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Map: Johto

(thank you, [ profile] hikari_sukuru!)

  • One ground day is equivalent to about 2 or 3 hours in flight.
  • The pokemon's speed depends not only on its size and experience, but also on the weather.
  • Remember that most pokemon cannot fly more than 6 hours without at least a 1-hour break.
  • Riding?

  • Riding a pokemon can cut up to 1/3rd of your travel time!
  • Speed depends not only on the pokemon's size, but also on whether or not it is comfortable with the terrain.
  • Like with flying, the pokemon may require breaks.
  • On a Bike?

  • Have a bike? You can cut up to 1/6th of your travel time!
  • Careful, the bike isn't all-weather or all-terrain. Biking up mountains is ill-advised, and the wheels won't turn on sand or ice.
  • This also applies to skateboards and rollerblades!
  • Warping?

  • Warp Pads are located inside the Pokemon Centers in towns and cities, and will transport a trainer instantly to the Center in a city that is both next to the one they’re in and one they have already been to.
  • Just like information on captured Pokemon goes into the Pokedex, location data is keyed into each character’s Trainer ID as they visit new places. So no cheating! Get there on foot (or bike, or wing, or sitting crosslegged on top of your Torkoal) first!
  • With only a few exceptions, all towns/cities will have two warps in their Center: one to the previous town, and one to the next (ex: Violet City has one warp that will take you back to Cherrygrove, and one that will take you forward to Azalea). See each town/city's blurb for where you can warp to and from!
  • There are no warps that go from one region to the other. The quickest, most reliable way to get from Johto to Kanto (and vice versa) is by the Magnet Train.
  • Small, non-urban Pokemon Centers such as the ones on Mt. Moon or at the Lake of Rage are not outfitted with warps. Neither are small towns which do not have Pokemon Centers, (ex: New Bark and Pallet).
  • Warpers be warned: hopping through multiple warps in a short span of time can cause dizziness and vertigo!

  • Quick-Jump!

    All right, let's get started!

    This color indicates an optional route, not necessary to reach a town or city.

    New Bark Town
    A town where the wind blows and tells of impending change.

    Isn't the tiny town you wake in so quaint and lovely? Nestled in a little wooded glen, it's almost more of a cushy gated neighborhood than it is a town. The wind is breezing, the water nearby is sloshing against the shore, the Pidgey are chirping in the distance...

    Oh, right, you want to leave New Bark Town.
    Two options: the road, or the docks.

    Click here for Pokemon availability!
    Route 29
    A road that begins a journey. The path smells like freshly cut grass.

    Travel time: 3 days
    Layout | Pokemon availability
    Cherrygrove City
    A city where you can smell small flowers and a sea breeze.

    If you're coming in from Route 29, pull off those shoes! Cherrygrove's soft, sandy streets will feel GREAT on those sore feet.

    Cherrygrove City is a quaint, quiet beach town full of beautiful white dunes and flowering trees. Not to mention an affordable mud spa annexed to the inn! Guests who managed to scrounge up some cash winning their very first on-the-road battles can retire there after their initial three-day trek to be treated to aromatherapy, mud baths and excellent massages, and can purchase products with which to pamper themselves later on down the road, as well.

    If you endear yourself to the inn owner, you could even get some massage lessons!
    Warps available: Violet City
    Click here for Pokemon availability!
    Route 30
    A grassy path where you can battle other young Trainers.

    Travel time: 5 days
    Layout | Pokemon availability
    Route 31
    A short, nostalgic path winding through nature.

    Travel time: 2 days
    Layout | Pokemon availability
    Violet City
    This small, venerable city is still surrounded by trees and other scenery.

    Although not quite as quaint as Cherrygrove, Violet City is an old town with old-fashioned people and old-fashioned values. The townsfolk value a good work ethic above all else; if you believe in buckling down and getting things done, you'll fit right in! Even trainers too young to get an official job can get their study on-- Violet City is home to the biggest official Trainer School in the region, with courses on the finer points of the three big b's (Breeding, Battling, and Bonding!) available to anyone willing to sign up and keep up-- enrolled trainers will even receive vouchers for discounted hotel prices during their stay!

    That doesn't mean it's all work and no play, though-- Violet City also boasts the region's only best official aerial falconry shows at Falkner's mews, right next door to the Gym — every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and on weekend afternoons!

