian aesthetic. Things changed suddenly and drastically in the Hutch household. A lot of pressure was put on the remaining 'good' children not to 'screw up' the image his mother had made in her head. At this point, Maurice's brothers were both 16 and Maurice was 14. They were pressured into business and other useful bread-winning things as they had both become interested in the newly appearing computer phenomenon. Her husband hid himself away in his shed and began a near endless task of building his own boat from scratch even though they were hundreds of miles from the nearest lake. His sister was hounded and guilted until the day of her daughter's birth. Her shotgun husband was almost forced to move in with them.

    Maurice did not escape her wrath either.

    With her head filled with the pressure of the church, she associated her youngest's son's gentle disposition and love for songs and sequins with homosexuality and weakness. These were 'sins' she would not allow in her family and she did everything within her power to stomp these interests out of Maurice while her husband looked on helplessly. Maurice's father, while loving, did not have the stiffest spine in the world—-a trait Maurice inherited. I feel it important to mention that Margret Hutch is a six-foot-two woman with arms like basset hounds. To a fourteen-year-old this roughly translates to the size and shape of a building. With her cheerful disposition buried under stress and shame, Maurice's mother became a threatening entity that would yank ears and pop jaws as she saw fit. He was pulled out of drama and shoved into football. Somehow she thought putting Maurice in an environment where he'd be constantly surrounded by sweaty half-naked boys would make him LESS likely to turn out gay. Good job.

    This transformation erased any outgoing traits Maurice had developed in drama club and turned him into an introverted nervous wreck. Margret refused to allow his sister to move out of the house because she was convinced that she wouldn't know what to do with the child if she herself had done so poorly as a mother. His brothers didn't fair much better and took on as many after school activities as they could once they began driving to be home as little as possible. Maurice lost himself in comic books and rock and roll (the loud angry kind that drowns out yelling and doesn't have posters that are too colorful for his mother's tastes) and slowly but surely grew into a rebellious seventeen year old himself. And just grew in general.

    Maurice is his mother's son. Though not quite six feet tall, Maurice's frame is an intimidating one and the boy suddenly found himself much larger than most of his peers. He was big, emotionally constipated, and stressed with a screaming toddler, a screaming mother, a screaming sister, and too many damn cats all in one house.


    Rat tail, black vest, popped collar and all, Maurice became the perfect picture of a 90's cartoon high school bully when he wasn't in the field house. He targeted the band and drama kids in particular out of jealousy, but anyone small enough to be shoved into a locker was fair game. Girls were exempt from this, however. His sister and mother both had put a sort of strange fear of women into him at an early age. Or more of a quaking respect. Along with the bullying, Maurice experimented with alcohol--most of which he stole from his mother's poorly hidden stash. It allowed him to relax and let a little more of himself out at parties that he wasn't exactly invited to and throughout the whole thing, neither of his parents found out about it. His mother was finally alerted by the school his senior year when Maurice had been found in a garbage can, unconscious, after finally picking a fight with the wrong person.

    Margret, naturally, exploded. When she arrived to pick him up from school, a knock-down drag-out fight erupted between them in the parking lot. The authorities were almost involved. When the dust cleared, his mother realized what she had done to her son--and her entire family. She had been wrong about everything and in that, had broken a kid who had probably been on his way to turning out just fine. He (and she) were no closer to God than a hole in the ground. If she had ever failed as a mother, this was it. That year was another year of rapid change.

    The house grew quiet as a tomb. His brothers moved away to start their own business. His sister was finally allowed to leave and move in with her husband and daughter--and soon to be second child. Maurice spent the rest of his senior year as an only child and a completely different person. Instead of the goofy musician or the hallway lurking bully, Maurice became a shadow in the background that wore clean shirts, kept short orderly hair, and didn't say a word to anyone.

    Not one word.

    Having had quite enough excitement for one lifetime, in his opinion, Maurice was happy to move on to college to learn how to be a mechanic so that he could be left alone in a garage all day. And maybe play his guitar. Once he moved into the dorms he discovered that he had no idea how to interact with people his own age. It's hard to go from being a drama nerd to a bully to a recluse to a normal human being again. It was here that Maurice rediscovered alcohol, but instead of partying with other college kids, he drank himself to sleep. His grades fell, his hair grew shaggy, and the freshman fifteen turned into something like the freshman fifty. He was more preoccupied by daydreams and listening to stuff on his walkman than doing anything social outside.

    He did manage to loosen up a little bit. He would quietly play Sega with his roomie and let other people borrow his shop notes. Maurice started sporting what he called a 'rocker mullet' and proclaiming that the '80's would never die.' He fancied that it made him look too dangerous to talk to so he wouldn't end up embarrassing himself but really people just knew him as 'that quiet guy that never bothers anyone and will kick your ass at Mortal Kombat' and he liked it that way. His appearance did cause a few familiar faces from his bullying days to take different routs to class though. He pretended not to notice. He left music behind but still managed to snag one Shakespeare class. Sadly instead of joining in discussing the bard, he just listened and turned in his papers without making any friends. He felt a connection to the lyrical plays. Most of his time went into metal shop and automotive.


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    Frisk | Undertale | Reserved

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    Hello spoilers, my old friend...~♫
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    mon_dieu: by olrasonicions (I've A Pretty Taste For Paradox)

    Antoine D'Coolette | Archie Sonic | Not Reserved

    [personal profile] mon_dieu 2016-06-11 10:38 pm (UTC)(link)
    Name: Melissa
    Preferred Contact: [personal profile] melplayspersonal, KawaiiUsagi33 (AIM), melcat33 (plurk)
    Timezone: Eastern
    Current Characters in Victory Road: Dracualura [personal profile] veggie_vamp

    Name: Antoine D'Coolette
    Series: Archie Sonic the Hedgehog
    Timeline: Post Issue 282
    Canon Resource Links: Wiki link!


    Initially, Antoine was a somewhat selfish and arrogant young man who was terrified of his own shadow. Raised on beliefs that bravery and heroism were things you could inherit, not earn, he believed things would happen without him having to do much work. Obviously the princess would fall for him, obviously he'd be a fearless hero, and obviously all will go well for him. And obviously none of this became true - the princess was annoyed with him, he fled from the first sign of trouble, and the kingdom he was supposed to protect was invaded by an evil maniac. Suffice to say this was a heavy blow to his fragile ego and ideology. 

    However he did do the right thing, despite his fears - he did protect the princess, and he continued protecting others. This wasn't just because of his duty, but because it was the right thing to do. For all of his egotism, he did have a good heart and genuinely didn't want to see others hurt. But he was so blinded by his own self-loathing that he couldn't see his own good nature. To compensate for his fears in battle, he turned up his vanity and haughtiness to an almost unbearable degree, which only made things worse. He didn't even enjoy puffing up his own chest like that, he thought it was expected of men to do, and that if you said you were brave enough times, it would come true. It didn't, and he hated himself even more. Thank goodness he met Bunnie!

    Once he realized how deeply she was struggling, and yet how she never gave up, he was inspired to put aside his facade and be his true self. As a result, he became far less selfish, and found himself making friends he cared for very deeply. Yet he still found himself terrified in battle, and didn't understand why until Bunnie pointed out that fear and bravery can go hand in hand - for all of his fear, he STILL went into life risking battles to save others! Antoine had spent so much time loathing himself he'd never seen his own good points, until Bunnie showed them to him - and as a result, he fell for her hard, and made her his wife. His love and devotion to her has never been questioned, and she is a major part of his life. She is still his inspiration, and he considers himself the luckiest man in the world to be with her.

