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Map: Kanto

(thank you, [personal profile] ritornello!)

  • One ground day is equivalent to about 2 or 3 hours in flight.
  • The pokemon's speed depends not only on its size and experience, but also on the weather.
  • Remember that most pokemon cannot fly more than 6 hours without at least a 1-hour break.
  • Riding?

  • Riding a pokemon can cut up to 1/3rd of your travel time!
  • Speed depends not only on the pokemon's size, but also on whether or not it is comfortable with the terrain.
  • Like with flying, the pokemon may require breaks.
  • On a Bike?

  • Have a bike? You can cut up to 1/6th of your travel time!
  • Careful, the bike isn't all-weather or all-terrain. Biking up mountains is ill-advised, and the wheels won't turn on sand or ice.
  • This also applies to skateboards and rollerblades!
  • Warping?

  • Warp Pads are located inside the Pokemon Centers in towns and cities, and will transport a trainer instantly to the Center in a city that is both next to the one they’re in and one they have already been to.
  • Just like information on captured Pokemon goes into the Pokedex, location data is keyed into each character’s Trainer ID as they visit new places. So no cheating! Get there on foot (or bike, or wing, or sitting crosslegged on top of your Torkoal) first!
  • With only a few exceptions, all towns/cities will have two warps in their Center: one to the previous town, and one to the next (ex: Pewter City has one warp that will take you back to Viridian, and one that will take you forward to Cerulean). See each town/city's blurb for where you can warp to and from!
  • There are no warps that go from one region to the other. The quickest, most reliable way to get from Johto to Kanto (and vice versa) is by the Magnet Train.
  • Small, non-urban Pokemon Centers such as the ones on Mt. Moon or at the Lake of Rage are not outfitted with warps. Neither are small towns which do not have Pokemon Centers, (ex: New Bark and Pallet).
  • Warpers be warned: hopping through multiple warps in a short span of time can cause dizziness and vertigo!

  • Quick-Jump!

    All right, let's get started!

    This color indicates an optional route, not necessary to reach a town or city.

    Pallet Town
    A fairly quiet town. It's a small and pretty place.

    Pallet Town is widely known as the Friendliest Town in Kanto.

    The inn allows you to work for your room and board at anyplace from the eastern docks, the fish market or the fishing boat to the berry orchard or even the inn itself! Visitors can pay a small fee to pick berries at the orchard for an hour, and the fish prepared at the inn's bustling kitchen (always full of fishermen) is fresh-caught and delicious.

    Otherwise, it's mostly modest farmland with lots of quaint, winding country roads. Lemonade and fresh produce stands seem to be on every corner during nice weather!

    Click here for Pokemon availability!
    Route 1
    A country road full of greenery and rough paths.

    Travel time: 2 days
    Layout | Pokemon availability
    Viridian City
    A beautiful city that is enveloped in green year-round.

    Viridian City is positively inundated with gorgeous trees that shade every street and walkway, with benches beckoning around every corner. The focal point of the city is the massive public library, a newly-erected wonder of architecture and knowledge: the largest collection of books in either region.

    There's brawn to back up that brain, though-- Viridian City boasts a proud competitive spirit! Due to the city's proximity to the gate to Victory Road, many elite trainers choose Viridian as their permanent roost. Battle clubs dot the entire city, and an all-terrain (everything from tennis to track!) sports league known collectively as the Viridian Venomoths aims to be the very best at everything!

    There is also a specialty Poffin bakery, where five-star chefs will take your berries and bake them into class-A Poffins for your Pokémon to enjoy.
    Warps available: Pewter City
    Click here for Pokemon availability!
    Route 2
    A path that winds and bends from the forest's entrance.

    Travel time: 2 days from Viridian to the Forest and ½ day from the Forest to Pewter | 5 days from Viridian to Diglett Cave
    Layout | Pokemon availability
    Viridian Forest

    A forest filled with nature and Bug-type Pokémon.
    A sprawling forest covering most of the territory between Viridian and Pewter, the Viridian Forest is a lush deciduous labyrinth that many young trainers from Pallet and Viridian consider to be their first true test to travel. While not nearly as dense and dark as the Ilex Forest in Johto, its paths form a natural maze that causes many people to get lost.