    Found here as well is the city's famous homegrown "grape juice" (and, to a lesser degree, sake), which Bellsprout Tower has become known for. The monks are always looking for willing hands in the vineyard and rice paddies, especially when fall hits — harvest time means more work for everyone!
    Warps available: Cherrygrove City and Azalea Town
    Moving on? Try Route 32 to the south or Route 36 to the west!
    Click here for Pokemon availability!
    Sprout Tower

    A tower where they study diligently to learn to live with Pokémon.
    Despite all of Falkner's efforts, Sprout Tower remains the city's #1 tourist attraction. According to legend, the flexible beam in the center of the building was built around an enormous Bellsprout! Whether or not that's just a tall tale is anybody's guess, but tourists visiting the tower will learn all about how it works. The kindly monks are happy to welcome guests and answer questions about everything from horticulture to architecture to the city's history to omg guys is it even POSSIBLE for a Bellsprout to grow 100 feet tall?! (The answer, according to them, is 'Yes, if it really believes in itself!')

    Generally, tourists are only allowed on the first floor of the tower (which is set up like a mini museum, complete with guided tours)-- but those who have earned the Zephyr Badge may visit the upper floors, provided they're not opposed to having a friendly battle or two with the monks!
    Layout: 1F, 2F, 3F | Pokemon availability
    Ruins of Alph

    A place where you can find a former adventure...
    A short distance southwest of Violet City are the Ruins of Alph: the crumbling, overgrown (but still breathtaking) remains of a mysterious ancient civilization. The area is completely open to tourists (although small portions are sometimes closed off during scheduled digs), with many rest areas and picnicking spots scattered throughout the outdoor sections, but anyone seen damaging the ruins or harassing the wildlife (capturing is fine, just do it quietly) will be asked to leave by the resident Rangers. Making etchings of the runes and solving puzzles inside the chambers is encouraged, though!

    A small combination ranger's office and research laboratory is located near the entrance to the ruins, and many archaeologists live on the grounds full-time to completely devote themselves to studying the ruins... as well as the mysterious occurrences surrounding them. Tourists may get a taste of this while visiting-- those who wander from their groups may be gone for hours, only to return not realizing they'd been wandering for longer than twenty minutes or so. Feeling watched or getting sudden shivers up the spine is often reported, and Pokemon, both wild and trained, will often stare or bark at nothing! And, even spookier, PokeGears will often glitch or malfunction, with strange broadcasts playing over the radio...

    Even after decades of research, there's still a lot to be answered. Here's what they know: the ruins were once an ancient city, where the people lived in seeming harmony with the Pokemon... only for the humans to suddenly pack up and leave without a trace, save for the cryptic messages engraved all over the chamber walls.

    Do you hear the XY Files theme playing? I hear the XY Files theme playing.

    Travel time: ½ day to pass through | 1 day to explore thoroughly and solve all puzzles (see here for puzzle details)
    Layout: outside, main chamber, puzzle chamber, item chamber | Pokemon availability
    Route 32
    A path crossed above by the Magnet Train bridge--nature meets technology!

    Travel time: 6 days
    Layout | Pokemon availability
    Union Cave

    Deep underground, it's connected to the ocean. The water flows here.
    Widely regarded as a good spelunking experience for beginners, Union Cave is one of Johto's more forgiving, easily-navigated caves-- as long as you stick to the upper floors. Deeper in, there is a wide network of tunnels and underwater rivers from which haunting, melodious calls can sometimes be heard...
    Travel time: 2+ days
    Layout: 1F, B1, B2 | Pokemon availability
    Route 33
    A difficult and sometimes-rainy path that comes out in a cave.

    Travel time: 1 - 1½ days
    Layout | Pokemon availability
    Azalea Town
    A town where people and Pokémon live together in simple harmony.

    Azalea is a slow-moving village full of slow-moving folks. Many Johto residents choose to retire here, and the places of interest in the town show it: a small art gallery, a quiet jazz club, and lots of little Mom&Pop diners. It's also home to a specialty Pokéball shop, where trainers can buy rare balls and pick Apricorns in a sprawling orchard!

    For those who need a little more excitement during their stay, there's the Ilex Forest Treetop Adventure Park, where for a small fee, you can spend the afternoon ziplining and climbing trees, rope ladders and canopy bridges!