    The Antoine of today is very ashamed of his past attitude, and is almost an entirely different person. He goes out of his way to help others, and has a deep affection for those he once thought of as inferior - the best example would be his relationship with Sonic the hedgehog. As kids, Sonic would tease him, and Antoine considered him a ruffian, but now they are best friends. They still rib each other, but only in good fun, and when Sonic started becoming the Werehog, Antoine was very concerned for his companion, and insisted that Sonic not blame himself when he couldn't be there for his friends. He still calls Sally "princess", not as a sign of how distant they are (as they're also good friends) but because of how deeply he respects her and the royal bloodline. He's a sweet guy, when he wants to be.

    He's still afraid in battle, but not as much as when he was younger, and he doesn't let fear dictate his life. He's become so comfortable to the routine of fighting and rescuing that he can even smile and say clever quips while in danger. He's not above teasing his friends, either, as long as it's harmless. As a result, he still has an ego, and will even lie and say he isn't as scared as he really is. But he keeps it toned down enough that it doesn't become aggravating all the time, and he enjoys his flair for the dramatic. 

    Pokémon Information
    Affiliation: Trainer.
    Starter: Honedge
    Password: Atomic Fireball.

    RP Sample: link to a post he's made in another game.

    Victory Road Sample:

    [Antoine's face pops up on the screen - despite all his whining about being turned into a human, it's obvious he's kept his new skin moisturized and flawless. What's also obvious is that he's shaking like a leaf, in a cave.]

    Bonjour, my friends. Een my never ending quest to secure all ze badges, eet occurred to me I should be knowing all ze Pocket-Men as well. So, I shall be vigorously studying each and every single type. Ze first type ees... G-G-Ghost.

    What I am requiring ees all ze information you are having about all Ghost types you are knowing. Zat way I can properly avoid - CAPTURE, yes, capture zem.

    [He laughs nervously, before trying to regain some of his dignity. Hondege is floating over his shoulder - to spook, or not to spook?]

    ... Although I would not be minding eef anyone found any strong coyotes or adorable looking bunnies either. Maybe a wise squirrel, a smart fox, a fast hedgehog... Ah, how I miss home.

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    [personal profile] 4leafhair 2016-06-25 09:36 pm (UTC)(link)
    Name: Art
    E-mail: musical8trackmind (at)
    Preferred Contact: [ profile] ArtWildenTanzen
    Timezone: EST
    Current Characters in Victory Road: None!

    Name: Yotsuba Koiwai
    Series: Yotsuba&
    Timeline: Chap. 89
    Canon Resource Links: Character info
    Series info

    Personality: Yotsuba is, above and beyond all other traits, an optimist. Very little can get her down, and even when she's down it's hard to keep her there. She finds enjoyment in every aspect of life, and her youthful naivete makes all new experiences things of wonder.

    Yotsuba is, as mentioned above, naive. She's 5 and from the country, after all. However, every new experience she has teaches her more about the world she's in and how she fits in it. She's learning every day, about the world and about herself.

    Yotsuba is infectious, especially when it comes to her cheer. She can put a smile on nearly anyone's face. Her enthusiasm and simple joy with life are hard to resist.

    When Yotsuba is scared, she goes for her comfort zones. Usually this is her home or her father, but in VR it'll be her pokemon. When she's sad, she cries. She has her heart on her sleeve, basically.

    Yotsuba does not understand restraint very well, though over the course of her canon she improves in this. Her greatest strength is that she's flexible and adaptive with her positivity, bouncing back from nearly any situation. Socially, her lack of restraint makes her very open and sometimes demanding, but she tends to be friendly enough to make up for it.

    In general, Yotsuba's strengths are her optimism and friendliness. Her weaknesses are her over-trusting nature, her naivete, and her lack of restraint.

    (If you want more on her personality, just let me know!)

    Pokémon Information
    Affiliation: Trainer!
    Starter: Nincada (Female)
    Password: Atomic Fireball

    RP Sample: Test drive thread here!

    Victory Road Sample:
    Yotsuba yawns really big whenever she wakes up, and today is no exception. She wriggles out of her sleeping bag, and goes to poke her nincada awake. "Good morning, sleepyhead! Rise and shine! It's time for breakfast!"

    Breakfast consists mostly of berries and fruits from the wild for her pokemon, accompanied by the remains of the trail mix from Mom (a relative Yotsuba had never had before) for Yotsuba. The people on the trail and on the pokegear helped her figure out which fruits were safe, but Cicada-chan (as she affectionately nicknamed her nincada) is far from picky. She even likes tree sap! It was never hard to feed her.

    Once breakfast is over, Yotsuba packs up camp and starts to walk. She's been wandering for days, it feels like, meeting new people, but it's mostly lonely. She's thinking about home, and all the people she misses (Daddy... Jumbo... Fuuka... Ena... Asagi... Mom... Grams... even Yanda!), so she barely notices when she wanders into the tall grass. She only looks up when the music changes, and a fierce grin spreads across her face, her eyes narrowing in challenge. "You better be careful! Cicada-chan beats up all the bad guys!" The wild pokemon, a ratata, just squeaks. Cicada-chan hops off her shoulder, and chitters back, as combative as her trainer. "Go, Cicada-chan! Use leash life!"

    Once the battle is over, and the ratata lies knocked out, Yotsuba remembers. "Didn't the grown-ups say something about catching them? Yotsuba doesn't want to get in trouble..." She pushes the ratata, just barely coming around, back into the surrounding grasses, and keeps walking. Soon enough, the nervousness about her failed capture wears off, and her mood visibly improves. "City, city! We're going to a city! Just like home! Ole!" She sings to herself as she walks, striking a pose with every cry of "Ole!", following the beat of the constant background music.

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    [personal profile] thatwasours 2016-06-30 02:38 am (UTC)(link)
    Name: Chris
    Preferred Contact: PM
    Timezone: Eastern
    Current Characters in Victory Road: none

    Name: Kazuhira Miller ("Kaz")
    Series: Metal Gear
    Timeline: After the True Ending of MGSV
    Canon Resource Links: More information that you will ever want, probably.

    Personality: Kaz is, at his very core, a half-Japanese-half-American punk from post-WWII Yokosuka that never truly belonged to either culture, and will do anything to build and protect someplace he can finally call "home".

    Too bad he put all his hopes and dreams into building that home, it got blown sky-high after a few months, he lost two of his limbs, and was only able to hold himself together with Captain Ahab levels of obsessive, bloodthirsty vengeance against the people who took that home from him. Then, he killed that guy (yeah, singular, long story), got betrayed by the person he trusted the most, and has channeled all his hatred into making sure his former friend/partner bites the dust. He's doing about as well as you'd expect, and in any other story, he'd probably be a villein.

    But despite a character development trajectory that goes from 'well-read, charismatic fuckboy with big dreams' to 'Byronic hero' (and past this canonpoint, to 'amused Yoda that does a great job covering up his issues'), Kaz has three major traits that have always defined him and always will-- his mixed-race status, his loyalty, and his pride.

    As you'd expect, growing up as a mixed-race in postwar Japan had an enormous impact on Kaz. Born the bastard son of an American soldier and a Japanese prostitute, he was unfortunate enough to turn out looking distinctly American and as a result, earn pretty much every type of social ridicule possible. Being that Japan is a collectivistic culture that emphasizes group conformity, this was intensely painful for him, and he turned to idolizing the Americans on the nearby military base, declaring himself one of them instead. Eventually, he got to America, and found he didn't fit in there, either, since he'd been raised in a Japanese culture. Being too Japanese for America and too American for Japan, Kaz has never really belonged anywhere at all, and that has always been an intense driving force on him. It's even worse now that he did know what it was like to have a home with MSF (which specifically exists outside nations and ideologies), and that's been ripped away from him. He's tried to rebuild with Diamond Dogs, but is ironically too paranoid of losing that home again to ever stop jumping at shadows and let himself connect with the people there. Effectively, he's no longer a member of the family like he wants to be, he's the family's frothing-at-the-mouth guard dog that bites everything that's not its family, including people trying to help them. And a good chunk of the family is scared of him and/or regard him with a healthy amount of wariness, which is alluded to multiple times in base conversations.