    The local Bug Catchers seem to know their way around the best, and it's not uncommon to stumble across their campsites within the woods. Typically very friendly, they will often welcome solitary or lost-seeming groups of trainers to join them, although you may get tired of camp-fire stories that only ever seem to be about catching "the biggest bug Pokemon EVER!!!" before the night is through.
    Travel time: 7 - 14 days
    Layout | Pokemon availability
    Diglett Cave

    A tunnel dug by Diglett connecting Vermilion City to Pewter City
    Who would have thought that something as small as a Diglett could be responsible for a tunnel that stretches miles and miles? The secret, as it is with most things, is teamwork!

    While the tunnel was dug by hundreds of tiny Pokemon, it's still big enough for a human (or a small group of humans) to move through with relative ease-- but on the other hand, it's still dark and fairly claustrophobic. Nobody's ever really described it as an enjoyable trek, but it does serve as a convenient shortcut to Vermilion City for those who don't have the Fly HM and don't feel like hoofing it all the way over Mt. Moon and through two other towns just to get there.

    Of course, countless Digletts and Dugtrio continue to inhabit the tunnel, so watch where you step!
    Travel time: 4 days to Route 11; bicycles prohibited
    Layout | Pokemon availability
    Pewter City
    A quiet city nestled between rugged mountains and rocks.

    Pewter City is proud host to the Museum of Science, which displays fascinating specimens of fossilized Pokémon and artifacts recovered from the nearby mountains. Not only that, but the scientists there helped to pioneer the groundbreaking Fossil Revival technology that allows extinct species to be brought back to life! Visitors can learn all about the process by watching an interactive video hosted by museum's cartoony mascot, "Mr. Reuniclus", who helpfully explains the basics of dinasawrs DNA and cloning.

    On the rise as well is Pewter's reputation for fine cuisine. The surrounding cliffsides are dotted with restaurants that provide not only delicious food, but stunning views of the city.
    Warps available: Viridian City and Cerulean City
    Click here for Pokemon availability!
    Route 3
    A road where many rocks have fallen from the sky to create craters.

    Travel time: 5 days uphill both ways
    Layout | Pokemon availability
    Mt. Moon

    A mountain where a star fell. It now holds a mysterious power.
    To the east of Pewter City rises the majestic Mt. Moon, a national landmark blanketed in trees and famous for frequent star-showers and meteorite impacts. Meteor fragments (more commonly known as Moonstones) are harvested from mines deep inside the mountain, but observant (or just lucky) trainers might stumble across them in the caves!

    Getting over the mountain requires steady hiking, both aboveground and through the tunnels that dot the mountain's slope. For those who don't mind going off the beaten path a bit, the trail forks off towards the top of the mountain and leads to a small alpine meadow where weary hikers can find a cute little bed and breakfast as well as a souvenir shop, both overlooking a small mountain pool where Clefairies supposedly gather to dance under the light of the full moon.
    Travel time: 7+ days between Route 3 and Route 4, 14+ days to explore thoroughly
    Layout: 1F, B1, B2 | Pokemon availability
    Route 4
    A one-way road down a hill with a gentle slope.

    Travel time: 3 days downhill (happy riding!)
    Layout | Pokemon availability
    Cerulean City
    A beautiful city with flowing water and blooming flowers.

    Cerulean City takes advantage of its proximity to the water (and augments its reputation) in the form of a massive public aquarium and water park, which is hugely popular. Water shows are performed weekly, and the park is open from late spring through the summer, while the aquarium is open year-round.

    The city does have a slightly dark side; thefts and break-ins by Team Rocket once plagued the town, much to the dismay of its residents and their Pokemon. Because of this, the Cerulean City Police Department has become one of the most vigilant squads in the region. Those interested in pursuing a career as a "junior jenny" can check out the Police Academy. Make sure you're up for the challenge, though-- they're only looking for the best!
    Warps available: Pewter City and Saffron City
    Click here for Pokemon availability!