    Also, hopefully you don't mind Slowpokes-- they're everywhere.
    Warps available: Violet City and Goldenrod City
    Click here for Pokemon availability!
    Slowpoke Well

    When Slowpoke are thirsty, they come here to drink.
    ... And play, and swim, and wallow in the mud... honestly, there's not much to do down here unless your idea of a good time is laying around with a bunch of happy, muddy pink lumps. Which, hey, whatever floats your boat!
    Layout: B1, B2 (inaccessible) | Pokemon availability
    Ilex Forest

    A large forest full of trees that are used to make charcoal.
    Ilex is the largest, thickest forest in the Johto region, taking nearly a week to cross through on foot. So thick, in fact, that in many places the vegetation blots out most natural light, leaving the woods shrouded in what is often described as 'perpetual nighttime'. Visibility is so low that it's easy to get lost without a group, and the fact that it's a cornucopia of rare Bug and Grass-type Pokemon can make it a tantalizing but imposing trek. There are even rumors of an ancient Pokemon grown to monstrous, disproportionate size hibernating deep within the forest...

    ... But that doesn't stop Ilex Forest from being a reliable source of livelihood for many people; Azalea Town in particular has an ancient and respectful relationship with the woods that goes back generations.

    Asking local old-timers how they get around the woods so easily will produce old wives' tales about the little shrine a short distance into the forest. Leaving an offering (usually food) is said to grant protection from the forest's guardian. Who can say if it's true or not... but if you gave it a try and woke up in the morning being the only person in your party whose sleeping bag wasn't full of Caterpies, you know who to thank.
    Travel time: 5+ days
    Layout | Pokemon availability
    Route 34
    A lush, green path, even though it's right next to a city.

    Travel time: 4 days
    Layout | Pokemon availability
    Goldenrod City
    A developing city where people and Pokémon come and go as they like.

    Goldenrod is the biggest city in Johto, a shimmering seaside jewel with vibrant parks and exciting nightlife-- no matter what time of day it is, there's always something going on!

    It's home to the region's Radio Tower, a bustling department store big enough to contend with its rival in Celadon, as well as the Goldenrod Granbulls, beloved Johto Baseball Champions. The sports stadium hosts practices weekly and games biweekly, March through October. It's quiet during the offseason, except in December — a Christmas market is set up in the stadium for the whole month!

    In keeping with the city's nature as a hub of travel, the Magnet Train provides the fastest way to cross the regional border into Kanto.
    Warps available: Azalea Town and Ecruteak City
    Click here for Pokemon availability!
    Magnet Train
    A high-speed train that crosses the border between Goldenrod City in Johto and Saffron City in Kanto!
    Room service and free dining on board, private cars included.

    Travel time: 6 hours one-way (12 total round-trip)
    Cost: P5000 one-way, P10,000 round-trip
    (An unlimited-use Magnet Pass can be purchased for P50,000.)
    no layout!
    Route 35
    A bright path with a lake that's easy on the eyes and easy to traverse.

    Travel time: 1½ days
    Layout | Pokemon availability
    National Park

    A spacious and beautiful park.
    A bug-catcher's haven, the National Park is a sprawling mosaic of pebbly paths, grassy fields, beautiful flowerbeds, burbling creeks, and the occasional shady grove to relax under after long hours of exploring in the sun. A small picnic area with benches, a fountain, and a playground is there for those who don't feel like braving the long grass, but the real attraction is the Bug-Catching Contests that happen on Tuesdays and Thursdays!
    Layout |Pokemon availability
    Route 36
    A green and densely overgrown path that forks in two directions.

    Travel time: 2 days west of Sudowoodo Crossing; 3½ days through to/from Violet City
    Layout | Pokemon availability
    Route 37
    A popular route for Trainers, marked by three Apricorn trees.

    Travel time: 3 days
    Layout | Pokemon availability
    Ecruteak City
    A city that, even now, bears the marks of its history.

    Ecruteak City is a city with a rich history and strong ties to tradition both in practice and blood, as many of the aging residents have lived there for generations.

    Streetside markets boast incredible handmade crafts of all kinds, and local artisans frequently host classes and workshops for those interested in learning new skills. The Kimono Dance Theater offers a chance to explore some of this in the form of traditional dance classes, ikebana, origami and shamisen/koto courses, as well as the annexed Ecruteak City Museum.

    Those interested in more modern theater can also find opportunities to participate in community plays and musicals, some of which are advertised in other cities in Johto.
    Warps available: Goldenrod City, Olivine City, and Mahogany Town
    Click here for Pokemon availability!