    This makes it all the worse that socially speaking, Kaz is incredibly extroverted at heart. He likes people, is naturally empathetic, is good with names and faces, and previously, could be found at the center of any party, probably drunk and mooning someone (the mooning is canon and you can take that to the bank). Unfortunately, because of his trauma, he's so hostile and generally incapable of forming human bonds at this point that it's hard for him to interact with anyone in a genuine way, so he's now a closed-off, miserable extrovert. Though, the flip side of his charisma is that he is, and always has been, an excellent liar and manipulator, and that's a skill he's kept honed.

    Second point. Kaz is an incredibly loyal person, once you manage to get it. Because of the aforementioned manipulative tendencies, he can end up treating people as tools, but once you actually reach him, he will die for you, kill for you, chase you halfway across the world, wait nine years while you're in a coma so he can protect you when you wake up, and lose two limbs making himself a distraction while you can escape. He is, to put it mildly, very emotionally intense in the way he bonds to people. God help anyone who tries to hurt someone he cares about at this point, he's liable to track them down and torture them for revenge.

    Finally. Kaz is a proud moutherfucker, and he's full of grit and tenacity. 'I'll never lose again, we'll never lose again', is not only a statement about postwar Japan, it's a sort of personal mantra for him. As a testament to this, when meeting Big Boss, who almost everyone is immediately drawn to and inclined to follow even when they're on opposite sides, he uses a dirty trick to try and kill them both instead of admitting defeat (because pride, in Kaz's case, does not mean honor, but the willingness to do anything to win). After being captured, he refuses to join MSF even under threat of torture and death, ends up in a frankly childish competition with Boss where if he wins a single challenge he'll be free to go, drags this on all day even after he loses challenge after challenge, and then conducts the escape attempt that he's been planning this entire time. Only when Boss reveals he's talked all of Kaz's own soldiers into changing sides and the two of them end up in danger during the following chase/fight does he finally give up. And even then he proposes it as a partnership, not a loss. So, it's not an understatement to say that if Kaz met Death himself, he'd spit in his face and try to kill him, because damn if he isn't going down without a fight, even in an unwinnable situation. His ability to dig in his heels and stand his ground no matter what is probably both his most admirable and most frustrating trait.

    In general, his motives tend towards revenge, and pulling strings to advance his own situation-- as mentioned, he has a very unfortunate manipulative streak, and this is nicely covered in his earlier canonpoints by the fact that he's manipulating things in favor of MSF instead of himself (however, he still doesn't tell anyone what he's doing, which throws it back in the 'seriously questionable' category). However, in the absence of anything from home in-game, and because he will immediately recognize that either the many-worlds interpretation is true or he's finally cracked, he's probably going to be motivated primarily by his competitive nature in the absence of any other obvious direction. He's gonna be the very best, like no one ever was.

    (I could go on, because Kaz is a really complicated person-- how he was a dreamer/idealist and that's been totally crushed, his conflict between being a logical, detached problem-solver and being an inherently emotional person, how even at his worst he's taking into accounts the human considerations of his men because he does care and look after his own, the double-edged sword that is his ruthless ambition, his political opinions and worldview --but this seems like enough.)

    Trilingual. Speaks and writes fluent Japanese, English, and Spanish.
    Intelligent / Well-Read. As the main Exposition Fairy in Peace Walker and one of two Exposition Fairies in MGSV, Kaz is an incredibly smart individual. Over the course of the series, he displays extensive knowledge in history, literature, politics, business, military strategy, wilderness survival, and various sciences, including one point where he appears to solve a chemistry problem in his head. A lot of tapes consist of him speculating wildly to himself while Boss/Venom just sort of listens. It's vaguely implied that he reads and lends people books. But judging by all the things he knows, he reads a lot.
    Adaptable / Quick Learner. His stats in both games show that he's skilled at a wide range of tasks and will excel at almost any duty he's assigned, including medicine (he is, apparently, a fantastic medic, although this is never actually talked about) and cooking (which is later made a joke of). His only bad stat is engineering, which he's still fair at. He actually says himself that he'll "kick ass" at whatever he's told to do.
    Diligent: If you ask him to do something, it will be done to the nines, with every tiny detail accounted for and then some.
    Loyal: If you somehow work your way past all his garbage and become someone he can trust, he will follow you to the ends of the earth and... probably attach to you kind of unhealthily at this point, to be honest.
    Leader. Although he's not the sort of person who naturally draws in followers, he makes up for that in sheer competence. He is good at taking care of people and telling them what to do.
    (Limited) Kindness. Previously, Kaz used to be the unambiguously human voice, repeatedly advocating for peace, mercy, justice, and not doing any more damage than they had to as an organization. Those days are gone, but even now he's still the only one that repeatedly speaks out against child soldiers and tries to ensure the welfare of the children instead, despite claiming to hate children, and he argues for taking prisoners alive whenever possible. So long as Cipher's/Boss' blood isn't in the water, he doesn't want to cause any more harm than necessary. There is a good person down there, if you can find it.
    Music. Kaz displays the ability to play guitar, write lyrics, and compose songs, even if they're peppy j-pop love songs from the point of view of teenage girls (though he originally composed the slower guitar version), that ended up being sung by a not!teenage girl because he can't sing for shit. Except he composed the lyrics in Japanese. Whoops, sorry Paz.
    Military-related skills: He can punch things and shoot things, and even does it really well when all his limbs are intact. He can also fly a helicopter, which is pretty cool but will sadly probably never be relevant.

    Paranoid: After his betrayal by Huey, Kaz was already extremely paranoid. After his betrayal by Boss, this is going to get infinitesimally worse.
    Emotionally Volatile: Kaz's moods flip on a dime, and rarely to anything nice. Good luck.
    Cruel: Despite his previously mentioned inherently kind nature, Kaz has sacrificed a lot of his morals to keep going, and will do things like sending his people out on assassinations, or willfully engaging in torture. Don't get on his bad side, or he will literally bend your legs back until they break (hi, Huey).
    Violent. Kaz has been solving his problems with his fists/gun for a long time. This tendency is unlikely to stop anytime soon.
    Manipulative: He will use you, he'll use your dog, he'll use your mom if it gets him any further on whatever righteous crusade he's put himself on. He'll even get some totally innocent kid to murder his own father for the sake of personal vengeance. Although, to be entirely fair, said father was a nutcase who was trying to put the world in a state of perpetual war, but that wasn't why Kaz was doing it.
    Obsessive: If you haven't gotten that Kaz has some crazy levels of tunnel vision going on at this point re: his vengeance, I don't know what to tell you.

    Despite that truly horrific list of traits, Kaz is capable of having a normal, if guarded and cynical, conversation. He's at least functional in an everyday capacity, even if he scares the people around him with his... everything.

    It's also worth mentioning that Kaz is disabled-- he's missing almost all of his right arm, half of his left leg, and Word of God (or more accurately, Word of an Archangel That God Has Yet to Deny) has confirmed that the opaque quality in his eyes is photophobia. Being particularly sensitive to bright light isn't that bad and more or less just renders his sunglasses medical, so I'm going to leave it as is. And because the arm and leg and their accompanying phantom pain are an important part of his character, he's not going to be healed, and is instead going to receive some very nice prosthetics. He's going to be pissed about this, because he refused the opportunity for very nice, lifelike prosthetics in canon to wallow in his pain like an idiot. Unfortunately, he's going to have to deal with them if he ever wants to leave New Bark Town, because his cane is going to be gone.