    Moving on? Try Route 5 to Saffron, Route 9 to Lavender, or Route 24!
    Cerulean Cave

    A mysterious cave that is filled with terribly tough Pokémon. It is so dangerous, the Pokémon League is in charge of it.
    Cerulean Cave is open only to members of the Aurora League-- aka those who have earned all 16 Indigo League gym badges and gone on to defeat the Elite Four! HOWEVER, for the time being, it is currently closed!
    Travel time: ???
    Layout: 1F, B1, B2 | Pokemon availability
    Route 24, "Nugget Bridge"
    A beautiful golden bridge that stretches across a river.
    One of the shortest 'routes' in Kanto, the "Nugget Bridge" is a scenic boardwalk that travels up north from Cerulean City.

    While extortionists and petty thieves have been known to lurk on the bridge to scam gullible trainers with fake tolls or bogus "battling contests", the Jennies are on it, often arriving on the scene within minutes if suspicious activity is reported. Stop in the name of the law!
    Travel time: 2 hours
    Layout | Pokemon availability
    Route 25, "Cerulean Cape"
    A path that winds through the forest and comes out overlooking the sea.
    If Olivine is considered the most romantic spot in Johto, Cerulean Cape is definitely the Kanto equivalent, at least in popularity.

    The gentle shores and grassy cliffs are perfect for picnics, making it the #1 weekend getaway for you and your honey. Even Cerulean Gym Leader Misty has been spotted doing just that... although her official stance on being approached by fans and badge-hungry trainers while she's in the middle of a date is reportedly "Try it and I will Hydro Pump you directly into the sun."

    Although the short distance from Cerulean City makes it a lovely day trip, longer stays are more than doable-- Bill's grandfather runs a charming Bed and Breakfast by the Lighthouse!
    Travel time: 1 day to the cape
    Layout | Pokemon availability
    Route 5
    A road running north of Saffron City connecting to the Underground Path.

    Travel time: 2 days (No Underground Path access!)
    Layout | Pokemon availability
    Saffron City
    The biggest city in Kanto, shining with a golden light.

    Goldenrod's slightly smoggier but no-less-dazzling cousin, Saffron is the business and technological center of Kanto, offering many employment opportunities for secretaries, couriers, paper pushers, and mechanical engineers — and positively teeming with coffee stands. The reputable newspaper, The Saffron Standard, prints from a newsroom here, and a recently-established concert hall is gaining attention as well.

    The centerpiece of the city would have to be Silph Co. Headquarters; if Pewter City has the market cornered on natural sciences, Silph is the megacorporation behind the technology used for... well, almost everything! Pick up any random gadget you've picked up on your journey-- it probably as the Silph logo somewhere on it. Smaller, grassroots companies do seem to be springing up here and there, but Silph seems unlikely to be toppled by rivals any time soon.

    Don't get dizzy looking up at all those skyscrapers!
    Warps available: Cerulean City, Lavender Town, Vermilion City, and Celadon City.
    Click here for Pokemon availability!
    Magnet Train
    A high-speed train that crosses the border between Goldenrod City in Johto and Saffron City in Kanto!
    Room service and free dining on board, private cars included.

    Travel time: 6 hours one-way (12 total round-trip)
    Cost: P5000 one-way, P10,000 round-trip
    (An unlimited-use Magnet Pass can be purchased for P50,000.)
    no layout!
    Route 6
    A road running south of Saffron City connecting to the Underground Path.

    Travel time: 2 days (No Underground Path access)
    Layout | Pokemon availability
    Vermilion City
    A southern city that is bathed in orange by the setting sun.

    Vermilion City is, in addition to being a sunny harbor town, host to Lt. Surge's Survival Camp, where visitors and residents alike can sign up for courses of varying length (three days to three weeks) and intensity ('still alive' to 'steel-testicled survival machine'). The camp (run by retired combat veterans) teaches survival skills, self-defense, and the ability to not immediately start crying when Surge roars in your face.

    Fortunately for campers looking for a slightly more relaxed experience, there's acres of field and forest surrounding the city to explore on one's own!

    Also in Vermilion is the office of the Sevii Island Tours, offering daytime ferries to the Sevii Islands for a unique educational experience and all-around great time!
    Warps available: Saffron City and Lavender Town
    Click here for Pokemon availability!
    Route 7
    A short road that leads to the blocked-off Underground Path.

    Travel time: 2 days
    Layout | Pokemon availability
    Celadon City
    A rich, rainbow colored city where people and Pokémon gather.