    Moving on? Try Route 42 to the east or Route 38 to the west.
    Bell Tower

    A tower that's said to be the roost of a legendary Pokémon...
    The monks residing in the Bell Tower aren't quite as warm and gregarious as the ones from Sprout Tower-- in fact, they pretty much won't even talk to you unless you've earned the Fog Badge from Morty. Even then, they are dignified and reclusive, devoted to their duties. Visitors to the Bell Tower are expected to be quiet and respectful, both to the building and the Pokemon living within it.

    Part-time jobs sweeping and performing other menial cleaning tasks within the Tower are available, but strictly vetted-- they're very 'No Fun Allowed'! However, putting up with the drudgery may endear you to your bosses, and those who do wind up earning the monks' respect may be lucky enough to be allowed more leeway to explore unhindered by disapproving glances and stern tutting.

    That's not to say that you can't be sneaky and explore without their approval... but the higher in the tower you go, the more mazelike the corridors become, and the more likely you are to stumble into an ancient 'thief deterrent'. Be careful, or you might wind up spending the night stuck in a secret one-way trapdoor, waiting to be rescued by a some very unamused monks in the morning!
    Layout: 1F, 2F, 3F, 4F, 5F, 6F, 7F, 8F, 9F | Pokemon availability
    Burned Tower

    A tower that was hit by lightning, and subsequently caught fire and burned.
    There are "DANGER! DO NOT ENTER!" signs posted all over outside this scorched building... but that doesn't stop anybody from going in. Trainers laugh in the face of danger!

    Every so often one of the local Jennies will hang out around the building at night to chase off wannabe explorers, but for the most part they've resigned themselves to the fact that telling people to stay away is about as effective as putting a neon sign on the place that says 'RARE POKEMON! COME AND GET 'EM!', so usually they'll just warn you to be careful and take a buddy with you.

    Needless to say, the once-magnificent tower is only a shadow of what it once was, coated in dust and silt and soot. What structures are left are rickety and in constant danger of collapse-- adventurous trainers trying to explore the building's depths run a very real risk of the floor giving way underneath them and sending them tumbling down to the levels below. But, well, that's where the rarest Pokemon usually are, so... win/win, right?

    Layout: 1F, B1 | Pokemon availability
    Route 38
    A path that weaves through trees and comes out at a farm.

    Travel time: 3 days
    Layout | Pokemon availability
    MooMoo Farm
    "Enjoy Our Fresh and Tasty Milk!"
    A lovely, picturesque little farm sits way up in the hills north of Olivine, its pastures brimming with happy, healthy livestock. You couldn't ask for a better example of farm-to-plate philosophy!

    Of course, their plump pink Miltanks are what put them on the map; you can find their famous MooMoo Milk in most grocery stores throughout the region, but it doesn't get better than the farm-fresh bottles you can buy right there on the property for P500 a bottle!

    Famous or not, it's still a humble, family-run operation, and the kindly MooMoo folks are always looking for extra hands around the ranch. Those who are willing to help out with the barn chores in the morning are welcome to spend the night, and after eating a hearty meal with the family and settling down under about five layers of fluffy patchwork quilts, more than one person has reported it to be "the best sleep they've ever had!"

    Layout | Pokemon availability
    Route 39
    A downhill path that passes through a grassy and breezy plain.

    Travel time: 7 days
    Layout | Pokemon availability
    Olivine City
    A city where you can hear the melody of the sea.

    "All roads lead to the sea" is certainly true in Olivine City; this hillside town is made up of steep, sloping streets that all meander down to the shore one way or another.

    Olivine is widely regarded as the best dining spot in Johto: the city is inundated with small indie bars, cafés, restaurants (check out the world-famous diner right on the docks for the best fresh fish you'll ever eat!) and seafood festivals... and with MooMoo Farm and '39 Vintage Vineyards to the north, there's no shortage of good cheese and wine!

    Factor in the breathtaking view of the harbor and it's obvious why the city is quickly gaining a reputation as 'the most romantic city in Johto.'

    Also in Olivine is an office of the Sevii Island Tours, offering daytime ferries to the Sevii Islands for a unique educational experience and all-around great time!
    Warps available: Ecruteak City and Cianwood City
    Click here for Pokemon availability!
    Route 40
    You can hear the waves on this path from west Olivine City to the sea.