    Pokémon Information
    Affiliation: Trainer! Ace trainer, specifically.
    Starter: Houndour ("Havoc"). For three reasons: the mutt's awful, it's a dog of war (Caesar reference, ha ha), and as a stealth tribute to the people back home, who are also dogs of war. If it is okay with the mods, I'm going to have the thing be pretty much entirely feral and bite the shit out of Kaz and anyone else in its way (and yes, I'll obviously consult players before it bites anyone else).
    Password: Atomic Fireball

    RP Sample: This thread is a good one if you don't mind vague shipping implications, this is more gen but less impressive.

    Victory Road Sample: 

    { VIDEO }

    [a man in his mid-thirties comes onto the feed. his bag is open next to him with the contents ruffled through, and there's an open Pokéball on the ground. the lower left sleeve of his trenchcoat is also leaking blood from what looks like puncture marks (a bite wound?) and is slightly singed, but he doesn't appear to be paying it much mind.]

    I read the handbook, but there's one thing I'm not getting. These creatures-- Pokémon --are they pets, or are they weapons? The information here contradicts itself. It says here that friendship is an important part of raising the things, but as far as I'm aware, you don't usually make nice with animals you're teaching to cockfight.

    And what kind of anarchistic society is this that the person with the strongest Pokemon wins every possible interpersonal conflict? All right, so it's not that different from most third-world countries, or your average political standoff, but seeing that kind of thing on an individual, culturally-encouraged level is a little disturbing. [he lets out a snort of disapproval.] 'Might makes right', I guess.



    [the clumsy, highly experimental nature of the lock makes it fairly obvious that this is someone trying to work out how to filter and hack.]

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    Rhys | Tales from the Borderlands | Reserved!

    [personal profile] atlasrising 2016-07-04 02:29 am (UTC)(link)
    Name: Kari
    Preferred Contact: [ profile] wonderfullyworthy
    Timezone: EST
    Current Characters in Victory Road: none!

    Name: Rhys
    Series: Tales from the Borderlands
    Timeline: Middle of Episode 5
    Canon Resource Links: Rhys' wiki, TFTBL wiki


    Rhys. How in the hell do you describe Rhys?

    At the beginning, it's easy to say that he's a corporate monkey. Being an employee of a major business where the main rule is to save yourself before you save others, Rhys seems to fit in rather well. Up in space, where everybody's main goal is to sit in the golden chair, Rhys is like everyone else. He's ambitious, relentless, - and to be honest? - a bit of a dick. He saw nothing wrong with this, though.

    He wants to be the very best, like one person ever was. From the get-go, Rhys makes us aware that his model was Handsome Jack, at least, in regards to running a business. Before his "promotion" he was Middle Manager for Hyperion, which was a pretty damn good position considering the atmosphere of his workplace. Ambition and determination run hand in hand with Rhys; his longing for the top job in Hyperion drives him to go as far as replacing his left eye and right arm with cybernetics, and even a head-port that acts as a USB cable, shooting information straight into his brain. When he's met with a difficult situation, he doesn't stand there and let the battle be over. Even if it's doing something as minimal as hiding behind cover, he'll take it. Defeat isn't an option.

    When something isn't met in his favor, it's been shown that Rhys can side a little with revenge. When he's demoted, Rhys goes for the guilty party's throat; which in this case, was a (fake) Vault key, which was a grand total of ten million dollars. With the help of his friends, Rhys takes the money that his nemesis, Vasquez, embezzled, traveled to Pandora, and tried to take his business. Things didn't quite go that way, obviously.

    When he first travels to Pandora, it's easy to see that like majority of the people on Helios, he completely doubted what the main planet had to offer. To make it plain, Rhys is completely unprepared for whatever hell Pandora could bring. He can't walk the walk or talk the talk, and if fighting was brought into the equation, he would be an absolute mess- sticking more behind shelter without a weapon, or being almost clueless on how to use it. Pandora is filled with wildlife that is constantly after your ass, and the only thing Rhys brought along to his field trip was a stun baton.

    That being said, he's a quick thinker. Whether he's behind a wall being shot at by bandits, or he's in a situation where he needs to move quick or die, Rhys can do so while keeping a level head...most of the time. But for the all in all, he's able to decide what to do, what others should do, and what their next plan of action should be. Sometimes they can be a bit extravagant, but he's not exactly used to how Pandora works.

    Compared to Pandora (and honestly, the entire universe of the game in general), Rhys can be seen as a softie. To get his promotion, his nemesis pushed his boss out of an airlock into space. Rhys wouldn't be willing to do that. He's more opted to the less disgusting, less bloody side of things. To put things nicely, he's pretty damn squicky.

    There's a lot that could be said about a guy who's dream is to be like their sick, twisted boss before his passing or the fact that through the game, he actually tries to trust that person, but through thick and thin, Rhys is a nice guy. On Helios, he has friends that's helped him get him to where he is, and he knows that without their help he would probably not be in the position he was in. They've been with him, they've stuck with him through thick and thin. Mostly.

    He makes his fair share of friends on Pandora, too. Near the end of the game, a group of friends is formed who stick with each other through thick and thin. No matter what's thrown at them, Rhys considers them all to be very close friends! For the most part.

    He may be seen as a flop who works in a company full of rabid assholes, but Rhys isn't all like that. He has his compassionate side, and is loyal down to the bone. It's something that a lot of people don't tend to recognize at first (especially those from Pandora), but his kindness is there, and it's what makes Rhys shine.

    That kindness can be tested though, especially with the fact that he has an AI of his dead boss floating around in his brain. After inserting an ID drive into his head-port, Rhys has been able to see a blue hologram version of Handsome Jack through majority of the game. It's only someone he can see though, which can make things interesting through the game. And awkward. And tense. Jack tries to be the angel and the devil who sits on Rhys' shoulders, offering advice on things he should and shouldn't do. It's all very hard on Rhys, especially considering that nobody can see Jack or hear a thing he says. Rhys was inspired by Jack, sure. But he was all very intimidated by him. When Jack made a motion to come after him, artificial intelligence or not, he would flinch. He stutters. Especially when he learns that AI Jack can take control of his body via his cybernetics, Rhys learns there's a lot to fear from Jack as well.

    A lot of the results you get from interacting with your friends and Handsome Jack depend on how you play the game. If you play your cards one way, Rhys will do something that he wouldn't do if you did something different.

    (i guess i should put in what i did in the game because i chose weird stuff.)

    episode one
    had loader bot evacuate
    trusted sasha
    chose vaughn over vasquez's deal

    episode two
    told vaughn about handsome jack
    chose to go to old haven
    brofisted vaughn
    trusted jack

    episode three
    allied with jack
    let sasha pick the flower
    allowed sasha to let go

    episode four
    claimed to search database
    used dumpy on yvette
    ruled hyperion

    At the point in time which he's going to be taken, Rhys knows a lot more about Jack than what he did before. He's seen what a sick, twisted person he is. He's more than aware that Jack manipulates and lies, just to get his way instead of caring for the person hosting the AI. Through the game, Rhys starts to realize how much of a disgusting person Jack is, and it really hits around episode five. He can seem like it at times, but Rhys isn't stupid. Far from it, in fact.

    To put it simply, Rhys is a turd. But he's a turd that grows on you as the game continues on!

    Pokémon Information
    Affiliation: Rhys will take the Trainer route!
    Starter: Elgyem
    Password: Atomic Fireball!

    RP Sample: Here you go!

    Victory Road Sample:

    Rhys took a deep breath, slowly letting it out. It was funny how incredibly different things were in the short span of a day. Not too long ago, he was falling through space in an escape pod on his way to a gross planet filled with bandits and monsters. Now? He was walking along a pathway with this little green thing padding its way behind him. Instead of making sure Handsome Jack was nothing but a memory, his new job is to try and catch more little things like the...what was it called? Elgyem? Whatever.