    Celadon, thanks to the Department Store and its gym leader's distinguished perfumes, has become a fashion hotspot, with many boutiques, salons and yogilates establishments designed to pamper the classy people who populate it. The Gym has a greenhouse annexed to it, with a multitude of beautiful plants and Pokémon on display.

    Fancy hotels and a trendy casino only further drive home the city's extravagant "Treat yoself!" philosophy.

    Cyclists also flock here, thanks to the broad streets and proximity to the famous Cycling Road. In addition, it's home to the Kanto branch of the Breeding Center and the Training Center.
    Warps available: Saffron City and Fuschia City
    Click here for Pokemon availability!

    Moving on? Try Route 16 to Fuchsia or Route 8 to Lavender.
    Route 16
    The northern starting point of Cycling Road.

    Travel time: ½ day
    Layout | Pokemon availability
    Route 17, "Cycling Road"
    A long bike path running above the sea.
    It's every biker's dream... Cycling Road is a long paved path running for miles and miles down Kanto's eastern coast, winding back and forth between stretches on the shore and stretches on elevated bridges over the water!

    For safety's sake, making the trip on foot is strictly prohibited. No getting through the gates at either end without a bike! Fortunately, for those who don't own one of their own, there are bicycles for rent (P100 a day) at both gatehouses.

    Of course, the overall experience of Cycling Road varies greatly depending on which direction you're traveling in... going south from Celadon is an effortless breeze, coasting the whole way with the ocean wind in your hair! ... But going north from Fuschia is a neverending uphill slog. Your legs will want to kill you, but at least at the end of the road they'll be solid blocks of iron.
    Travel time: 7 days
    Layout | Pokemon availability
    Route 18
    The southern ending point of Cycling Road.

    Travel time: 1 day to Fuschia
    Layout | Pokemon availability
    Route 8
    A short road that leads to the blocked-off Underground Path.

    Travel time: 3 days to Lavender from Saffron
    Layout | Pokemon availability
    Lavender Town
    A small town covered in a beautiful hue of purple.

    Once a quiet, sleepy little town, with the new Radio Tower cranking out the hits, Lavender Town is gaining a reputation for fashion (gentler on the budget than Celadon's), trendy cafes. and great music.

    The city hasn't lost its gentle soul, however: volunteering options are many, especially at the Pokémon House, where abused, orphaned and special needs Pokémon often require patient hands.
    Warps available: Saffron City and Vermilion City
    Click here for Pokemon availability!

    Moving on? Try Route 12 to the south!
    Route 9
    A road that forms a maze crossing a small, rocky mountain.

    Travel time: 3 days
    Layout | Pokemon availability
    Power Plant

    The plant that generates all the energy for the Kanto region.
    Once completely abandoned, the Power Plant was rebuilt into a massive facility located out in the wilderness. Remote as it is, power lines and telephone wires connect it to every single town in the region!

    While not exactly a hopping tourist spot, it is a frequent fave for field trips, and visitors can go on guided tours of the public parts of the building. Security is tight, though-- imagine the damage that losing power across the entire region could do!

    No layout! | Pokemon availability
    Rock Tunnel

    A naturally formed underground tunnel.
    Ready for more spelunking?!

    Unlike Mt. Moon, Rock Tunnel isn't particularly scenic. This is because there's barely any light to see by at all. Navigating through the inky-dark tunnels requires adequate lighting, either artificial or from a Pokemon. Even then, it's easy to get lost... and down in the lower levels, getting lost could mean unexpectedly running into a big honkin' Onix!

    Unfortunately, there's no other way to get down Route 10 to Lavender Town. Less unfortunately, guides are available at the northern entrance for P300!
    Travel time: 7-10 days
    Layout: 1F, 2F | Pokemon availability
    Route 10
    A road that splits between the canal that leads to the Power Plant and the rocky slope down towards Lavender.

    Travel time: 2 days to Lavender | 1-hour ferry to the Power Plant (employees and educational tours only)
    Layout | Pokemon availability
    Route 11
    A grassy path with a gentle, refreshing breeze.

    Travel time: 1 day to Vermilion from Diglett's Cave entrance, 3 days to Route 12 from Diglett's Cave entrance
    Layout | Pokemon availability
    Route 12, "Silence Bridge"
    "A bridge known for its fishing."
    Silence Bridge is a long, winding boardwalk through the wetlands of western Kanto. The easy access to calm waters makes it a popular fishing spot, and it's seen as a more leisurely, pedestrian-friendly cousin of Cycling Road.