    Travel time: 1 day to the Whirl Islands by Surf, or 1½ day ferry (Olivine ↔ Cianwood)
    Layout | Pokemon availability
    Whirl Islands

    Four islands that are protected by whirlpools and are difficult to reach.
    The Whirl Islands are at the epicenter of treacherous seas-- there's a reason that the ferry from Olivine to Cianwood tends to bypass them completely! However, whether they're chasing rumors of a supposed legendary Pokemon slumbering deep in the caves or just eager for the challenge, adventurous trainers often Surf out to the islands to see what they can find.

    It's definitely possible to camp on the rocky beaches, but the shores are unforgiving and prone to vicious storms that could leave unlucky trainers stranded for days.

    Exploring the caves themselves is best done with plenty of artificial light sources and at least one trusty Water-type-- many of the caverns become flooded during high tide and there are powerful Pokemon lurking in the depths.
    no layout! | Pokemon availability
    Route 41
    A rough spot in the sea where whirlpools block your path.

    Travel time: 1 day to Cianwood City by Surf, or 1½ day ferry (Olivine ↔ Cianwood)
    Layout | Pokemon availability
    Cianwood City
    A beachside city that has benefited greatly from the sea.

    Cianwood really has benefited from its seaside locale — the surfing competitions they hold in the summer months (both board and Pokémon surfing) attract a sizable crowd of tourists, which has helped their resort business grow.

    The beaches here, where they aren't fringed by resort villas, are dotted with hidden coves, tidepools and driftwood graveyards perfect for bonfires.

    Tourism dies down in the winter, when the coast is frequently battered by harsh wind and rain.
    Warps available: Olivine City
    Click here for Pokemon availability!
    Route 47
    A road on a cliff that strikes fear in the hearts of those who dare to pass.

    Travel time: 2 days, Surf required
    Layout | Pokemon availability
    Route 48
    A pleasant path from the base of the mountain to the Safari Zone.

    Travel time: 1 day, Surf required
    Layout | Pokemon availability
    Safari Zone

    Hey hey, you made it! Welcome to the Safari Zone!

    This large adventure park boasts an impressive zoo and gift shop out front, but let's be real. You didn't come here for that! The Zone's main attraction is its twelve explorable zones, each with a different environment and different Pokémon (between levels 20-30) to throw rocks at capture. The facility operates on a cable car system, which transports trainers from zone to zone.

    A single admission ticket gives you access to one zone of your choosing for three hours, at a price of P500. The ticket comes with 10 Safari Balls, 50 units of bait and as many rocks as you can stand.

    A day pass gives you access to any six of the twelve zones you choose for an entire business day, at a price of P2000. Business hours are 5:30 am - 10:30 pm (the Safari Zone keeps long hours to better enable access to diurnal, nocturnal and crepuscular Pokémon alike), and you may come and go at your discretion between those hours. The day pass comes with 30 Safari balls, 150 units of bait and even more rocks.
    See here for details on each zone and its Pokémon!
    no layout!
    Route 42
    A small path open at the base of challenging Mt. Mortar, with multiple entrances to it.

    Travel time: ½ day to Mt. Mortar's entrance from Ecruteak or Mahogany, or 2 days straight from Ecruteak to Mahogany (Surf required)
    Layout | Pokemon availability
    Mt. Mortar

    A naturally large cavern that is incredibly spacious.
    So Mt. Mortar is pretty much Union Cave's big, beefy cousin.

    A famously popular spelunking and hiking location, this extinct volcano boasts incredible underground caverns, as well as the region's highest concentration of rare Fire-type Pokemon. Traditionally, martial artists and sages from all walks of life travel to Mt. Mortar to train in its tunnels or meditate in the fabled "Waterfall Cave" in the center of the mountain.
    Travel time: 7 days straight through, 14+ days to explore thoroughly
    Layout: entrance, lower cave, upper cave, basement | Pokemon availability
    Mahogany Town
    A town with a suspicious air to it. It's a hiding place for ninjas.

    Whatever else it might be, Mahogany is a peaceful logging town nestled in the mountain, known for its crisp, fresh air and also for being the birthplace of the wildly-popular Rage Candybar.

    Comfort is the name of the game in Mahogany; it gets chilly up here in the mountains, so all inn rooms are decked out with cozy fireplaces, and you can barely walk a block without being tempted by homey diners that all boast steaming hot coffee and good, old-fashioned cherry pie.

    It's also home to the Mahogany Mamoswines, who play and practice hockey at the Mahogany Ice Rink from September to April. During the offseason and from Christmas Eve to New Year's, as well as the week of Valentine's Day, the ice rink is open to the public for their enjoyment.
    Warps available: Ecruteak City and Blackthorn City
    Click here for Pokemon availability!
    Route 43
    A woodland path that comes out at a lake.