    Rhys is silent as as the Elgyem pads along behind, making little noises as floated along. He...wasn't quite sure what to make of this thing. Pandora was filled with horrible people and things that would try to eat you no matter what. Suddenly being tossed in a different world where you had hundreds of these little creatures that wouldn't try to hurt you (for the most part) was a pretty big shift. Almost like culture shock. He wanted to trust the people who instructed him on what to do and where to go, but it was so hard. Seriously. It was difficult to believe that all of a sudden, he had been thrust in a world where your job was to catch these little things. Nothing else.

    No ladders to climb, no enemies...for the most part. Was this real?

    After a few more minutes of walking, Rhys decides enough is enough. He plops down on the edge of the path, giving his sore feet a break. His whole body aches- the last thing he really wants to do is walk half a marathon. Crash landing in an escape pod from space will do that to you.

    The little Elgyem hovers beside him, green eyes sparkling with interest. To be honest, it looks harmless. Rhys hasn't really gotten into any situations where it wouldn't be quite yet. Maybe it was best to actually get to know this thing. The weird guy he met outside his "house" told him it wasn't going to leave him alone, after all.

    "Making out there okay?" It's a tiny question, mostly to observe. The Elgyem nods, spinning around once in the air with a little chant. So it wasn't stupid; Rhys didn't really expect it to be. A lot of the -what were they called?- Pokemon didn't seem unintelligent, but after being on Pandora with hungry monsters, he couldn't be sure.

    "It's a pretty long walk, huh? Maybe I should have worn different shoes." Rhys stretches his legs out, showing his expensive skag-skin shoes. Sure they were comfortable, but they were more for show than anything else. All part of being a part of Hyperion. "If I knew I was going to this weird world with you guys, I probably would have brought something else. Something that supports the foot more, you know?"

    The Elgyem beams, chirping. It had been so silent before, and hardly as animated. Now it was leaning towards him, obviously interested in what Rhys had to say. Maybe it was happy for a break too?

    Or maybe it was happy that it was being addressed as a comrade. Or a friend.

    Rhys looks to his dirty shoes, brow furrowing for a second or two before bringing his knees up a little closer to his chest. "'Elgyem' sounds like a pretty complicated name. I don't even know if I'm saying it right. Maybe...a nickname would be better?"

    It was silent, but Rhys could almost feel the excitement coming from it. It was radiating it.

    "I'll take that as a yes." He looked down and smiled. Even though it didn't have a mouth, he was pretty sure it would be smiling, if it could. "Alright then. How about...Greeny?" It was green, after all. "No, no. That's a crappy nickname. Okay." He pauses. "How, how about Gem? Because your fingers look like gems?" It shook its head. Nope.

    "Floaty?" Nope.

    "Tail?" Absolutely not.

    Eventually he resorts back to silence, but he racks his brain for something that would fit. Maybe he should focus more on its personality, and not so much appearance. Good idea.

    This Elgyem almost reminded him of Loader Bot. At first, he thought it was just a robot that was shot down from Helios to protect him and his best friend from the dangers Pandora brought. And he did. Ultimately, Loader Bot sacrificed himself to make sure Rhys got a safe ticket off of Helios to somewhat safer ground. If it wasn't for his robot buddy, Rhys would be gone. Dead.

    He looks over to Elgyem, then back to his shoes. Then back to Elgyem. Oh, duh! What happened to naming his first born...?

    "Loader. What about Loader?"

    It looks to him, silent, but the answer is clear. It's a yes.

    Rhys smiles, and looks up to the blue sky. If only his robot friend could see him now. After a moment or two, Rhys gets back to his feet. He looks down to the little Elgyem, and smiles. "Alrighty, Loader. Is it time to go back on the road?"

    Loader chirps again, floating up a little closer and resting on his shoulder. With a smile and a chuckle, he continues on.
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    Athena | Borderlands | Reserved

    [personal profile] kissmyaspis 2016-07-05 02:03 am (UTC)(link)
    Name: Kiyuu
    Preferred Contact: [ profile] Kiyuukins
    Timezone: EST
    Current Characters in Victory Road: Queen Elsa ([personal profile] defyingfrigidity), Ruby Rose ([personal profile] rosetotheoccasion)

    Name: Athena
    Series: Borderlands
    Timeline: after the events of Tales from the Borderlands
    Canon Resource Links: Athena @ the Borderlands wiki. It should be noted that, though Tales is a game by Telltale, and thus can be customized very differently depending on player actions, very little of the major choices in the game impact Athena, so an extensive write-up probably shouldn't be needed. Some major choices, however, do involve her, so I'll make a note of them here!

    In episode 2, Rhys and Vaughn choose to go to Old Haven over Hollow Point, leading to a much longer interaction between Athena and the sisters. In episode 3, Fiona managed to talk Athena down from killing the last remaining Atlas employee on Pandora, which forced her to come to terms with just what her revenge quest really was about. In episode 4, while telling Janey about how Athena was captured by Brick and Mordecai, Fiona gave her a little white lie and told Janey that Athena said she loved her before she was captured, leading to the two repairing their rocky relationship. This comes back in episode 5, where Athena, out of gratitude for Fiona's help in saving her relationship (as well as a desire for the riches of the Vault to help pay for her and Janey's wedding) helps Fiona's group bring down The Traveler and claim its Vault.

    Personality: Gladiator. A ruthless warrior whose sole purpose in life is to fight, who only lives from kill to kill, who slaughters all opponents in the name of one thing. For some, it's glory. For others, it's for their masters. Some even fight purely to sate their own bloodlust. In some ways, Athena is a pure definition of her class title. But below that armored surface, she's so much more than that.

    First off: it's true, Athena can be extremely ruthless. She gets a thrill out of fighting, and actually takes great joy in it. She cheers and laughs when she scores crits and headshots, often brags and excitedly asks the other Vault Hunters if they saw what she did, and even cracks jokes when she shocks, freezes, or sets enemies on fire. She'll bring down entire megacorporations in the name of her own personal revenge, and she'll even go so far as to try and kill harmless scientists simply because they carry the Atlas name. Her reputation is a dark and chilling one, to the point where even hardened mercs will drop a chase when they see that she's involved, so she most certainly lives up to it.

    As a hardened soldier, Athena's had a deep sense of loyalty drilled into her, but this loyalty is a... complicated thing. It's not an overall thing; she divides it into loyalty to her mission, and loyalty to people. The former is absolute; Athena refuses to drop a mission, even if she no longer agrees with it or her employer. This is most glaringly obvious in the case of the rise of Handsome Jack. Athena was one of his most loyal Vault Hunters, who defended him for longer than most, and truly believed that for most of their journey, Jack was a hero. But even when he began showing how unhinged he truly was, and Athena was openly speaking out against him and trying to turn him away from his revenge on Moxxi, Roland, and Lilith, she stuck to the mission, following it through to the very end. She was clearly disgusted with the man Jack had become, but she couldn't leave what she had started half-finished.

    On the other side of the coin, personal loyalty is something Athena gives out much less freely, and is something much more fragile. She'll certainly value this loyalty as much as anything else - she was definitely loyal to Jack on some personal level before he started losing it, as it took Tassiter threatening to kill any remaining family she had left when she refused to help him dig up dirt on Jack, and even after taking down Atlas, she was still able to look fondly back on her memory of General Knoxx, but when someone betrays that trust.... well. See the whole "revenge quest" thing.

    But this is all Athena on the battlefield, in the middle of a mission. When she's not on duty, she's still... a bit severe, yes. She comes off as more than a bit stoic, speaking little and letting her glares and her eyes do the talking. She's quick to snap at people who are frustrating her, and isn't above sarcasm. This bluntless, of course, comes with its downsides: Athena is a very bad liar. What's even worse about that is that she believes she's a good liar, leading her to feel proud and smug over something nobody believes.