    Not that you... can't ride your bike down Silence Bridge, but... uh, well, don't come running to us if you can't turn fast enough and wind up launching off a dock and directly into the water!
    Travel time: 5 days
    Layout | Pokemon availability
    Route 13
    A difficult, narrow path where many Trainers await you.

    Travel time: 5 days
    Layout | Pokemon availability
    Route 14
    A pleasant coastal road where the breeze blows and waves roar.

    Travel time: 3 days
    Layout | Pokemon availability
    Route 15
    A path that cuts through the row of trees to come out on the coastline.

    Travel time: 4 days to Fuschia
    Layout | Pokemon availability
    Fuschia City
    A historic village that has become new.

    'New' is one way to put it--with the Safari Zone shut down, all that gorgeous, varied terrain has been put to better use...shooting movies and television shows! If Ecruteak's theater scene isn't your bag, maybe you'd like a shot at a bigger feature?

    Besides the studios, there's also the Fuchsia City School of Ninjutsu, sponsored by Koga and overseen by Janine, where skilled martial artists offer lessons in varying levels of skill. Since the dojo in Saffron closed, they've been gathering more business.
    Warps available: Celadon City and Cinnabar Island
    Click here for Pokemon availability!
    Route 19
    A coastal road littered with rocks due to Cinnabar Island's volcano eruption.

    Travel time: ½ day by Surf | 1 day ferry (+ 1½ day on Route 20) to the Seafoam Islands
    Layout | Pokemon availability
    Route 20
    A popular path with swimmers.

    Travel time: 2½ days by Surf (1 day east of Seafoam; 1½ days west) | 1½ day by ferry (+1 day on Route 19), docking at Fuschia | 2½ day by ferry, docking at Cinnabar.
    Layout | Pokemon availability
    Seafoam Islands

    A pair of islands that are shaped the same, as if they were twins.
    The Seafoam Islands are about as far south as you can get while still being within the Kanto region's borders.

    The island exteriors are mild and sunny, almost tropical! Their soft white sand and sparkling seas has made them a popular vacation spot, although trainers should pack well, as the islands are small and don't have a whole lot in the way of infrastructure. There's a small bed and breakfast on the western island, along with a few small shops, but that's about it.

    Meanwhile, former Cinnabar Gym Leader Blaine has staked his claim on the eastern island, building a (bigger! BETTER! BADDER!!) Gym to replace the one he lost in the volcano eruption. Mixing the two islands up and coming ashore on the wrong one can be a bit of a shock, as the once-reclusive Blaine is now champing at the bit for challengers and... well, seeing that hothead come tromping out across the beach at you with a Pokeball in each hand is little startling if you were expecting some R&R at the hotel over to the west!

    That said, there's more to the islands than meets the eye... poking your head into the caves and tunnels will reveal a world that's starkly different from the warm beach outside. Each island has an icy heart, with caverns that get colder and colder the deeper you go. If you can handle a little chill, there are rare Water and Ice-type Pokemon living down there!

    no layout! |
    Pokemon availability
    Cinnabar Island
    A town used to be here until it was swept away by an eruption.

    The first part of Cinnabar you'll see across the watery horizon is the still-gently-smoking volcano... and, actually, that's just about the only thing you'll see, even when you make shore.

    After being obliterated by the eruption, the once proud island town has been reduced to rubble. Nature has largely reclaimed the island, with the lack of human life contributing to a surge in native Pokemon populations, including rare Fire-type Pokemon that can't be found anywhere else in Kanto.

    All that stands on Cinnabar Island now is a lone Pokémon Center... and a busy construction site. Huh. Wonder what they're building... ?
    Warps available: Fuschia City
    Click here for Pokemon availability!

    Route 21
    A coastal road where the only threat might be the volcano on the horizon.

    Travel time: 2 days by Surf | 3½ day ferry
    Layout | Pokemon availability
    Route 22
    A path to the Pokemon League Reception Gate that eventually becomes impassable for trainers without enough badges.