    Travel time: ½ day
    Layout | Pokemon availability
    Lake of Rage
    A huge lake full of clear, blue water.
    The largest lake in the Johto region is absolutely breathtaking to behold.

    Nestled in a ring of evergreen-coated mountains, the Lake of Rage is an enormously popular getaway spot. Fishermen swarm the lake en masse all season long for the fishing competitions that run from spring to fall. Campers also love the lake, although picking campgrounds is best done very carefully due to the area's proneness to flooding during prolonged rain. For that reason, raised log cabins around the lake's edge are available to rent year-round.

    Kayaks and canoes are also rented out, and "Gyarados-watch" boats criss-cross the lake throughout the day in good weather.

    If the lake itself wasn't enough of an attraction, a recent spike in tourism can be attributed to fabled sightings of a red Gyarados out on the lake. Whether or not they're true is anyone's guess, but the rumored beast gained immediate popularity after a blurry photo that may or may not have been an off-color Orange Islands (tm) Gyarados floatie toy was posted online by "LEGENDSEEKERBROS4EVR". Opportunistic vendors jumped on the bandwagon immediately, and now there's no shortage of "Ragey" merchandise available at every storefront on the lake.
    Layout: normal, flooded | Pokemon availability
    Route 44
    A wonderful path with a few pleasant springs and abundant greenery.

    Travel time: 2 days
    Layout | Pokemon availability
    Ice Path

    A cave that connects Route 44 to Blackthorn City.
    Ice Cave is a long and winding tunnel through the mountains, and the name says it all.

    It's frostier inside than the underside of an Avalugg, with many of its deeper chambers completely coated in thick, solid, very slippery ice. Getting all the way through it is a pain and a half (sometimes literally, depending on how many times you faceplant on the ice)... what a shame it's the only way to get to Blackthorn City on foot!

    Travel time: 7 days
    Layout: 1F, B1, B2, B3 | Pokemon availability
    Blackthorn City
    A mysterious mountain village cut into a rock face.

    Blackthorn may be quiet, but its slopes are busy! The city is known for having the most hardcore skiing and snowboarding establishments in Johto or Kanto, and while the locals may not appreciate the attention, tourism has given rise to hot springs establishments up in the mountains. Fitness centers for both people and Pokemon are all over the place, and the spacious ski lodges for rent are highly sought after.

    Between the winter sports, spas, and the mines that are in operation from March to October every year, Blackthorn's doing pretty well.
    Warps available: Mahogany Town
    Click here for Pokemon availability!
    Dragon's Den

    Here there be dragons.
    Dragons are considered special, even for Pokemon.

    It makes sense that if they were to congregate anywhere in Johto, it would be in the backyard of the legendary dragonmaster, Blackthorn Gym Leader Claire. ... It also makes sense that nobody gets to go in without first earning the Rising Badge.

    The den itself almost seems small and unassuming compared to the massive caverns and majestic mountains that a visiting trainer has undoubtedly seen on their travels... but looks can be deceiving. There are many nooks and hidden grottos to explore. Go forth and find the dragons you always dreamed of!

    Layout | Pokemon availability
    Route 45
    A winding mountain road by a river.

    Travel time: 5 days; can only be traveled southbound
    Layout | Pokemon availability
    Dark Cave

    A dark, difficult-to-navigate tunnel that runs beneath the Johto region.
    Probably the only landmark more aptly-named than 'Ice Cave'-- three guesses as to what THIS one's defining trait is.

    Artificial lights will only get you so far in this winding underground tunnel-- it's best to have Fire-types with you, or Pokemon that are bioluminescent. Or even better, something that knows the move Flash!
    Travel time: 3+ days between south entrances, 4+ days between north and south entrances. 7+ days to explore thoroughly.
    Layout: south end, north end | Pokemon availability
    Route 46
    A way home that runs from the base of the mountains to the plains.

    Travel time: 2 days
    Layout | Pokemon availability
    Eastern Kanto Ferry Service
    A ferry through the waterways south of Indigo Plateau on a submersible amphibious vehicle!
    Food, water and facilities included.

    Travel time: 3 days one-way, 6 days round trip (New Bark ↔ Pallet)
    Cost: P2000 one-way, P4000 round trip
    no layout!