    All of this, though, is much like her signature weapon: a shield. Something to hide behind. It's implied, with the way Claptrap describes her as a "confused-looking warrior lady with sad eyes" in the Claptastic Voyage DLC, that Athena is struggling with a lot of grief, possibly even PTSD, over the event that caused her fallout with Atlas; when her superiors learned from General Knoxx that Athena was trying to track down her long-lost sister so she can leave the Crimson Lance behind and escape Pandora with her, they sent Athena's squad on a mission to raze the village where Athena's sister, Jess, lived. During the chaos, Athena herself killed Jess, and when she found out, she went AWOL and has been consumed with revenge ever since. Fiona even calls her out on it, that her revenge is fueled more by her grief and anger than a desire to avenge her sister's death.

    It's also revealed through recordings of Knoxx that Athena was once a bit more lighthearted than she is now. He says that she was a "nice enough kid", despite the training Atlas forced her through, and she had a tendency to ramble (in a rather endearing way, he notes) when she excitedly confides in him her plan to escape Pandora with Jess. The change between this... happy Athena and the AWOL soldier who would do anything to bring down Atlas is obviously marked by the death of her sister, thus clearly supporting the hints that there's a lot of unresolved trauma at work under Athena's armor.

    As an assassin raised from childhood to be a killer, Athena... doesn't really have much experience living a normal life. She can manage well enough, but things as simple as motivational posters and appreciating nature's beauty go a bit over her head. She sees everything from a tactical perspective, for how it can be used in a fight or how dangerous it might be, never from just... a normal perspective. She's easily thrown off when Janey Springs flirts with her over the course of her time on Elpis, though in that case, it may just be embarrassment, considering the feelings she develops for the other woman.

    She is trying to adapt to a relatively normal life now, though even that she has difficulties with, which is most glaringly obvious in her relationship with Janey. It's clear from the viewer's perspective that Athena does indeed love her; the way she smiles when Janey kisses her and calls Athena her girlfriend, and the fact that she became close enough to want to marry her are clear signs that she is indeed in love. But she lies to her, she bickers when Janey calls her out on continuing her bounty hunting - which she only continues doing because she wants to support the two of them with the only skills she has - and she apparently has enough trouble expressing her feelings that Janey wonders if Athena even likes her. But they've lasted this long, and if the ending of Tales is anything to go by, Athena is most certainly willing to to compromise to make her loved ones happy.

    Friendships are a little easier to manage. It takes a remarkably short time for Athena to warm up to Fiona and Sasha, and it's through these two that she proves to be a remarkably loyal, protective friend. She's still rough around the edges, preferring to simply yell at Fiona until something sticks while training her, but when the chips are down, Athena is completely willing to sacrifice herself - giving away her only means of protection when Fiona was in danger - for these girls she's known for only a few days. It shows that she's come a long way from when she was in Jack's employ, where it was clear that she considered his other Vault Hunters as coworkers, and nothing more.

    All in all, Athena is a soldier trying to make it in a new life without superiors, orders, or a mission to accomplish. She stumbles and succeeds, and is clearly struggling with how this sort of life works, but she tries, and that's what really matters.

    Pokémon Information
    Affiliation: Trainer
    Starter: Honedge ("Xiphos")
    Password: Atomic Fireball

    RP Sample: Here is a thread!

    Victory Road Sample: [The gear comes to life today on the rather severe face of a young woman. Dark blue hair chopped short, pale blue eyes narrowed in annoyance... she's the very image of Pissed Off, and her clipped tone of voice only manages to reflect that even more when she speaks.]

    Whatever dirty scav or bandit thought it was a smart idea to do this has a ten second head start before I start tracking you down. And trust me, you don't want that.

    [If it was possible, the woman's frown deepens. This kidnapping had happened in her home, and as shitty as her and Janey's apartment in Hollow Point was, she'd made damn sure it was secure. And if she had been taken, then...


    Janey. If you can year this, send me an echo as soon as you're able to.

    [There's no panic in her voice as she calls out to "Janey", but there's an even sharper edge to it now. Almost unconsciously, she reaches up, fingering a gleaming silver ring hanging from a chain around her neck, before she realizes what she's doing and quickly tucks it beneath her shirt.]

    And if anyone can direct me to the nearest fast-travel station, the information will be much appreciated. [There's a pause, and the curious eye of a Honedge peeks on-screen with a gleam of curiosity. The woman glances at it, scowls, and pushes it away from the camera.] Also, the nearest gun vendor.

    [Because this isn't the first odd creature she's seen so far, and she's really pissed that she doesn't have any of her guns, or Xiphos and Aspis.]

    If anyone familiar to me is viewing this, I will update my status as soon as I find my bearings in this bizarre town, and we can arrange a meetup then. Until then:

    Athena, out.

    [Click. The video finishes.]

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    modulatingphases: (But Something Tells Me)

    Zack Fair | Final Fantasy VII | Reserved

    [personal profile] modulatingphases 2016-07-09 08:46 pm (UTC)(link)
    Name: Anya
    Preferred Contact: [ profile] appropriatemetaphor || Skype: CloudedBlaze
    Timezone: CST
    Current Characters in Victory Road:

    Name: Zack Fair
    Series: Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core
    Timeline: After arriving in Nibelheim
    Canon Resource Links: Zack Fair Wiki || Final Fantasy VII Wiki


    There are a few key words that instantly come to mind when describing Zack - positive, energetic, and friendly. Through everything life throws at him, Zack's core always remains the same. He has a strong sense of will and determination that never fail, even in the toughest of times.

    In the beginning, Zack is best equated to an energetic puppy who doesn't quite know when to quit. Always up for anything and eager to prove himself, he normally goes a little overboard and over the top, especially when fighting - 'letting loose' as he refers to it. Always eager to please and prove himself, to show that he's worthy of not only becoming a First, but also of obtaining his end goal. Zack is strong willed and determined, mind completely set on accomplishing his dreams, even when everyone else tells him it's foolish. And to many, Zack's dream does seem rather far fetched. To become a hero seems more like something out of a bedtime story than real life. But Zack remains positive and upbeat, never letting other's words or opinions get to him.

    Even once the story progresses and Zack begins to face the harsh realities of the company he's loyal to, he never stops keeping that dream inside of him, never stops being just as determined to accomplish it. His dream is his passion, and it's one that nothing can ever dampen.

    Zack is loyal almost to a fault, as demonstrated by the way he sticks with ShinRa, even when there's mass desertions taking place. As well as the way he remains steadfast in his believe that Angeal isn't the monster he claims to be, but the good hearted person he came to know, even going so far as to try and protect him. It's only once he's left with no other choice does his loyalty become broken. One of the major events in Zack's life is Angeal's death at his hands. It's a source of sorrow and guilt, a stain upon his hands and heart that he can't quite forget about. It left him with the x-shaped scar on his lower cheek as a memento, and he carries it with him each and every day.

    Angeal taught him about dreams and honor. To never forget his dreams and to never forget his honor as SOLDIER.

    And Zack never does. He goes on to teach it to others, uses it as a source to remind himself of his purpose when things aren't going right or when he's forgotten his way. Zack is extremely unselfish, giving of himself to others almost endlessly, wanting to be there for everyone, often all at the same time. He's exceptionally friendly and easygoing, the type of person who can start a conversation with anyone. Because of this he often makes friends wherever he goes. Zack accepts people as they are, and doesn’t try to change them to suit his own needs. He's something of a flirt, asking Aerith for a date after only knowing her for mere minutes. It's the entirely harmless good natured sort of flirting, one that comes easily and doesn't feel as if he's trying to hard.