    Travel time: 3 days
    Layout | Pokemon availability
    Mt. Silver

    A hallowed mountain that rises between the Johto and Kanto regions.
    From the Pokemon League Reception Gate, trainers can choose to go two different ways: north to Victory Road... or west to Mt. Silver.

    This towering mountain and its surrounding territories are considered the penultimate test for the aspiring Indigo League challenger. Requiring at least eight badges to enter, many trainers stop here first to train in preparation before officially committing to Victory Road. It's pure, perilous wilderness, with the only buildings for miles being the small Pokemon Center and ranger station at the base of the mountain.

    Be warned... Mt. Silver should not be underestimated.

    Original Indigo League Champion Red likes to hang out here.

    Enough said.
    Travel time: 14 days to the peak, 1 month to explore thoroughly.
    Layout: Exterior, Exterior 2, Exterior 3, 1F, 2F, 3F, Summit | Pokemon availability
    Victory Road

    A road that tests Trainers aiming at the Pokémon League.
    Two regions... 16 badges... years of work and effort... it was all building up to this. It's time to show your mettle.

    Victory Road is considered the longest, most grueling hike in either region, pushing all takers to their limits. Even traveling at full efficiency (which is what most motivated trainers on the path to the Pokemon League try to do), it takes the average person at least three weeks to make it from the Reception Gate all the way up to the Plateau, and that's without stopping to explore. Trainers who find themselves lingering or lagging could even find their Pokemon League trek stretching on past a month. It's rough, but... hey. No one ever said becoming a Pokemon Master would be easy!

    The Road is often broken down into three legs: the valley, the slope, and the caves.

    THE VALLEY: A long, golden stretch of rolling fields and plains with scattered ponds and bits of forest is what greets a trainer when they first step out of the Gate, with the Plateau shimmering hazily on the horizon ahead. There won't be another Pokemon Center until you reach the top, and there's no turning back now. So pick your strongest, most beloved Pokemon and walk out into the grass.

    THE SLOPE: Just when it seemed like the mountain would never get any closer, suddenly there it is, right in front of you! Now it's time to hike. The road upwards gets treacherously steep and rocky in places (although there are still plenty of safe spots to set up camp when it gets too dark to keep going-- the road is hard, not impossible!), and the temperature drops uncomfortably in the night... but when you look over your shoulder, you'll see the most incredible view. Is that New Bark Town all the way back there? It looks so small now...

    THE CAVES: About 3/4s of the way up the slope, the mountain opens its mouth into a vast, yawning cavern. It could just be your imagination, but you can almost hear distant shouting voices and roaring Pokemon... as though you're hearing the fighting spirits of all the determined trainers who came before you! ... Or maybe you're just hearing echoes of people ahead of you in the caves. Either way, it's impossible to hike any further aboveground from that point on-- the only way to go is in. Say goodbye to the sun for a little while-- the next time you see it properly, it'll literally be the light at the end of the tunnel...
    Travel time: 3 weeks+
    Layout: Valley and Slope, Cave 1, Cave 2, Cave 3 | Pokemon availability
    Indigo Plateau
    The fate of many Trainers aiming for the top rests here.

    You made it. You made it.

    Now before you do anything else, get some rest! After what you just went through, there's no shame whatsoever in taking some time to recuperate from the long journey. A small, compact village with lodgings, food, and a Pokemon Center await outside the cave's exit for just that purpose. No cost-- all hospitality is extended by the Pokemon League itself, so enjoy it! You earned it!

    Most of the village inhabitants are Pokemon League employees who live and work there full-time-- there's no tourism up here (although you can certainly buy souvenirs, because of course you can). Just staff, and the up-and-coming trainers who made it this far.

    Trainers are allowed up to a week of recuperation time before they're expected to issue an official challenge, and many take that as an opportunity to explore and do some last-minute training. There are unique, powerful Pokemon up here... and plenty of other trainers eager to whet their battling skills on their fellow wannabe champs. Of course, once that week is up, any trainer with cold feet will be asked to head back down the mountain. But for those who are still up for the challenge...

    Well? The Elite Four are waiting.

    Let's not disappoint them!
    Warps Available: None... unless you defeat the Elite Four. Then (after all the proceedings), you'll be shown to a small, private warp-pad that will allow you to return to any warp-outfitted Pokemon Center in either region if you wish. But only if you beat the Elite!
    Click here for Pokemon availability!