    Zack is protective of those he cares about, even going so far as to risk himself to ensure their safety. This is shown time and time again, often with him physically putting himself between that person and whatever is threatening them. The ultimate show of this is with Cloud, specifically after they've escaped Nibelheim. Although Cloud is comatose, Zack carries him around for almost a year, before finally sacrificing himself in order to save the other. (Please note that this does take place after his chosen canon point, but it's far too important not to mention.)

    Zack is a phenomenal SOLDIER, fighter and friend. He's the kind of person you want on your side. The kind that can take a rained out picnic and find the good in the situation. Everything really does have a bright side and silver lining in Zack's world. There’s something almost warm and comforting about being in his presence. He see's terrible things, does some terrible things, but nothing can ever quite completely dampen that positive core of who he is. That strength and determination, that never ending source of will that drives him forward. There's a dream that he's chasing, and nothing is going to stop him from accomplishing it.

    Zack never attempts to change nor does he allow anything to change him. He adapts, most definitely, shifts certain ideals and beliefs, but his heart remains ever the same. Steadfast, loyal, passionate, and eager.


    + Positive Attitude: There's not much that can bring him down. He's always friendly and upbeat, nice to everyone he meets. Even when life deals him a bad hand, he still always looks for and finds the bright side.

    + Sense of Humor: Zack is a bit of goofball, especially early on in the events of the story line. He's easily excited and has absolutely no problem showing it. He's a light hearted sort of guy, the type who's easy to joke around with. Nothing much offends him, and he can find the joy in humor in almost anything.

    +Loyal & Protective: Zack is extremely loyal, to a fault. Once you're his friend, you are his friend for life. There truly isn't much you could ever do that would change that. If you are precious to him then he will fight until his dying breath to protect you, no matter the cost.

    +Strong Willed & Determined: Zack has a dream, and nothing and no one is going to stand in his way of accomplishing it. Once he sets his mind to something, he will do it.

    +/-Kind, Caring & Compassionate: This is a sort of doubled edged sword. While being kind and compassionate is definitely a good thing, it makes him easy to take advantage of. It's part of what makes him such a good person, is how much he truly cares for others, but it can also cause him to be easily hurt.

    +/-Selfless: Zack is exceptionally selfless, constantly putting other's well being above his own. If put into a situation where he had to choose between himself and another, he would always choose them. This is a strength because it works into the core of him being a good person, but it's also another thing that's extremely easy to take advantage of.

    -Short Attention Span: Zack really is just like a restless puppy. He always has to be moving or doing something - fighting, doing squats, talking to someone. He's not one for down time, and often doesn't quite know what to do with himself during it, which causes a lot of restlessness and impatience.

    -Trusting: Zack is a pretty trusting person who genuinely believes that all people have some good in them. This can often get him into trouble as he doesn't see danger until it's directly under his nose or it's entirely too late.

    Pokémon Information
    Affiliation: Trainer
    Starter: Vulpix (Female)
    Password: Atomic Fireball


    RP Sample: Text Sample | Action Sample

    Victory Road Sample:

    Zack had been sitting in the same patch of thick grass for nearly an hour, thankful for the shade provided by the nearby trees keeping them out of the hot sun. Every few minutes he would make another attempt to open his pokeball, only to have it shake so violently it would fall from his hands. After a rather frantic chase on the second or third try, he'd firmly planted it in his lap, body hunched over to keep it in place.

    Taking a deep inwards breath, he quickly opened the small sphere as carefully as he could, closing one eye and leaning slightly away, as if fully expecting it to explode.

    Only to find a very small, very adorable brown fox like creature staring up at him, head slightly cocked, likely wondering what she had done to get that sort of reaction.

    "Huh?" Of all the things he was expecting, this definitely wasn't it. Sure, nothing about this entire day so far had been what he'd expected. Waking up to find yourself some place entirely different than where you went to sleep, nothing but a backpack and a red and white ball and the clothes upon your back. Sure, it beat another day spent in a dusty old library looking for clues, or traveling around the mountain trails having his picture taking for whatever promotional propaganda ShinRa was planning.

    "Well, hey there little guy! Wasn't expecting to find you in there." Holding out a leather clad hand, he waited for the pokemon to approach and deem him worthy, before running his fingers along the length of her head, moving to scratch slowly behind an ear. "No wonder you were shaking so much. It must have been pretty cramped in there."

    Pushing himself upwards, he replaced the pokeball into a pocket inside of his backpack, before dusting himself off. Lifting a hand, he spread it over his eyes, blocking out the sun and allowing him to see the distance more clearly.

    "Looks like it's gonna be quite a walk." Hands falling to his hips, he turns his attention once more to the vulpix. "Guess we better get going."

    There's another moment of contemplation, bright blue eyes staring down at her, before lowering himself into a kneel, gesturing to one of his shoulders. "Climb on. If we run into trouble, I'm gonna need you in top form." Which meant having her get all tired out from the walk wouldn't do.

    She stares at him for a moment, cocking her head before scampering over, climbing up his arm and onto his shoulder, promptly curling her tail under her. "Comfy up there?" Despite the lack of answer, a small smile came still crossed his features. She looked pretty comfortable, and plenty regal sitting upon his shoulder. Almost like a little guardian angel.

    Less than ten minutes in and he already had the perfect name. Maybe this wouldn't be so bad after all.

    "Alright. Let's head out, Angel."

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    cyan_maid: (Flower crowns)

    Jane Crocker | Homestuck | Reserved

    [personal profile] cyan_maid 2016-07-15 11:46 pm (UTC)(link)
    Name: Elaine
    Preferred Contact: Plurk or sending a PM to Jane's journal
    Timezone: EST
    Current Characters in Victory Road: none

    Name: Jane Crocker
    Series: Homestuck
    Timeline: Just after going God Tier in the Game Over timeline, specifically this page of Act 6 Act 5 Act 1.
    Canon Resource Links: bam wiki link

    Personality: Overall, Jane is a sweet and friendly young lady. She likes to speak with proper grammar and often sprinkles in a few old-timey sayings into conversations, not to sound cool or anything, just because they are in her lexicon. She has a distinctive “Hoo hoo” of a laugh and enjoys playing pranks, as per the legacy from her grandfather and great grandfather. The latter of the two had a well-known history in the entertainment industry as a comedian and vaudeville star, and though Jane considers her prankster japery as pedestrian at best, she still finds joy in following in his footsteps.

    Jane is saddled with a curiosity rivaling that of Alice in her adventures in Wonderland. Whether or not her well being would be put in danger, Jane has been known to explore what would be better left unexplored, and to confront danger with questions rather than run from it. This is likely inspired by her interest in detectives and mysteries, and has given her a knack for solving puzzles and a fair deductive reasoning. Her most favored detective of all is Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot, whom she enjoys dressing up as with a curly false mustache and her old fedora, regardless of how shitty a disguise it makes. In her free time before Sburb, Jane enjoyed reading detective novels and watching Parks and Recreation (harboring a deep admiration and crush on character Ron Swanson, who she describes as her ‘ideal man’). She also bakes, as fitting of an heiress to a baked goods empire, and when she puts her nose to the grindstone she can be a rather ruthless businesswoman.

    Accustomed to keeping her guard up against pranks and born with a rational and hungry mind, when we first see Jane, it is evident that she has long clung to skepticism even in the face of her friends, whose personal lives were too strange for her not to be suspicious of. However, due to the events immediately preceding her entrance into and also the events during her time in Sburb, she has learned to set skepticism aside and become a touch more accepting of strange goings-on, even if she won’t completely take anyone’s word on anything.

    On the other hand, Jane is also easily flustered, and has difficulty being honest when in that state, as exemplified by her failed attempt to confess her feelings to Jake and led to five long, grueling months of deepening depression on the subject. When put into an uncomfortable situation regarding personal issues, she is quick to hide her own feelings in favor of bending to those of others. When she’s upset enough, however, she has an explosive temper, becoming brutally honest and vindictive, but this is a very rare occurrence and only happens when she is completely pushed to her limits, as exemplified by her outburst towards Jake when he reveals he forgot her birthday and subsequently ignores her to prattle about his own problems. During these times she is prone to rash actions, such as accepting and making a mysterious alien juju that ramps up her secret, private wishes and turns her into a scary-happy being known as a Trickster, in which she reveals an exaggerated form of her private desire to get married and start a family. She owns up to this once the juju's influence wears off, and feels guilty for feeling that way and, in a sense, meaning what she revealed - she wants to support her friends and be a good friend in return, but her heart has reservations and regrets and selfish wishes, as revealed by her post-juju talks with Dirk and Roxy. She might have gotten a chance to resolve things with Jake, too, had she and her friends not been God Tier'd so quickly.

    Jane also has an unfortunate susceptibility to mind control, perhaps from years of brainwashing through Betty Crocker products, despite her strong will and stubborn nature. It is what leads to the Crockertier events of her story, but...well, from this point in canon Jane has no idea that is going to happen to her.


    Pokémon Information
    Affiliation: Trainer, Maid class with the outfit from Gen 4.
    Starter: Audino
    Password: Atomic Fireball

    RP Sample: This is from three months ago so it still counts

    Victory Road Sample: I am enjoying the crap out of your TDM
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    thelittlegingerthatcould: (pic#9362994)

    [personal profile] thelittlegingerthatcould 2016-07-17 04:49 am (UTC)(link)
    Name: Ian
    Preferred Contact: Plurk @Savanahnah
    Timezone: Pacific standard
    Current Characters in Victory Road: N/A

    Name: Hanna Falk Cross
    Series: Hanna is Not a Boy’s Name
    Timeline: Page 151, end of available canon
    Canon Resource Links: Hanna Cross wiki page

    Personality: Beyond a shadow of a doubt, Hanna is filled with overwhelming energy. Whether or not he takes everything in leaping bounds rather than a stride for no reason or to hide the fact that everything isn’t perfect, it isn’t exactly clear, but depending on the position of the moon it’s probably one or the other. He tends to exhaust most of his company, forced or otherwise because of this energy, and it’s hard to keep up with him when he’s excited. The endless flurry of words he spits out at you kind of...blurs together and at times it’s impossible to get a word in. Either that or he’s just ignoring you Conrad. Though despite his enthusiasm he doesn’t seem to have many friends. Some people have stated so far as “needing a restraining order” against him, or have asked if he’s bothering customers when all he’s done is simply walked in to gather information. It is perfectly plausible that these instances have had just cause, like the bar he met Conrad at being the same he might have had his first kiss in, drunkenly, to a man he mistook for a girl with a boyish haircut, but that’s never actually confirmed.

    Moving on, Hanna is pretty good at keeping upbeat, though there are times where that falters. He has abandonment issues, and those show pretty fast when he gets attached. While he is perfectly content to hide them, he does worry about all the things he isn’t, and what he believes he should be. Friends obviously deserve much more than he is, and due to the lack of friends, and the falling out he apparently had with people after high school, they have no real reasons to stick around, right? He mentions this to his Zombie friend, asking him why he’s still there even though he’s clearly capable all on his lonesome, but when asked if he’s ‘alright’ Hanna feigns a little frustration, manages a smile and completely brushes it all off. The change in atmosphere is almost jarring, in that it obviously makes him uncomfortable, and any sort of validation of those feelings of doubt will be brushed off just the same. Because it clearly doesn’t matter, life goes on. Except it really doesn’t.

    As previously mentioned, Hanna talks a lot, and it’s probably because he doesn’t get the chance to because who does he have around to listen? He actually is intelligent though, and knows his way around the paranormal world despite the long list of huge fuck ups. The fact that he is able to use runes at all is a testament to that because in using them you have to understand the magic which has been said to take more than a little bit of research. Being clever with the wide array of uses, Hanna sometimes uses them as payment with his doctor, perhaps a little look into his morality in that he doesn’t mind paying his doctor in pseudodrugs, even though he doesn’t approve of giving Veser, who is underaged, alcohol. He’s stated before outside of comic in official Q&A’s that his whole reason for becoming a paranormal investigator is so that he can help people out, so they don’t have to go through what he did, and because of that I think he’s a little more sensitive around kids, letting them enjoy their youth a little longer than he was able to.

    On that same train of thought, Hanna is pretty selfless when he’s working. His own safety takes the backseat if it is at all threatened, and his friends and others become first priority. In this, even the disturbers in his cases get at first treated far better than he would have himself, choosing to negotiate before resorting to threats or violence, even if it usually doesn’t work out the way he wants it to. And, while Hanna’s offense is a little more slow than most, in that he has to draw first before attacking with any real power, he can still pack quite a punch if he needs to. Hanna’s temper doesn’t make much of an appearance unless forced into these situations, and any threats, verbal or otherwise, are sure fire ways to get him ready to knock your block off.

    If he had his way, everyone would be treated equally, and while he can get mad, his anger is quick to cool. Given serious situations, he can actually drop most of his act and get right into the zone, being far more helpful than he usually is, and his competence really shows. But it’s sadly not a habit he usually gets into and the awkward, talkative nerd generally eats all that away.

    Pokémon Information
    Affiliation: Trainer, with gen VI tourist clothes
    Starter: Noibat, female. Amelia Earhart.
    Password: Atomic Fireball

    RP Sample: Hanna likes to think of names. It's a sort of game he plays with a friend back home, finding one that fits the bill, though that one he hasn't finished up yet. But, he knows that he can't be playing at this one forever, because the big eyes that stare up at him while he's sitting on a log along the side of the road deserve a good one before they go along their merry way.

    "Do you know how hard it is to come up with silly puns for a name like Noibat?" He asks the little creature sitting in his lap, fluffing between the thing's ears and it squeaks up at him in response, like this wasn't a real problem he had to solve. He wasn't good with feminine names, had been playing the game more on the masculine side due to the very manly figure his friend struck. And he's sure that Brutus would not fit his new friend no matter how hard he tried to make it work.

    This was serious, it wasn't a joke, and so he leaned over, grabbed a stick and started writing stuff out in the dirt in front of him. "N. Na. Naaaatalie." He looks at the bat, it looks back and shakes it's little head. He erases the marks with his shoe and starts again.

    "I could call you Adelaide but that' Nope. She's a bitch. I'm calling never, even if she's a purple bat and so are you." He fluffs her head again, playing with those big ears before he pauses, massaging the sensitive tips.

    "Hmmm. Let's think of some cooler ladies. Like, the ones that make sure everyone knows their name. Take no shit." He stares at the bat a moment, rattling off a few names mentally before he tries, "Beyonce!" And then stares at the bat and well?

    "Okay, scratch that too. Let's see...Agatha Christie, Marie Curie, nope. Julie Andrews..."

    His Noibat just seemed to stare at him, unimpressed and flapped it's wings. It took off then, flying off into the tree far above Hanna's reach, almost as if it were pouting. "Come on! This is hard, don't be like that!"

    He just wanted the best for his flying bat friend. And then. then it hit him. "AHA!" He stands, so proud of himself and his brain storming that geez, someone should give him a medal or something.

    "Amelia. Amelia Earhart." The Pokemon looks up, interested and flutters down, settling on his shoulder and chirping it's little "Noi-Noi".

    "Fucking nailed it."

    Victory Road Sample: Hanna thinks that weird skinny man looks oddly familiar
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